18 Best Facebook Advertising Tools of 2019

 18 Best Facebook Advertising Tools of 2019

Facebook has and is a place where a lot of people share their thoughts, experiences, and interests. Having over two billion active users every month, this platform has steadily transformed from a simple social site to one of the biggest advertising platforms you can imagine.

You really can find a good number of tools which help you in advertising your business to a huge potential customer base you can depend on to thrive in online business when it comes to the increased chance of securing sales for your products or service. Nonetheless, it can be tricky finding the ideal audience which can take time and professional expertise. Both of these are in limited supply at numerous businesses.

Luckily, if you take a closer look at Facebook you’ll see that it possesses built-in tools that can be utilized for free to build as well as promote your business. So, when you find and use these application tools you’ll realize that the right people will come to your page, and developing trust in you won’t be hard to accomplish. Below, find 18 of the best Facebook advertising tools to boost your campaigns:


So as to interact with your potential customers and eventually realize the highest number of sales possible in your Facebook advertising, you’ll require being very creative. Try to come up with classic designs. Of course, many small and medium-sized businesses will find it hard affording a team of top-drawer designers due to the high costs involved.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Apparently, there are many tools which can help you to design winning ads including;

  1. Qwaya

This is a very effective Facebooker advertising tool. Qwaya is an efficiently a third-party Facebook-Advert Manager that includes all kinds of features that makes it very vital to your team of marketing.

This too helps you come up with a Facebook ad and organize the general campaign. With this tool, you have the ability to do a number of things such as controlling the rotation of your adverts. The tool has many features among them including:

Free Training Session

This feature is very essential for a novice or for a person that feels they need to understand more. Truly, a free training session is going to make a significant difference.


This feature is the one that distinguishes Qwaya from the other competitor tools. The capacity to split-test the campaigns is a superior way to really enhance that all-important rate of conversion.

Ad Scheduler

This feature comes in very handy by doing exactly what the name suggests. It lets you decide precisely the time you need your Facebook ads to show targeting the best times.

  1. Driftrock

Does your company use this tagline, “Gain an unfair advantage” and find it challenging to live up to it? If so, Driftrock is for you. With its automated adverts capabilities, this tool lets you come up with triggered adverts. The great thing with those triggers is that they can include things such as TV schedules, weather, or others. For instance, if your business deals with umbrellas, you can conveniently set your adverts to appear any time it’s raining. The Driftrock includes the following 3 features:

Custom audience synching– With this feature, one can organize their campaigns across numerous platforms for the highest reach.

Measure offline sales– With this feature, you can follow customer journeys, even when they are offline.

Dashboard– This feature can assist you in managing multiple campaigns at the same time and help you to make a comparison of the performance.

  1. Canva

This Facebooker tool was founded in 2012. However, it has become a very important tool for a lot of businesses. The tool is a free and user-friendly graphic design service ideal for numerous purposes such as Facebook posts, event images, and cover photos.

Additionally, Canva gives you access to more than one million photos which you can utilize fearing to breach copyright. This tool is not only used by design novices but also professionals. Among other features, here’s the top 3 of them:

Transparent Images– For your ad to succeed, When both the text and images are in harmony, they create an eye-catching design. This leads to the success of your Advert. Being in a position to fade an image somewhat into the background can be a great way to do this.

Design Grid-This feature helps you to make customizable grids that you can customize as you attach images. It’s a quick way of gaining some inspiration so that you can make your advert stand out.

Speech Bubbles-This feature is highly rated by Canva as among its top features. Although it may seem a bit tacky, the tool can be utilized to interact with the audience on your site. This depends on the brand type you want to project as well as the reputation your business has.

  1. Pablo by Buffer

This Facebooker too features two major selling points:

Buffer analytics: At this selling point, any Pablo made advert or post is going to get the advantage of in-built analytics automatically. As a result, you’ll have a good understanding of how your Facebook adverts are performing.

Ease of use: When you go to this tool’s homepage, you’ll see the page as a screenshot. On this page, you can make a Facebook advert ready image as fast as in 30 seconds after finding the image & text that fit your campaign. Here, you can conveniently and easily create an ad. Three of the top features include:

Over 600,000 Images & Designs– the Pablo have built a bank of more than 600,000 special images. These images & designs are all within a searchable database.

