Ads Explorer Review – Get a Total Control of Your Ads

Nowadays, there are many cybercriminals.

Most commonly, ‘malvertising’ or malicious advertising!

They use this technique to compromise the systems and networks.

Cybercriminals use web advertisements to infect the user’s systems.

You need to strategize to control your ads, to protect your users and defend your business.

Ads Explorer helps you get total control of your advertisements.

What is Ads Explorer?

Ads Explorer is a system that serves as a complex defense against alvertising. It is a solution for Ad verification that can provide you the report quickly over the extensive list of the activities and violation tags. This system can guarantee ad control and makes sure that your audience is safe.

Using Ads Explorer, you can do a full scale of scanning of the advertisements. You can get immediate alerts and a detailed report. Also, enhance the performance of the ads.

What are the features of Ads Explorer?

Ads Explorer explore your ads in a fast manner. It is the best-in-class advertisement verification.

  • Explore Your Advertisements quickly.

Ads Explorer is a reliable company that focuses on giving an instant verification report of your advertisements using the technology that scans or detects the ad tags, websites, and landing pages.

If you are a user of Ads Explorer, you can be confident because you are protected from this ad quality threat, may it be through your mobile phone or desktop computer.

  • It is the best in ad verification.

Ads Explorer provides a safe experience to the user as it gives a smooth delivery of the advertisement. It is something that creators of Ads Explorer have to boast. Ads Explorer has a comprehensive ability in Ads verification. The analysts always work to personalize the features and utilize the in-house expertise to have a better report integration.

What can Ads Explorer detect?

Ads Explorer can scan and detect many activities. You may create your own activity based on the campaign ad needs. The events that Ads Explorer can scan are the following:

  • Download:The advertisements that automatically download an application/file without any user interaction.
  • Audio:The page has sound on the autoplay.
  • Extension: The ads page that initiates the download of the various extensions in browsers Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Mining:It is about the ad page mining the cryptocurrency in a browser.
  • Malware by the Antiviruses: When the webpage is malicious based on the anti-virus solutions.
  • Malware by Google:Ads page is said to be phishing or malicious according to the Google Safe Browsing.
  • JsBeforeUnload:It is a JavaScript alert. It pops up before the page unloads.
  • Opener:The ads page that tries to redirect the opening page or the parent page.
  • Push notification:The ads page that seeks to enable the push notification for the users.
  • Invalid URL:Ads page leads to the non-typical Http URL that may cause danger.
  • Fullscreen:the ads page takes the size of a full screen whenever it is opened.
  • JsAlert:The JavaScript alert pops up to the user’s website.
  • Locker:The ad that pops up across the full screen, and it cannot be closed.
  • Download APK:The apk file automatically downloads from the ads page to the Android platform.
  • JsPrompt:The ads page that causes the JavaScript alert together with the fil-out form.
  • Stopword:The ads page that contains stop words from the specific list.
  • JsConfirm:The JavaScript alert popping up with the action buttons.
  • Suspicious URL:The ads page that makes the URL with a stop word from the specific list.
  • Vibration:The ads page abusing the vibration of the device.
  • Banner Redirect:The ads with a banner that redirects to a different page.
  • History State:The ads page changing the history of the users.
  • Numerous Push notifications:Ads that try more than one to make the notification for the user.
  • WapSms:The ads page showing the mobile 1; URL of the click billing subscription.
  • Adult Content:The ads page containing adult content.
  • Store Redirect:Ads page that redirects to AppStore of Google Play.
  • Fake Flash Content:The ads page containing the fake flash player.
  • Gambling Content:It is the ads page that has contents on gambling.
  • Insurance Content:The ads page having the contents of insurance.
  • Crypto Content:Ads page that has content connected with a cryptocurrency.
  • Games Content:It is the ads page that has contents on games.
  • Blacklisted Domain:It is the page of the ad that set the domain in a blacklist.
  • Software Content:The ads page containing contents about the software.
  • Fake Tech Support Content:It is the ads page that includes fake technology support.

Who can Benefit from Ads Explorer?

Ads Explorer is fantastic to use for advertising networks, ad operations, and publishers. This tool is perfect for ad verification and scanning the website. It is excellent to be used by the following:

  • Publishers:If you are one, you should protect your users and the reputation of your brand by curtailing the non-compliant advertisements that do not meet the policies.
  • Ad operation team:Upon detection of the unauthorized ads, the advertisement operation team can take action within a short period.
  • Ad Platforms:You can guide your advertisement platform against malware ads, inappropriate contents, and other operational issues before an impact it may bring to the publisher.

How can You Sign Up with Ads Explorer?

You can now check your website against malware with the use of Ads Explorer. With no required credit card, you can sign up using the following the steps:

Step 1. Check the URL:

Step 2. Fill-out the form by entering your name and email address. Also, enter your password.

Step 3. Click the word REGISTER.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation in your email, and you have to confirm your registration.

Step 5. You have to continue filling out for other information required to create your personal Ads Explorer account.

Step 6. Begin the FREE Trial.

How is Ads Explorer different than Others?

Unlike other brands of online safety solution, Ads Explorer gives an in-depth report that consists of malicious activities, auto sounds, downloads, actions, and many more. On top of this function, the individual trigger can be made, and you can customize your advertising needs.

Ads Explorer never misses an activity. Its Ads verification scans a static tag and gives an in-depth report of its findings all over the world. Your users will be safe, and your business will not be at stake.

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