20 Clever Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook is almost the biggest referral platform when it comes to getting website traffic. In 2015, this social media podium efficiently overtook Google and possessed 40 percent of site traffic in the W.W.W (World Wide Web).

Presently, Facebook has over two billion users. Businesses throughout the world compete for a share of this huge audience for inbound site traffic. So, if site traffic is going to assist your business grow, you ought to consider Facebook as your FIRST priority. To get traffic for your website, you must be not only visible but also relevant to Facebook users.

Nonetheless, competing favorably for News Feeds on Facebook has become a daunting task. This is because approximately 60M businesses own Facebook Pages, and 1500 stories are likely to appear on a single user’s News Feed when they log-in.

Additionally, 87% of these stories are not answered, and businesses reach just 2% organic traffic out of the posts. Since 2015, businesses have witnessed up to 42 percent decrement in their organic reach.

As competition rapidly increase, ads are going to become more costly. As a result, making a decent ROI from adverts will only get harder. The only solution to solve this problem is having a greater organic reach. Therefore, as a Facebook Page owner, what are you required to do to ensure your Page gets the greatest organic reach possible?

In this post, I’m going to take you through 20 ways to boost the organic reach of your Facebook Posts:

1. Promote stuff beside your products and services

This is the first rule that you must always remember. Unlike some times back, today Facebook algorithms can differentiate between promotional and non-promotional posts. Facebook is a pure casual platform where people spend their time to discover what their family and friends are up to. Mark Zuckerberg wants the platform remain as casual as possible, so selling things may not do well here.

Publish blog posts and other informative Content frequently instead of sales posts on FB. This way, you will get more organic traffic.

2. Publish evergreen Content

There’s a difference between publishing hot Content and evergreen content. Although both have to be of great-quality, one is affected by the time aspect. Evergreen Content doesn’t lose value with time; hot Content does.

You can share evergreen content again and again indefinitely and still. It will give value to the readers.

So posting evergreen content is better because it will not only be read but also will be loved by everybody. Such Content is going to bring in organic traffic no matter when you post it.

3. Use post targeting

If you didn’t know, one can target individuals that ought to see his or her FB posts. So, you should make the best out of this feature because it can actual make a significant difference as far as your marketing efforts are concerned.

Thanks to Facebook Audience Optimization, you can reach and interact with the ideal Facebook audience and better learn the interests of individuals clicking on your posts. It’s such a wonderful tool for organic targeting.

You can utilize interest tags in describing the interests of individuals that are most probably having an interest in your post. For instance, a post related to fashion might feature tags for well-known fashion brands.

Likewise, you can still specify your audience by Demographic, Age and Gender. Utilize the native FPT (Facebook Post Targeting) in reaching a more specific set of individuals from your audience. If you create Content for female buyers, it’s more sensible to show it just to your female audience.

4. Post at the Ideal Time

There are hundreds of posts on Facebook that are competing for News Feeds visibility. You, therefore, need to find the ideal time to post your Content for it to do well.

Although there are different studies that indicate what the ideal time for posting is, they significantly differ in each industry as well as demographic.

Research your Facebook Insights and notice which times/days your following is most active and make the best out of them.

You can also utilize Fan Page Karma, a tool that helps one extract the ideal time slots of their competitors. With this tool, you can learn what day and time they are most engaged.

5. Post more links

Unlike just Image or text, links posts are more probable to achieve better interaction as well as engagement.

Image-only Content used to be popular in the past. Today, links posts are receiving more traction. Hence, you have to post more links to boost your traffic reach.

6. Publish native FB videos

Though it’s not easy to produce, videos offer powerful engagement. They are said to be the ideal kind of content marketing staff that a business can produce. The results and also the statistics from various businesses support this fact pretty well.

Facebook video content possesses over 135 percent organic reach compared to any other type of Content. For this, you should consider making use of native FB video contents to boost your organic reach.

7. Test your posting frequency

Apart from posting at the ideal time, it’s important to also think about the frequency of your Facebook posting.

According to HubSpot, Facebook Pages having 10K+ followers realized more reach as well as link clicks the moment they began posting more. Nonetheless, this number decreases for Pages having less than 10K followers when they increase their frequency of posting. The Page which post 60 times every month got lesser clicks compared to the Page which posted not more than 5 times every month.