Supported by Buffer– Since Pablo is supported by Buffer, you’d automatically appreciate the advantages of analytics as well as sharing capabilities.

“Customize Designs on One Page”- Just like mentioned above, you can set up and come up with epic Facebook adverts in a 3-stage process.

  1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Just like imagery, coming up with a powerful and engaging headline needs a lot of focus. This tool from CoSchedule will help you enhance your copywriting abilities and have your audience click on the advert. After you have typed within a headline, the tool will create an analysis within seconds.

The report is going to provide you with a score in percentage and offer direction on how to develop your headline. This report covers 4 key kinds of words: Uncommon, common, power and emotional. It’s good that you try striking a balance with each of these elements so as to create an advert which grabs attention relating to your audience. Its top 3 features include:

Direct– With this feature, you just type within a headline then allow this analyzer to do the job for you.

Report– Fast and easy for anyone to understand, the feature provides you with a lot of know-how when it comes to headline writing abilities. It’s going to help you catch a balanced approach.

CoSchedule– With this feature, the analyzer tool’s host can additionally help make an even greater marketing plan.

  1. Unsplash

Are you just looking for a few killer images minus all the extras added? If yes, don’t worry; Unsplash has got you covered. The tool happens to be an open-source photography program with more than 400,000 images belonging to 65,000 photographers.

This tool was an immediate success. It hit a million downloads within a few months after its inception back in the year 2013. Presently, it handles about 17 million downloads every month. In fact, new photos are uploaded each day; 25,000 a month on average from 2,400 distinct sources. The good thing is that these photos can be utilized free-of-charge without any attribution. Among other features, Unsplash has got these main 3 features:

Variety– Having more than 65,000 photographers that ensure this platform is standing; you’ll enjoy a wide array of images. With the variety, you can find any kind of subject within any style.

Free-of-charge to use– High-end photographs are usually subjected to copyright as well as fees. However, Unsplash gets rid of these barriers for you.

Search facility-The search feature is convenient and delivers proper results. This implies that it will give you the photos which you need to see within seconds. Also, you can download the image you intend to.

Research to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

To fully utilize Facebook adverts, you have to do research. You need to learn on a continuous basis, look out for new schemes, analyze your competitors, and identify the freshest trends. Having a lot of potential areas that you can look at, the solution is to concentrate on some which are most applicable to your enterprise.

Further, you need not be tempted to utilize every tool but instead, choose the ones which can actually make a significant change. Have a look at the following tools:

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is utilized by a few of the biggest companies in the world including News Corp, Expedia, and Yahoo in analyzing content that is top-performing on social media. After the analysis, various businesses can utilize the data to concentrate their campaigns on chosen keywords or join hands with top influencers. When it comes to advertising, this tool helps on these two fronts:

Identifying keywords- With Buzzsumo’s search feature, you’ll be in a position to see the keywords that are popular.

Discover audience-engaging content- This could assist in shaping your advert’s design. By discovering what articles and headlines perform optimally with your targeted audience, you can accordingly shape your design.

The data level that this tool creates makes it common with marketers all over the world. Any time you’re coming up with a Facebook ad or post, this happens to be the tool you need. Here are its top three features:

Content Discovery- This feature is a staple of the tool. With this feature, you can comfortably set up some filters to discover the type of content that you need for inspiration when it comes to your Facebook advert. You’ll be in a position to discover what’s going on and everything else concerning the trend.

Influencer Marketing- Just like in content discovery, this tool identifies a few of the top influencers within a chosen field. After you have identified these influencers, you can later approach or even partner with them boosting your campaign.

Competitor Research- This feature is among the ideal ways of seeing the kind of content that works optimally for your business by analyzing your competitors.

  1. Connectio Facebook Ads & Keyword Search

At Connectio, you’ll enjoy a free-of-charge Facebook advert keyword as well as interest search. This lets you refine and concentrate on the ideal audience you need in your business. Now, how does this tool work?

