Bitcoin Circuit Review : Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Circuit Review

Bitcoin circuit claims to help people make profits averaging to $1500 every day by trading crypto with a deposit at a minimum of $500. This auto robot is allegedly outfitted with sophisticated algorithms operated by artificial intelligence. Since it is an automatic robot, it’s very simple to trade with it. However, is it legit?

In this article, we are going to review the Bitcoin Circuit and determine if it’s actually legit or not plus other handy information about the same. So, if you’re there wondering how genuine this robot is or you just heard about it, keep reading to find more about it.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a robot for trading Bitcoin. It’s a completely user-friendly robot meaning that if you’re a beginner, you don’t need any sophisticated training to trade with it. This robot is designed to obtain tradable information from the cryptocurrency markets by analyzing their data.

According to a reliable investigation, Bitcoin Circuit is a high-risk, high-return kind of a robot. Actually, it trades on leverage between 1:100 and 1:500 which implies that if you win, you enjoy a huge profit and if the contrary happens, then you lose greatly. In other words, Bitcoin Circuit does trade on margin.

Nonetheless, the risk is very minimal thanks to the powerful algorithms utilized by the robot. These algorithms have the ability to read countless charts in a microsecond and come up with trading decisions with a 99% level of accuracy. As a result, Bitcoin Circuit happens to be a pretty accurate robot. But, as a trader, you’re advised to only trade with an amount of money you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Circuit legit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a special platform for anyone that wants to make cash online. The robot is accessible with ease without any technicalities involved when trading with it. Several tests have been performed by various review teams, and Bitcoin Circuit has proved to be a genuine robot.

We determine a legit robot through analyzation of a robot’s investment on trading technologies as well as the accuracy of the information shown on its website. Hence, they have found Bitcoin Circuit to possess the best trading technologies. Additionally, we have confirmed that the robot operates transparently.

In addition, My team also evaluated this subject and had we take on this. We took into consideration the following 6 main areas: performance, cyber security, transparency, ease of use, customer service and reputation. Here’s how the team rated Bitcoin Circuit in the particularly mentioned areas:

  • Performance – 92 percent
  • Cyber security – 97 percent
  • Transparency – 99 percent
  • Ease of use – 98percent
  • Customer service – 95 percent
  • Reputation – 93 percent

In relation to these statistics, the team gave Bitcoin Circuit a general legit score of 95.6 percent thus declaring this robot as one of My top-rated ones as far as crypto trading is concerned.

Is BitcoinCircuit a Scam?

We’ve written a summary of our BitcoinCircuit review below;

-BitcoinCircuit has one of the highest success scores that we’ve obtained so far, the trading robots perform at an efficiency of 98%, and this is why so many people are becoming rich with the trading system.

-BitcoinCircuit is secure, and all funds on the platform are safe.

-No skills are required to begin making money with BitcoinTrader.

-The trading robots do all the work on the website. All the user needs to do is make a deposit and also activate a live trading session.

-The customer service is available 24/7.

-Click here to open an account with BitcoinCircuit or keep reading to find out more.

We’re happy that BitcoinCircuit has all the features that are required to make quick money from the cryptocurrency market. As experienced traders, we realize that there’s so much money to make from trading cryptocurrency. For this reason we want more and more people to leverage the auto investors to become financially free instead of leaving all the money to the cryptocurrency traders. With BitcoinCircuit, everybody can become a trader and make a passive income daily.

Bitcoin Circuit Key Features

No license fee

Apparently, Bitcoin Circuit is a free-of-charge trading robot. But, as a trader, you’ll need to deposit a little commission on the profits they generate by the App. Additionally; it’s likely that there will be a license fee injected soon after the beta testing stage is complete. For that, it would be wise if you took advantage and tried the robot as early as now.

Huge profits

Just like we stated above, Bitcoin Circuit happens to be a low-risk, high-return kind of a robot. It has been confirmed that this robot can bring you a profit of $1500 every day with a deposit of less than $500. Further, the robot has the capacity to convert a $250 deposit into $1 million in one year.

We suggests that you utilize the compounding calculator in determining the yearly income at an average of 9% daily return where the 9% is the lowest return that the robot generates on a daily basis.