Hence, before you increase or decrease the frequency of your posting, check to see what kind of business and the size of followers you’re having.

8. Work together with other FB Pages in your Niche & Cross-Promote Content.

Finding and partnering with other Facebook Pages in a non-competitive but related niche is a strategic move. After you’ve found partner, cross-promote the Content of each other. If your post is relevant enough for their followers, it’s more probable that they will allow their audience to view and like it too.

However, you also require ensuring that their post is sufficiently good to suit your audience. If your audience doesn’t find it helpful, then the partnership won’t work for you.

9. Invite your email list on the FB Page post instead of only sending them straight to the site.

Though this might appear like a joke, it’s a very effective approach. Your main aim is to send your audience to your post or site. However, directing your existing followers to your FB post introduces new chances of getting wider audience.

How is this possible?

If your post is super-quality, your followers from email subscribers will more probable to like, comment and even share it. If they do this, your Content reaches the timelines and news feeds of followers as well.

10. Share Content from your FB Page on your FB profile

Just like in the above strategy, you can begin the process of marketing directly from your FB profile.

It’s true that this strategy can be extremely business-related for followers, but it’s very effective in case you got friends with the same interests. You should share your posts on your timeline too.

11. Request your engaged audience to turn on notification for new posts

If you haven’t considered communicating directly with your followers, particularly those that are nearly engaged with your posts, it’s high time you did so.

You can politely ask your audience to stay connected for notifications for your Facebook Page. If you do this well, it can effectively work well for you.

And if you’re already having the attention of your followers and audience; the royal ones will probably accept your request. By so doing, it will be easy for you to get more organic traffic.

12. Utilize Facebook Insights

When tracking your FB post’s performance, Facebook Insights will give you the best data. It can assist you in understanding all dimensions and the effectiveness of your posts.

However, you’re not supposed just to read the data within your FB Insights. You should understand each measure and unfold how it affects the performance as well as how to utilize the data to make decisions.

For example, if you’re getting better organic reach with image contents, then concentrate on improving them, and your reach will extend even further.

13. Utilize competitor insights in analyzing what they are doing.

Another way to boost your reach is to analyze what your contestants are doing and what is effective for them. After that, you can see what you can copy to better your marketing.

You can make use of BuzzSumo and see what is and what isn’t working for them.

With this tool, you can access their most popular content, types of contents, and how frequently they are shared throughout Facebook and other platforms.

Additionally, Fan Page Karma is another great tool that can provide you with knowledge of what is going on, on Facebook pages of your competitors.

14. Find the ideal content mix for your followers.

Just like I mentioned earlier, getting the needed traction as well as reach from the posts you create mainly depends on the kind of posts you’re creating and sharing. If the posts aren’t relevant to your audience, they won’t get many clicks and are going to get you no good results eventually.

Therefore, to make sure that your Content effectively reaches individuals far beyond the normal, it must provide value. You’re not supposed to concentrate on a single type of Content. Instead, rotate and test different content types to promote on FB.

You can try to share articles, videos, and info-graphics or FB live videos on weekly basis. Keep a record of the type of Content that becomes popular at which time or day. After you’ve identified the ideal content mix and the right time to share it, focus on it. With time, you’ll realize a boost in your traffic reach.

15. Utilize the ideal Image & headline

It’s important to find the perfect image/headline for your Content or post if you’re hoping to get a significant amount of traffic. To do this, you can run a split-test using Facebook Adverts just like Connectio did for their post.

The goal of the advert campaign they created was to discover which advert image as well as the headline was going to get the highest number of clicks, shares, and comments.

If an image/headline were popular if promoted by Facebook Ads, it would be popular too if shared by Facebook Page post.

This test was put into 2 phases:

Phase One: Finding the ideal Image

The phase one of this split-test (A/B test) was performed for only the advert images. The aim of Phase one was finding the ideal Image for the advert.

They came up with a set of THREE different advert images which they were utilized on the advert campaign. Each Image held a different ad to conform to it, and that was the only alteration created in all the THREE adverts. The advert headline was similar in all the THREE variations.

The first advert image did well and got over 11% CTR.

In the second Image, it could be clearly seen that the headline was consistent though the advert image had changed. However, they did not get anything decent from the Image. It turned out to be a big disappointment.

