Animaytor Review – The world’s smartest and most powerful animation video studio

Introduction: Animaytor

A Revolutionary, Game-Changing Software For Animated Videos on Demand.

The world’s smartest and most powerful animation video studio with innovative drag & drop technology so you can create animation movies like never before. The finest animations you will experience without designing, video or technical skills!

Animaytor Overview

  • Creator: Brett Ingram et al
  • Product: Animaytor
  • Release Date: 2019-Jun-03
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software
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What’s Animaytor?

Animaytor is the most trusted tool by marketers in the market. It enables users to create animated videos without any skills at all.

You simply need to take a few minutes to edit the video & publish it on your social media. What I like the most is that this tool works very simple & delivers powerful results.

It brings lots of excellent features. I’ll share them in details so you can better understand it. Before we learn about them, let’s dig a little deeper into the creator of this product.

About the Author

Brett Ingram is the author of this tool. He collaborated with his teammates to launch it. if you work in marketing field, you’re no stranger to his name. He developed a lot of high-quality products, which receive numerous praises from leading experts in the world.

Animaytor Features

Quality animation video template

There’ll be many video templates that have been completed for you to select from. These video models include in the best niches available today. They’re created by leading design professionals on the globe. You only need to edit it to your liking to make your own product.

Customize quickly and easily

You can create animated videos rapidly with a few clicks. It doesn’t require you to have any experience. You do not even need to attend any training course.

Include commercial license

This is such an appealing offer for you. You can make unlimited videos and sell them back to other customers & businesses.

Work on any device

This software works on all devices like personal computers, tablets, even mobile devices. It works smoothly and doesn’t require support from the third tool.

How Does It Work?

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Why Should You Buy It?

$3,000 For each Video

  • A typical animation video can cost $3,000!
  • Normally it takes 40 to 2 months.
  • It’s the MOST stressful, time-consuming and expensive part of any business, yet has GREATEST ROI ever.
  • 86% of online marketers who are at the top of their game use video because they can AFFORD TO.
  • The average folk is missing out on a chance of a lifetime.

$27.8 BILLION Earned

  • 85% of ALL internet traffic is coming from video.
  • To begin with, 5,000,000,000 on YouTube and 8,000,000,000 views on Facebook each day.
  • It’s hit $27.79 BILLION dollars and set to hit $50 BILLION within the next Three years.
  • It’s no accident because with video…
  • You trigger emotions, connect, engage & encourage the viewer all-in-one medium, making it the EASIEST & FASTEST method to get leads, sales & buyers today.
  • But the fact remains… making video isn’t easy or … cheap!!

Dirty Little Secret

  • You need a voiceover artist; a designer; an animator; background music; an editor and a maker.
  • It will take 3 to 8 weeks and can cost $3,000 or even $10,000.
  • The time, effort and cash upfront isn’t what the average person can stomach.
  • A shoestring budget, HIGH-QUALITY animation videos in a jiffy to sell products or services … without being ripped off, dependant or strung along for a few months.
  • Here is our dirty little secret.


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  1. Boa tarde, sou brasileiro, comprei este software, instalei e coloquei a licença. Mas, o software não abre. Já entrei em contato com o suporte e eles falam para mim atualizar. Mas na verdade, não consigo nem abrir depois de ativado. Utilizo o Windows 10 64 bits. Você pode me ajudar através do e-mail que solicitei?

  2. Good evening, sorry for not translating. Is the version of Animayator Business software compatible with Windows 10 Home?

    Well I already bought and activated with the license, but it does not open for me to make my videos. I tried everything, I got in touch with the support, they guided me how to do it, but the problem persists. It does note open for anything. When I click the application, it opens a screen to place the license and then it does not work.

    Have you been through such an experience?


    Fernando Peixoto

    • The software is compatible with windows 10, you should contact support to solve the problem. I haven’t had that problem yet so I can’t know. Thank you

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