Seamless Deposit as Well as Withdrawal

We confirms that it’s entirely safe in deposit cash with Bitcoin Circuit. This is because their platforms are safe from any form of hacking or theft of any of your personal information.

Moreover, the process of depositing funds is straightforward and fast. Bitcoin Circuit lets users withdraw we funds any time of we choice. All you’ll need to do is to fill a request form for withdrawal on the trading dashboard and you’ll see your funds reflect in your bank account within 24 hours.


As a beginner, the Bitcoin Circuit platform has got you covered. As we already stated above, there’s no trading experience needed to utilize this platform. You just need to register on Bitcoin Circuit’s home page, make a deposit as a trading capital, then, click on the live trading key. We performed a live test on the robot and earned $43 profit with $250 deposit in the initial 20 minutes of their trading.

Trade Different Currencies

The ability to trade with almost any active crypto is another feature that makes Bitcoin Circuit a great platform to try. LearnBonds’ investigation has revealed that this robot is normally one of the first to expose investors to the new cryptos. So, you’re looking forward to becoming an investor particularly of the forthcoming Facebook crypto, then, this is the robot to take advantage of.

Comparing Bitcoin Circuit with other available robots

Proven track history

To begin with, Bitcoin Circuit features an established track record. This has been proven by the numerous positive reviews. On the other hand, most of the other robots have no proven history.


Secondly, Bitcoin Circuit is so straightforward to utilize for all kinds of traders even the newbies. Conversely, most of the other robots aren’t beginner-friendly.


While Bitcoin Circuit is characterized by strict personal info protection strategy, this is not the case with other platforms as they don’t really pay attention to the safety of the user.

Customer services

Last but not least, Bitcoin Circuit has outstanding customer services which can be confirmed by many traders. However, with other robots, there’s no customer service platform.

Registering with Bitcoin Circuit

Just like we mentioned above, there are no technicalities needed as far as trading with Bitcoin Circuit is concerned and so is registering an account. The process is completely straightforward and takes the shortest time possible. The following is how to go about registering an account:

STEP 1: Registration

A form is given on the Bitcoin Circuit site. Here you’re required to fill in your name, email address, and the phone number. Additionally, you’ll be needed to verify your email and phone number.

Further, you can be requested to give a scanned ID in the verification of your identity. This measure is applied to avoid unauthorized activities including money laundering. However, there’s no need to worry because the security of your personal data is guaranteed with Bitcoin Circuit.

STEP 2: Deposit

In this step, you’re required to make a deposit of a minimum of $250 just like mentioned earlier. This way, you can begin trading with Bitcoin Circuit which actually acts as the seed money as the robot doesn’t charge a license fee.

With this robot, you can deposit the fee via the following methods: Master Card, Visa, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and VLOAD. Surely, this takes as minimal time as you can never imagine; usually at most 2 minutes, the funds will have already reflected in your account.

STEP 3: Live Trading

This is the final stage in the registration process. Earlier on, we mentioned that Bitcoin Circuit is entirely automatic which means that it will do everything including the research as well as trading. So, with this robot, your role is to pick your favored leverage then turn on trading.

Tips for the Highest Profits with Bitcoin Circuit

Despite the fact that this is fully auto-robot, there are many things tricks you can uncover and maximize your profit threshold. Therefore, here are a few tips;

High Volatility Periods

High volatility periods are the best to trade. You can do research and find out when the market is probable to be profoundly volatile by tracking the industry news.

High Leverage

Using high leverages is going to help assist you in getting the highest earnings out of Bitcoin Circuit. However, just like we mentioned above, there’s always a high risk, and so you shouldn’t trade with an amount you can’t afford losing.

Start with small amounts

You should start with a small amount of money. We recommend you to start with $250 as you develop your account by reinvestments.


As you have realized after reading this review, Bitcoin Circuit is a legit robot and hence, highly recommended. It’s wise to start with small amounts like $250 and see how the money grows. This way, you will have an idea of how much you can make per month or even on a yearly basis.

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    • Hello Bobby, we highly appreciate your interest in Bitcoin Circuit . The minimum amount you can invest in Bitcoin Circuit is $250. We would recommend a newcomer to invest no more than $300 in this App so that their poor decisions don’t cause their investment to be lost.

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