In the final Image of the variation within phase one, the outcomes were fairly good. They had over 8% CTR though in general, it didn’t do well compared to the original images they used. Following phase one of their test, they were able to found out the Image, which was giving them the best CTR.

Phase Two: Finding the deal Headline

In this phase, the Connectio selected a different image.

In phase two, they aimed at testing various headlines on the FB Ad using the winning Image from phase one. Just like in phase one, they came up with 4 different headlines (one was original, and 3 were variations) that was going to be tested against the winning mage.

To begin, they utilized the winning Image with the initial blog post headline. In this test, the findings of the original blog title and the winning Image were not bad. They had 8.65% CTR.

Next, they used the first variation of the initial/original headline. Here, the CTR rate did slightly better compared to the original headline. They then tested the second variation of the headline. This time, the result was even bad because it was 4 times lesser CTR in relation to the first 2 variations.

On the last variation of the headline, the results were favorable though not better than the ones from the initial/first variation of the headline.

Basing their argument on the data got from the test, Connectio concluded that the winning images performed best with the first revised variation of the headline, and then followed by the first headline.

Therefore, if they started advertising that combination of Image and headline on FB post, it could have a high likelihood of getting clicks, likes and shares by the target audience. This could automatically open up opportunities for more organic traffic and greater organic reach on Facebook.

16. Respond quickly to show people you listen and pay attention

Your followers on Facebook will be happy to see you interact with them. It won’t be a good idea to make your Page look like an abandoned signboard. Your Page has to interact with the followers.

If you’re engaging and responding to them, they will become more interested in what you post. Your audience on Facebook wants to engage with people who are approachable and attentive to their details.

Thus, if a follower comments on the post or Content that you’ve shared, ensure you reply back immediately or as soon as possible. And, if you can’t reply back at the moment, at least like it to show them that you have appreciated all they had to say.

17. Repurpose or recycle your evergreen post or Content

Businesses usually find it hard to create new and top-notch Content continuously. However, you must not come up with new Content right from scratch to generate high-quality content on a consistent basis thanks to content repurposing. Choose the best evergreen content or posts and transform them into a new post on a different dimension.

For example, suppose your video previously was extremely lengthy; alternatively, you can reach your followers again with quick info-graphic repurposed from the same video. Each time that Content goes on your FB page, it will again pick up the traffic for you.

18. Plan your content before publishing it/Come up with a buzz for your Content like for podcast.

Sometimes it’s the effort that you put in a post that makes all the difference. If you want your Content or post to bring good results, you ought to do it well. Allocate some time as well as effort on your Content before you publish it.

Planning for your Content will ensure you’re more strategic about each section of Content you share. It’s important to plan before since you’ll be creating multiple content types. This means that your strategy ought to be different for info-graphic, video and an article.

19. Utilize a clear CTA

You must understand clearly what you hope to get with each Content or post. Your objective may not usually get clicks to your site, but it can similarly be that you’d like them to comment or share your post.

Your CTA has to say what you precisely want your followers to do with your Content or post. The CTA ought to be included in the description, headline or in the Content of your particular post. Ensuring that you use a clear CTA is one of the small things you do to create significant results.

20. Utilize hashtags but not more than TWO.

Hashtags offer not only a simple but also an effective way of finding and participating in relevant conversations and contents throughout Facebook. Research and find those popular hashtags in your niche and put them in your post.

You can make use of Hashtagify, a hashtag research tool to discover the popular hashtags within your chosen niche. However, you have to moderate your hashtag use otherwise, you can affect your posts’ performance tool.

Calvin Klein’s hashtag campaign, #MyCalvins, called upon followers to post pictures of themselves putting on underwear that bear the iconic logo of the company. This campaign mainly targeted Instagram users. However, it ended up attracting 2.2M increase in FB fan growth plus 469M global reach when all social media platforms were combined.


Facebook is a social media giant and a great platform to promote your business. So, you want to take the business to the next level. You have to know how to take advantage of this podium. However, the competition for Facebook relevance as well as visibility gets tighter and tighter by the day.

For this reason, organic is a factor you can’t take for granted if you want to get traffic from FB. Organic reach can optimize your results for whatever price you’re ready to pay and boost your influence/credibility on Facebook.

So, all you need to do is to implement the above 20 different and smart ways of increasing the organic reach of your FB post. By so doing, you’ll significantly boost your organic reach and get your business to that level you always wanted.

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