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All About Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum.

It is the name that inspires and earns the trust of thousands of online marketers and entrepreneurs from all over the world because of his real and proven training strategies.

Let me tell you more information about him.

Jim Cockrum is an internet business strategist, an author, and a podcaster.

Together with his team, he’d been on a mission since the 1990s. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs all over the world to thrive in their business using the truths and creative, proven strategies.

His passion is to help entrepreneurs to create internet-based solutions. He specialized in Amazon FBA strategies, creative internet marketing, email marketing, and online business coaching. Currently, Jim is one of the most trusted internet marketers. His name is always included in the top list of experts.

There are more than 1, 000 documented stories of successes from businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. All because of Jim Cockrum.

Jim’s book entitled, “The Silent Sales Machine” is the topmost bookseller at Amazon in the business category, a perfect indicator that his book is highly read. An estimated 800, 000 people from all over the world who bought his book enjoyed the first two free chapters before they purchase the book.

Jim’s mission for curating resources for the business industry is to assist and help the entrepreneur build a sustainable income online. He believes that currently, online business has the most compelling opportunities in the business sector. He focuses on studying the business models and the internet, which he calls as the most effective tool for communicating and building a relationship given to people.

Jim Cockrum does not only teach multiple income strategies to entrepreneurs, but he also lives everything that he teaches. Since 1997, he had been selling his books at Amazon and eBay. His book is also available in some publishing companies, consulting companies, and websites like mysilentteam.com and offlinebiz.com. His two closest partners are Nathan bailey and Brett Bartlett.

This phenomenal business strategist runs a combination of $25 million yearly income. All his live events with his team have sold hundreds to the eager attendees in just a day. In fact, Jim earns his living from the internet works he does with his wife and his five homeschooled children. They love the freedom that the internet lifestyle gives them. They share both their successes and failures to a broad and diverse audience. Jim’s free newsletter is being read by more than 100, 000 subscribers at silentjim.com.

Hundred thousands of testimonies about the successful businesses of online entrepreneurs are widespread. It is difficult to find any negative things to say about Jim since thousands of students, readers, subscribers, and followers from all over the world continuously believe in him. No wonder because of the quality of information that Jim shares. He keeps the information realistic and straightforward. He conducts test ferociously before he shares something online. All the ideas that he shares are based on truths.

If you are an online entrepreneur, an author, or online seller, and you purchased the Silent Sales Machine, over 30, 000 members of the Facebook community can freely and actively assist you.

Learn how to build multiple streams of income from Jim Cockrum and no other.


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