Here’s how; say, for instance, you have typed in “Burgundy”. Here, you might be focusing on an audience that is interested in red wine instead of anything else. This tool then reveals to you that the term really covers a variety of interest of which several are not related to wine.

From this analysis, you can then add “wine” to the “Burgundy”:

Just by making small changes, you’re going to get much more focused results, including an optional term. This lets you find the best keywords to target on and avoid the majority of the competitive terms. Here are three of the top features of this tool:

Alternative suggestions– Additionally, this tool generates similar terms/words to the ones you have searched for. The terms can be more relevant and less competitive for your target audience.

An extensive list of outcomes-The outcomes provides you with a general idea of keywords, and the ones that perform.

Free and user-friendly-With this feature, you’re able to access this tool without any pay just by connecting through the Facebook account.

  1. AdEspresso – Facebook Ad Examples

AdEspresso has more than 135,000 Facebook ad examples. Actually, there is no other better source of inspiration than this one. With this feature, one can set their search criteria through some offered filters. It even features a few poor examples for you to learn out of the mistakes made by others before making the same mistakes. One benefit with this tool is that you can see everything your competitors are up to and discover how to get ahead. Below, find the top three features that come with this tool:

Variety-with this tool having more than 135,000 examples implies that there’s a broad variety of adverts. Even in the same business for similar commodities, you can find the various approaches organizations take.

Search function- This function is plentiful with handy filters which can lead you to the best ads.

Free-of-charge to use-This tool is absolutely charge-free to use. You won’t lose anything by using it.

  1. Facebook ROI Calculator

With Facebook ROI Calculator from Connectio, you can conveniently measure a Facebook ad ROI before even getting started. The good news is that it exists. By the use of the metrics you ought to already have, you can comfortably determine the potential profit or loss of a given Facebook campaign:

And playing about with these metrics will reveal to you how just small changes are capable of making a huge difference when it comes to the potential profits. This tool provides an array of measurements such as core numbers as well as percentages, for you to get a comprehensive picture. In return, the complex calculation becomes so simple and also easy to solve. Three of the top features of this tool include:

Different metrics– This calculator is made to provide you with an exact result possibly. To have this done, it requires some metrics to generate the full picture.

Get your ROI calculator before paying– You can’t away from the key function of the tool. Actually, there is no guarantee that any advert is going to be successful; however, this one is an outstanding indicator.

Sliding scales– The function implies that you can comfortably test various scenarios and receive feedback immediately. By so doing, time is saved while improving the possibilities of success of your ad.

Get an Analysis of Your Ad Performance

As far as any business is concerned, measuring the ROI (Return On Investment) is very important. Facebook adverts can be among the most pocket-friendly methods of advertising you can find. Nevertheless, this is only when you have monitored the results keenly. Data collected from doing that will assist in identifying the strengths while ironing out any weaknesses. Further, it will pick up those unexpected trends which you can and capitalize on as well as optimize your returns.

With this tool, marketers have no excuse anymore not to give data from the campaigns. Luckily, there are many tools which can make the process even more flexible:

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics was launched in 2005. It has been since then an important part of any particular marketer’s toolkit. So, if your company possesses a website, then you require Analytics. It’s able to measure your website’s traffic, identify where it’s coming from as well as visitor journeys via your pages, etc.

With this tool, you can make customized reports by which you can take a measurement of the rates of conversion of the campaigns on your Facebook account. Although Facebook offers this data, Analytics is a great back-up source from which you can check the results. The following three are the top features of this tool:

Deep-level analytics- This tool offers plenty of data about your website performance. You’ll be in a position to make a comparison of the Facebook campaigns to other kinds of advertising on social media sites.

Customized reports– With this feature, you can make a report about particular Facebook adverts to realize the most reliable feedback.

Conversion rate-You’ll be in a position to take a measurement of the percentage of the people that clicked on your advert that brought a purchase. By so doing, you get an invaluable knowledge about the profitability of the campaign.

