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Introduction eSCAPE By Anik Singal

The internet revolution has digitalized the whole world. The internet has spread across countries, linking people and making their ideas worth enough to create a digital world. The modern world has changed the way people spend their lives. The modern world has also allowed the corporate sector to occupy the digital space for profit generation. Thus, the digital world is now considered a domain of corporate sector where billions of dollars are spent every day for business purposes. The large business activities and revolutionized ways of catering the digital space has also created several smart ways and tools to customize the websites and platforms.

Technology has played an excellent role in revolutionizing the digital world. The digital world is by far an important entity to generate huge profits. The websites and online platforms cater to huge internet traffic. However, the online traffic is generated for attracting maximum customers. For this purpose, several digital marketing techniques are used. These digital marketing techniques include content management, online videos, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and email marketing.

Of these marketing techniques, the affiliate marketing has become popular due to huge commissions and prizes. The affiliate marketing is used to promote the websites and online platforms of others and generating the profit out of it. Today, we will talk about an excellent book which serves as a tool for affiliate marketing. The book’s name , and it is written by Anik Singal. The book is a sea of learning techniques related to affiliate marketing and other tools of digital marketing.

Anik Singal’s eSCAPE

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Who is Anik Singal

Anik Singal is Chief Executive Officer of Lurn, Inc. and VSS mind. Anik is a multitalented person who is mostly recognized as a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur. Anik’s main areas of interest include digital marketing, affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship. The Lurn, Inc. is the brainchild of Anik. Lurn is a community of professional minds and entrepreneurs who work together to give life to their ideas. The basic aim of Lurn is to empower the people. Anik’s most of the businesses and business activities are based on empowering the people. Therefore, he has incorporated the same patterns into Lurn. Some of the achievements of Lurn include the poverty reduction in villages of Africa through promoting the entrepreneurship and individual empowerment.

Such factors have lifted the status of Lurn to a learning institute where people share their ideas and make their dreams come true. The VSS mind also has the same purpose as LUrn, Inc. However, VSS mind mostly arranges webinars and online learnings to empower the people. Thus, the success of both these institutes is attributed to Anik. Anik’s main strength is his entrepreneurship skills through which he was able to make a strong name in the business world. The BusinessWeek has recognized Anik as one of the top three best US entrepreneurs. His organizations are also listed as the fastest growing companies in the US. This is one side of Anik’s skills.

His digital publishing businesses are a source of almost $20 million per year. Today, Anik is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Anik also teaches people the ways to empower them. For this purpose, he has written several books. His books are a reflection of his ideas. He has written a lot on the affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing technique and tools presented by Anik have helped several people in the world. Today, Anik has thousands of students across the world. These students also introduce several ideas which are made productive by Anik.

What’s eScape

eScape is an affiliate marketing book presented by Anik Singal. The main purpose of eScape is to empower the people and let them do their business by sitting at home. The affiliate marketing has become a huge area of interest owing to huge commissions and prizes. The affiliate marketing is used to market the products and services of other websites and online platforms. In return, these websites extend commissions and prizes. The affiliate marketing depends on the tools and techniques to divert the traffic to specific websites and online platforms. Accordingly, the visitors on these websites are increased, and ultimately the sales have a positive impact. Thus, the affiliate marketing is used to generate extra traffic from anonymous sources. eScape is written by Anik Singal.

Anik is in favor of entrepreneurship and empowerment. Thus, he has concluded affiliate marketing techniques in eScape. The users can take huge benefits from eScape. eScape guarantees commissions and prizes. eScape’s commission system is one of the fastest, and it also assures payments on a daily basis. The techniques described in eScape are not used to bring the traffic but also tells the websites and platforms for affiliate marketing. The users can also win valuable prizes including the brand new cars. The top contestants have a chance to win the cars. Thus, the measurement of prizes depends on the performance. The eScape is an excellent learning book which empowers the people for their future. It provides huge money by just sitting at home.

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