12 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

12 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Generally speaking, there are numerous different ways to make money through online platforms. However, one which you should actually think about is Amazon. Amazon is a tremendous marketplace. Additionally, it’s one of the most visited online stores where millions of .

You must now be wondering how to go about this. Luckily, this article will provide you with 12 ways on how you can start making money online through Amazon.

  1. Sell Almost Anything on Amazon

Do you have a few products that you don’t need any more you can sell them through Amazon. Listing products on this platform as a third-party seller can assist you to reach over 206 million visitors every month in accordance with the rankings of Comscore December 2018.

Below, find some examples of products you sell here:

  • Unused books in your home
  • Private-label items, that you can resell using your own special packaging & logo.
  • Clearance items, Craigslist freebies or eBay deals where you buy a product then resell it at a higher cost.
  • Collectable toys from antique shops and second-hand stores.
  •  New clothes you may have bought off clearance racks from various retailers.

Amazon provides a full list of selling categories. A few categories need approval meaning that you’ll need to submit your application to list. After that, you’ll wait for about 3 business days until Amazon responds to you. The amount of money you earn selling through Amazon will depend on the amount you invest in items upfront, the amount you list these items for and also the number of products sold. Here, you’ll require considering fees as well.

To start selling on Amazon, create a Seller Central account. It’ll walk you through the listing process.

How much money you make selling on Amazon depends on how much you invest in products upfront, how much you list these products for & how many products sell. You will need to take the fees into consideration, too.

  1. Join Fulfillment by Amazon

There are various options you can consider for example the Fulfillment-By-Merchant or simply FBM. In this option, you’ll be on your own finding solutions concerning inventory storage, shipping and the returns. Nonetheless, if you would like a more hands-off approach of selling, you can go with the Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. This is similar to FBM. So, you’ll still require signing up via the Seller-Central-portal. The difference here is that you will be shipping your inventory to Amazon, and then it will store your products within its warehouses till a client decides to buy.

This can be excellent if you got a lot of inventory and little space. After a client buys an item, the Amazon takes care of the whole process, from packing, shipping and to managing returns and client service inquiries. Compared to FBM, FBA will charge you extra fees, including fees for the inventory storage hence many would opt for FBM instead. But, if you aren’t certain about the best strategy you should pick, Amazon has an FBA profitability calculator that you can use to determine how profitable it is.

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  1. Work as a Warehouse Associate

You can choose to work in the fulfillment and operations area of the business. Every day a brand new Amazon fulfillment center pops up meaning the retailer is continuously searching for full-time and part-time fulfillment or warehouse associates. Normally, these jobs need hands-on real labor.  But according to current listings, the average pay starts at $15 every hour although will differ by location. You have to be at least 18 years old for you to apply and require owning high school credentials or equivalent. Here, all you need to do is simply search fulfillment/warehouse associate jobs, then fill out an application.

  1. Deliver Packages for Amazon Flex

As a partner of Amazon Flex delivery, you can deliver goods to clients through Amazon.com, AmazonFresh, Prime Now and Amazon Restaurants. According to Amazon Flex, you can earn between $18 and $25 every hour being a Flex associate depending on the amount you are able to deliver. This processes payments on Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit. Here, you set your schedule by the use of the Flex Application to claim delivery blocks you want to work.

To qualify, you’ll require a smartphone with the Flex Application and a car. If you get to deliver Prime Now orders, any car is going to suffice. But, if you get to deliver for Amazon.com, you will require for example a 4-door midsize sedan. In a few areas, bicycles are acceptable. This program recruits in different areas all over the country based on the requirement. If you fail to get your city on the list during signing up, you can usually join the waitlist.

  1. Work from Home for Amazon

Consistently, Amazon hires new employees all over its platforms. However, work-from-home customer service jobs are the most popular. The positions are somewhat entry level. So, you can work right from your home. If you require something temporary, then you can catch a periodical gig about the holidays. In accordance with earlier listings, customer services links communicate with customers through phone and live chat to assist answer their inquiries, solve their problems and relieve their concerns. Normally, qualifications are a GED or high school diploma, a year experience in customer service and ability to speak in English fluently. You ought to have a primary phone and computer abilities and a fast and secure wired internet connection.

  1. Utilize the Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Essentially, you earn money through Amazon affiliates by uniting Amazon’s specific affiliate links to Amazon items you have reviewed, and the moment a reader clicks the link and buys the product, you’ll get a commission. This is known as affiliate marketing. Realistically, you may not get a ton of cash by this program, but it’s usually free to join meaning there’s no loss in adding these into posts you are writing & sharing.

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  1. Write a Book

You can use Amazon to become a great author. Amazon provides many options such as publishing to print, Kindle or audio. Publishing a Kindle book is completely free. In addition, it takes at most five minutes to publish and your book is going to be available to a tremendous number of readers in one to two days. You’ll get up to 70 per cent royalty by Kindle Direct Publishing. Additionally, you’ll hold your book’s rights, set your list of prices and can change anything in the book after the publishing. Publishing to print in Amazon’s print-on-demand program is also free. So, you’ll be in a position to make, publish and then distribute your book in a few days. You’ll yet own your copyright, and you can set your own list price. You’ll further earn up to 60 percent royalties. Lastly, publishing to audio, you can be able to publish audiobooks that you can distribute by Amazon, Audible and iTunes. You’ll get numerous royalties rate opportunities here.

  1. Join Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an Amazon service program where individuals can post job requests for particular prices. Each task is known as Human Intelligence Task (HIT). You can perform these tasks from the comfort of your home and during your free time. A few tasks include transcriptions, opinion surveys and data entry gigs. The amount of money you make depends on the tasks you take and how the amount of time they consume. You’ll see a pay estimate prior to beginning, for you to decide if or not the task is worth it. Mechanical Turk is actually a wonderful way to earn money through Amazon without selling physical products.

  1. Make an application to Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a platform on which artists sell their items. What you need to do is apply so that Amazon can ascertain that your goods are really handmade and made by you or one of your few 20 employees. However, the Approval to the Amazon Handmade may take up to 7 days.

  1. Sell Your T-Shirt Designs

If you have a creative streak you can put your designs on T-shirts then selling them by Merch, Amazon. To do this, you will upload the T-shirt designs onto Merch, pick a type of product and color, set your desired price, and then attach an item description. Amazon makes a product page. When clients purchase your designed shirt, you don’t have to mind about production, the shipping or the customer service. Additionally, since you’ll be able in a position to set your own prices, you’ll get a royalty every time a product gets sold. However, just like Handmade, you must be considered as an applicant in relation to your background and also the experience.

  1. Connect with Amazon’s Influencer Program

In the Amazon Influencer program, you make a page on Amazon then recommend items to your followers. When the followers buy a product, you can make money. Although it may look as similar to the affiliate program, here, you’ll utilize a URL that is easy to remember. The idea is to share this URL through your social media accounts. The easy-to-remember URL makes it simpler to share on social media. To qualify for this program, you’ll at least require a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. After that, Amazon is going to look at how many followers you have, your interaction metrics and the kind of content you usually post to decide whether you’re suitable or not.

  1. Trading In Your Used Technologies

Amazon includes a trade-in program you can sell old products sitting around such as gaming consoles, books, Kindles, phones, smart watches, tablets etc. Amazon will take all these then in return, send to you a gift card. Depending on where you’re, it may take a maximum of 10 days for you to get paid by Amazon gift cards.

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