  1. Wicked Reports

This Facebooker tool has specific ‘Facebook ads Attribution’ functionality. This gives the data which matters to the business. The tool gives a measurement of the new customers’ value by tracing traffic from Facebook adverts. Additionally, it observes the long-term execution of ads providing you with an idea of consumer lifetime value. The tool happens to be a paid service that is, actually, an improved version of the Google Analytics. The following are the top three features of this tool:

People Based Tracking- With this feature you can sum up everything the Wicked Reports performs. You can follow your guests while they navigate about your website, which can incorporate purchases.

Facebook ads Attribution- Wicked Reports has been designed to provide the user with a measurement of their ROI, not simply clicks or any impressions.

Social Media Attribution- This is a good feature for you if you run more than one platform. Comparing various campaigns can assist you to find out precisely where your targeted audience is.

  1. Facebook Analytics

Generally, Facebook itself features a handy Analytics tool by which you can additionally make reports. Just like the 2 previously mentioned tools, this one can track as well as analyze consumer behavior in relation to your campaigns. However, there’s that nagging suspicion that Facebook is going to be doing your data optimally. But, this tool is going to offer you a completely reliable picture of how your ads are performing. Here are the three top features that come with this tool:

Custom Audiences-Among the main features of this Facebook tool is how directly you can utilize the data forming custom audiences.

Funnel Tracking– With this feature, you can follow the performance of your ad via the funnels. Also, it’s going to help you find out the point at which you are losing your guests if it is on the cart or landing page.

Send Notifications– The good news is that you can utilize the Analytics tool to send optimized in-app or push notifications.

Make Landing Pages That Lead to Purchases

A great advertising campaign on Facebook does not only rest at the ad but tracks through on the entire visitor journey. If customers click through on this ad and find themselves on a boring and generic page without any relevance as far as they are concerned, then it’s possible that they are going to go away. However, a meticulously crafted and properly-designed landing page going to enhance your rate of conversion and boost the possibilities of profitable leads to become paying visitors.

  1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels provides you with a great product. This tool’s core point is that the majority of sites are created on appearances instead of data. For this, these sites are inadequately designed. All in all, there’s a benefit when you create a funnel.

With this tool, the intention is to help your visitor walk through the entire process, right from your landing page up to the time they make that purchase. The ClickFunnels focus on selling your product or idea. The top three features of this tool include:

Customizing your funnel- Normally, it takes the easy click plus drag approach when it comes of design. Though the fundamental layout is the same, one can customize the layout to reflect their business image.

Guide on the best funnel for you-Generally, there are many different kinds of funnels from which you can choose. ClickFunnels is going to help you choose the best one to apply in your business.

Design it for your campaigns on Facebook- The website provides various funnels for various situations. Here, you got the capacity to create as well as monitor a particular funnel solely for your Facebook adverts.

  1. UpViral

Among the common misconceptions concerning viral marketing is that it largely depends on luck. Although there could be some truth about this, mostly it’s about strategy as well as skill. This tool helps you bring together Facebook adverts so that they can possibly find a huge audience by referral marketing. The tool explains the way referral marketing is used by Facebook contests that encourages customers to keep on sharing your advert with others.

So, installing a set of funnels by landing pages as well as signup forms, this process is made to grab a huge number of email addresses. After getting the email addresses, you’ll be in a position to personally interact with them. There are some more efficient ways of changing potential leads to profitable customers apart from email marketing. Here are three top features included in this tool:

Cross-platform marketing- This feature gives you the capacity to combine your Facebook adverts with other means of marketing so as boost your exposure. Actually, being in a position to utilize Facebook to put together email addresses will give your business more opportunity not to mention the flexibility.

Referral marketing– With this feature, you can turn a single potential lead to 3 or 4, and even more.

Manage your campaigns from a single dashboard- Following your campaigns is important for them to succeed. This tool lets you do this right from one and user-friendly dashboard.

  1. ConnectLeads

ConnectLeads by Connectio is a more direct means to gather data with Facebook ads. This tool automates the process by the introduction of a quick and 2-step process. When a user clicks on an advert, the subsequent page requests for permission to share his or her details such as the important email address. After it’s complete, the customer returns to the Facebook page.

