ASINSpector Review

ASINSpector is a research software which is used by Amazon sellers to analyse product chances with effectiveness. Even though it may be used for research chances of several business models, it usually aims at private label sellers.

The software is usually installed as an extended Chrome browser & does not work with any of the other browsers. The basic benefit of the browser extension is that it is very easy to access while researching. The ASINSpector icon is simply clicked while on any page of Amazon & it everything that needs to be known about the products on the page will be shown.

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With ASINspector, you will be able to:

Best-Seller Rankings

Find one best-seller after another after another… officially uncovering hidden gems

Mobile Scan

Scan any item, anyplace, from any store on your Apple IOS or Android device

Intelligent Filters

Easily filter by category or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you’re looking for

Idea Generator

Click our “magic light bulb” & let ASINspector Pro find keywords, products & niches automatically

ASIN Import

Upload an unlimited amount of ASIN’s at once, then let ASIN Pro research them all for you with filters!

Reverse Search

Easily search sites like WalMart, eBay, & more, and have ASINspector Pro pull the results

Keyword Analyzer

Instantly find the best-ranking keywords & create lists for any product using Google & Google Trend

Accurate Revenue Estimator

Unlike other tools, get instant, accurate monthly sales volume of products selling on Amazon

Research Your Niche

Find Out Exactly Which Category/Nodes You Need To Focus On

Easy Product Sourcing

Easily research the cost & availability of products on AliExpress, Alibaba & eBay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche

Star Rating Stats

View product review statistics, including number of reviews & the average star rating instantly for any product

Head-to-Head Product Pricing

Compare prices on 3rd party websites such as Walmart or e-Bay to get a better idea of market value or what the same product is selling for elsewhere

Store & Save

Conveniently store & save your favorite searches so you can find them again anytime

Works flawlessly on ANY Amazon Platform

Planning on selling in another country? ASINspector works on ANY Amazon web-site, even in the newest countries (in every currency)

UPC Import

If you’re needing to do a large UPC import for a Lot or Truckload, you can easily upload them all at once & have an in-depth report e-mailed to you

Sponsored Ads Data

Research all the data points from the listings that are spending additional cash to promote their products

On Page Quick View

You do not even have to leave the Amazon listing to get some key data points with the ASINspector Pro

Inventory Remaining

Easily see the remaining inventory on hand for all Sellers

Research Child / Variations

Quickly find out the Child/ Variations for Amazon Products to see exactly where they’re listed?

Bundled Chances

Quickly find out what is Frequently Bought Together so you can increase your average order value & think of products you can sell in addition to your current or researched product

Instant Net Payout

Find out what cost you’d need to source the product after Seller Fees in order to still make a great profit

Listing Assister

Building a new Listing? Let ASINspector PRO assist you in building the best possibly listing for conversions & ranking

Feature Training

Not Only Amazing Features but we have also made Amazing Videos on how to use them all

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Any questions? We are here to help.

Does this work for Amazon stores other than the US?

Yes. It currently works in multiple countries. USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and more! Our tool instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments.

I sell mostly on EBay. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! You can bet that whatever is selling well on Amazon is an in demand item that will sell well on EBay as well!

Can I use this tool to find products for my Shopify store?

Yes! Many of our sellers sell on their own E-Commerce site/store like Shopify.

Can I use this tool on multiple computers & will the product stay up to date?

Yes, you’ll be issued a single license which is tied to one person, not one computer. So you can use it on your desktop at home/office or your laptop when on the go. The licensing ties into your FB account to confirm you’re the user of the product.

As for updates… YES! We’re constantly updating ASINspector PRO & love to hear your feedback on what could make it better aswell!

Does this work on any Browser?

ASINspector PRO tool is a Chrome extension & will only work on the Google Chrome web browser. If you don’t have Google Chrome you can down-load it here. Works perfectly whether you have a Windows or Macintosh machine.

Google Chrome is a free web browser that can be run on any computer & the ASINspector PRO Chrome extension can be installed & used on any desktop or laptop computer you’ve that is running Google Chrome!

Can I export the data?

Yes, you can easily export the data you have chosen to either a CSV file or an EXCEL file. The ASINspector PRO tool will remember your last saved the options/data you have selected to research. These are the options that will instantly be down-loadable in the format you choose!

Can I drill down & filter to obtain the search I am looking for?

Yes, you can easily filter any category & or column & drill down to find exactly the parameters you’re looking for. Save yourself hundreds of hours of time versus doing it manually.

How does the reverse search work?

This is very simple – you simply go to Walmart, eBay or any number of other sites & search for what you want & then click the ASINspector PRO tool icon in your browser & it’ll bring up all the results that you just searched on Walmart or eBay & break them down. This is a huge time saver.

Can I save my searches for easy reference later?

Yes with ASINspector PRO tool you’re able to easily save & store your favorite searches so you can keep an eye on the competition.

How do I scan using my mobile device?

With our mobile scanner you can scan any UPC/Barcode & have it loaded up into your ASINspector PRO tool to see if there is potential for you to sell it on-line. Quickly find products while your out & about doing your normal everyday stuff.

Here is the simplest tool. We never used to do as much research just because of how long it would take. We’re now able to list 2-3 additional products per week on our Shopify stores just because of the assistance of the ASINspector. Thank you for letting us test this, not really sure how we would function without it now!

ASINspector is my go-to tool all the time because it’s the ONLY tool that does such a good job for product research on the German market. It already found one top seller for me and another one I ordered just yesterday. I’d definitely consider it my most important time-and-life-saver tool I use in my Amazon business. It enables me to scale much quicker and also pick the winners easily!

Wrapping it Up

ASINspector is an excellent software that will help users in e-commerce to improve their selling. The analytics & research abilities that the software provides are invaluable. The ability to spy on your competition & find related keywords is great, as is the filtering and reverse search capabilities.

Overall, many e-commerce sellers will find much to love with ASINspector.

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