Adsviser 3.0 Review – 1,200,000 Profitable Facebook Ads

Introducing Adsviser3.0

Adsviser 3.0 comes packed with over 1,200,000 Profitable Facebook Ads, Niches, Dark Posts, Instagram Ads & tons more new features! Adsviser let’s you find Hidden FB Niches & TOP Profitable FB ads campaigns to reverse-engineer and dominate Shopify, TeeSpring or just about any niche with FB traffic!

Adsviser 3 Overview

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With so many advertisers on Facebook right now, its really hard to create an ad campaign that actually bring an ROI.

Sometimes all you need is the right inspiration to help you create the perfect ad design, the perfect ad copy, point your ad to the right targeted audience, find the perfect type of product to sell to your followers & Adsviser helps you find all of that in just a few clicks.

Adsviser is your one-stop shop for all sort of FB ads & market research. This cloud based application is your swiss army knife for everything you need for your ads & market research on FB. You can’t only reverse-engineer these ads on FB but other ad platforms as well.

How Does It Work?

Step1: Log into your dashboard.

Step2: Select the kind of ad you want to create.

Step3: Type in a specific country, URLs or keyword, refine your search, and discover the ad.

Now you can check out Adsviser 3Demo Video on the link below in order to know more details since it is too much it can do to be explained in my Adsviser 3.0 Review.


New in Adsviser 3.0

  1. 1,200,000 Profitable FB Ads to research from
  2. 200,000+ Database of Profitable FB Video ads
  3. Search Right side, Videos, Newsfeed, Instagram & mobile ads with detailed Targeting information.
  4. Detailed Targeting information: Age, Gender, Ad spend, Ad Rank, Days running, Type of Ad (Retargeting, Lookalike audience, Targeting), Interests which gives you all the details if the ad is going well.
  5. ”Why I am seeing this” feature – What type ads are using (Retargeting, Targeting campaigns) and what interests they are using for their targeting campaigns. Also, the exact age ranges that advertiser is targeting.
  6. Massive database of Profitable & Engaging Instagram ads.
  7. 18+ countries added, including:
  8. Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, India, France & much more.
  9. Ton of new ads filter including:
  10. Placements, Industries, Gender, Emotions, Countries & more.
  11. Over million profitable ads database & growing fast.
  12. Completely new user experience & much more intuitive design.
  13. Deep filtering like: Placements, industries, sort by emoticons, buttons, gender, countries, type of targeting, sort by comments & shares.
  14. Facebook safe and compliant.


  • ADVISER 3.0 is a web-based app that would allow you to locate data we were never meant to see:
  • Profitable ad campaigns: right side ads, videos ads, mobile ads, Instagram ads & sponsored ads
  • Targeted niches other marketers are going after
  • Find out the landing pages they’re leading people to
  • Ads other marketers are running
  • Demographics and detailed targeting information


FE: $24.95 – $26.95

Gold Ads ($47/quarterly)

With the Adsviser Ads Templates club, the club members get instant access to 500+ FB & Native Ad Templates & 50 New templates each month. PLUS you get access to 20,000+ Stock photos to use in your ads & 10,000+ icons and batches to use in your ads.

Adsviser PRO ($67)

Adsviser PRO is the ultimate tool for anyone into FB ads. With Adsviser PRO users get access to the Developers License, Agency and Commercial License to use for your clients & Team-Members License. On top of that you also get access to our Shopify Spy Tool, Native Ads Neos 2.0 & Target Interest 2.0.

VideoReel ($47)

With this, Adsviser users will be able to create amazing high quality video ads & easily reverse engineer all the profitable video ads you find.

Reseller License ($197)

This gives Adsviser users a month early discount access to our resellers 100% payout program to reseller Adsviser using our platform and get paid doing that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this legal?
A. Yes. Absolutely. Businesses have been spying on each other’s ads since advertising was invented. Difference is, now it’s 1000 times easier & faster. Now you can see exactly what works, for countless competitors, in just seconds, all in one place!

Q. But, is this ethical?
A. Absolutely. Remember, you are not “copying” your competitors. You are using Adsviser to see how & why they are getting all the clicks & cash from their ads… what they are saying… how they are saying it… who they are saying it to… and what they are selling. Everything you need to quickly create your own winning ads in seconds from now, without wasting months & spending hundreds of dollars on testing.

Q. Will Facebook or Instagram BAN this tool?
A. No. This tool is not a scraper or a bot. It does not “interfere” with FB. The entire database is built by humans, following a specific algorithm. In fact, we do not store anything, simply link back from our portal. We are 100% TOS compliant. It’s literally impossible for this software to get shut down, because it does not break any rules, and never will.

Q: I purchased an older version of Adsviser previously. Do I get this as a free upgrade?
A. Sorry, but Adsviser 3.0 is not an “upgrade.” It’s vastly different from the original software & built from Scratch. Packed with dozens of fundamentally new features, including the ability to search Instagram ads, video ads, a 1,200,000 strong database of ads (6 X bigger), ad alerts, viral posts, dark posts & more. It’s the difference between the iPhone 6 & the iPhone X. We’ve rebuilt this tool from the ground up with new designs, new interfaces, new features & of course, a vastly bigger ad database. We would love to offer this for free to previous customers, but our developers & designers would probably hold us ransom in a dark cellar somewhere. If you loved previous versions of Adsviser, then you already know it’s worth every penny. And I promise, you are going to absolutely GO NUTS when you see the power of Adsviser 3.0 in action!

Log into Adsviser 3.0 today & instantly uncover ads that are already working, in the real world and finally drive tons of cheap, targeted traffic to your Shopify stores, TeeSpring campaigns or any other page and put money in your bank, day after day!