At this moment, your business already has collected their details. This tool is direct, simple, quick and effective. Further, it can combine with auto-email campaigns on which you can individually reach out to the potential leads. Here are the top three of its features:

Automated process- Here, the driving force is automation. After it’s set up and now in position, the whole procedure can be done without you being involved.

Combine with other features: This feature helps you to optimize the reach as well as the efficiency of your Facebook adverts.

Accuracy- Among the key features of ConnectLeads is perfect accuracy. Any data gathered is going to make sure your Facebook adverts are focused at your very promising users.

Other Great Tools:

Surely, there is no limitation when it comes to Facebook marketing capabilities. As this largest social network globally continues to grow, there are always chances to take advantage of its tremendous potential. Also, the introduction of Messenger, the development of Facebook-owned Instagram as well as apps brings new means to get to your audience.

For this, the tools made to assist in streamlining the strategies of your Facebook marketing are more inventive compared to ever before.

  1. ManyChat

Since its improvement from Facebook Chat back in 2011, Facebook Messenger has appreciated great success. Being a standalone application, it possesses about 1.2 billion users which make it the second-biggest platform on social media globally. Looking it for the first time, this tool may appear like a hard platform to market due to its nature of privacy.

ManyChat happens to be a tool which is designed to assist you to overcome any hurdles. The tool establishes a “bot,” that talk with to target users on a one-on-one basis mimicking a communication with an actual person.

For example, the tool assists you in incentivizing your audience as that they can buy into the Messenger service. It features all the analytics you would anticipate from ESPs (email service providers). Having a rate of open of up to 88 percent and a 56 percent rate of click-through, this tool is the marketing tool you need for now. Below are the three top features:

Analytics-Having the capacity to monitor your Messenger adverts’ success is going to be very important for your business. When it comes to a comparatively new concept, this tool is comprehensive.

LiveChat-With this feature, you or your team can interface directly with users.

Come up with your personal bot-This tool claim it can help you in setting up a bot that is customizable within two minutes. The common and simple drag plus drop way is utilized here, minus the requirement for coding.

  1. ConnectRetarget

This is yet another epic Connectio Facebooker tool. The truth is that individuals require seeing your message as well as the business a few times before becoming customers. Only 2 percent of first-time guests to websites continue to make a buy. Now, this is the point at which retargeting campaigns gets in.

With this tool, you can focus your adverts to a user who has been in contact with your company in one way or another before. This could be by visiting your Facebook page, website, or even to subscribe to the list of your emails. Combined with the other Connectio’s capabilities, the tool is a great addition to the list of your Facebook advertising tools. Its three key features include:

Functions with any platform- You can combine this tool with ClickFunnel, WordPress, and other platforms. This is going to only enhance your retargeting campaigns’ performance.

Adheres code of conduct of Facebook- With a few tools facing a ban, especially due to data control, this tool’s users have nothing to fear when it comes to the risk of facing a ban from Facebook.

Extensive monitoring package– ConnectRetarget features a comprehensive analytics package that is going to assist you in improving your retargeting as time goes by.

Facebook by itself happens to be any marketer’s dream. On Facebook, you have over 2 billion potential customers using a single platform in a month. These people are from all avenues of life globally. Facebook is a path to numerous potential leads as well as customers. Moreover, those opportunities keep on getting bigger with every new growth the social network brings out.

The only challenges to the businesses here are the competition and the breath-taking amount of opportunities. Speaking of breath-taking opportunities, Facebook Ad Manager could be tricky when it comes to navigation. It lets you target particular audiences setting up objectives for your enterprise to achieve. Nonetheless, there are very many means to get this done which is not usually possible to recognize the ideal possible option.

Fortunately, these tools are here to help. Each one of the above-listed tools has something handy to offer. All of them are made to streamline and focus your Facebook adverts to the ideal audience. Additionally, they’re affordable and most of the time free-of-charge. Also, the majority of these tools are designed with the beginner in mind.

For this reason, they are simple to use. A lot of businesses are now making use of these tools boosting their Facebook marketing strategies. So, if you are not applying these tools now, then you risk dragging behind due to the high competition out there.

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