4 Ways to Combine Email and Social Media Marketing

Digital marketers are one-of-a-kind. It’s always the moon and the stars that people are aiming at with a plethora of tools at hand, to lure audiences from all around. In essence, it calls for a professional marketer to always be fluent and flexible with content, email, and social media; chiefly because the audience itself relies on cross platforms. As such, only a few people zero on their buying decision based on the info found in one single medium. A majority of marketers seem to devote their energy to develop on just one channel failing to comprehend how they could be missing on the opportunities that form a part of the buying cycle. Bringing together the best attributes of email, joining the same with social media marketing is one such plausible way to witness desired results. That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. Read on to find out more about 4 effective ways to combine email and social media marketing for good!

Uploading subscriber list across social channels

One of the best parts of having a social media page is to put a face to your brand or business for your email subscribers. Subsequently, following and listening to them on social networks offers a much better understanding of one’s needs and requirements. While you look towards uploading your subscriber list, the effect varies from one platform to another. In totality, it generally functions to achieve the following:

  • Building Relationships– Gives an identity by adding a face and a name to your subscribers.
  • Listening–Following your subscribers across their accounts on multiple social media networks lets you know of their needs, desires and buying habits.
  • Community–One might win some new followers when sharing new and inspiring content at regular intervals.

Here are a few tips to go about performing the same across popular social media channels.

Twitter–When looking to upload your subscriber list to Twitter, always scan and check for email addresses matching them against their user databases to fetch the contacts. Once you get the results, you can start following them and can also consider connecting Twitter with your Gmail when you choose to sync in with your account by uploading the contact files. In less than 2-3 hours, Twitter will have processed the list. One can now start targeting this group and make full use of Twitter ads to lure audiences. Such an approach is a great way to promote any new offerings like free downloads new posts and can be used for retargeting ads as well.

Facebook– Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most sought after online marketing tools that digital markets use day in and out. One can not only import subscriber lists to Facebook but also take advantage of the “Custom Audience” feature and seek to roll out a string of targeted Facebook ads. It accounts for maximum likes on a fresh post and ushers in followers for the brand page.

LinkedIn – Built with the sole idea of connecting professionals from all walks of life, LinkedIn is a worthy platform to get the very best out of your subscriber’s list. Once uploaded, you can match to connect with all contacts or choose individually. When new connections get added to your network, you can go ahead and send across invitations for a specific product group or follow a particular company profile to stay abreast of the happenings around.

Google Plus – Go to your Google + account and choose to upload subscribers list via the option ‘Open Your Address Book’. After the uploading is done, you will get a chance to see all those who you know. Accordingly, you can create a bifurcation among the contacts across different circles and also successfully target a string of digital campaigns.

Retargeting subscribers through effective ads  

Running retargeted ads for your subscriber base across popular social media channels like Twitter and Facebook is another great way to go. Ads are an essential part of any online marketing campaign and with targeted ads, one is sure to hit the jackpot when it matches the interests of target audiences. The most effective way to go about it is to target an email campaign with subscribers in mind and then further retarget it when one clicks it and do away with the non-responsive recipients. Running ads across social media is all the way cost-effective and promises better brand visibility from close quarters. With come of age marketing measures like Automated text messages, things are definitely taking a solemn turn.

Sending more number of emails from social networks 

This is more like an eclectic mix of indirect email marketing, coupled with social media. Take a LinkedIn group for instance. When one subscribes to any such group, you should start receiving emails from the group on your primary email address, which are generated right from the activities taking place inside the group; unless one chooses to move out, there’s no stopping.

Scheduling Email Outreach to boost social sharing 

Once you get your email account social proofed, you will be ushering influencers and bloggers to share and reshare your content, innumerable times. Now, before you send out a request to any blogger or influencer to share the content you create, ensure the content has already been copied and shared at least a few times and received a good number of likes and comments as well. Once you do so, you will be able to build solid credibility for the content, thus stimulating influencers to share the same without a shade of doubt. To get your content the much needed social proof, always include a CTA in the email messages so that the recipients can share your content instantly across their network as well.

Wrap up 

Today, there exists more than one tool to help promote your business like never before. However, the variety of options offered comes at a certain price. Businesses are known to try their hand at several things at one go. The trouble occurs when they overlook to draw the line of integration connecting one to another. Subsequently, the marketing strategy has to struggle a lot. By making social media and email marketing work together, one is only making the whole a lot bigger than the sum of all of its parts for greater benefits. 

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