Bitcoin Code App Review

Bitcoin Code App Review

Over the past 3 years, the words digital currency or cryptocurrency and digital trading have been rapidly growing, gaining understanding and support of its use and value in the public eye. What used to be unfamiliar and scary is now popular thanks to the advancement of technology and the emergence of more types of digital currencies and digital trading platforms in the market.

A cryptocurrency is a digital money created from sets of codes and encrypted with a string of data or a hash and encoded to signify one unit of currency. It is important to note that cryptocurrency as of now is free of all government oversight across the world so that the cryptocurrency economy is monitored only through peer-to-peer internet protocols.

Examples of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin.

In what way does digital currency or cryptocurrency help you?

  • It prevents fraud since cryptocurrencies are digital and counterfeiting is almost impossible. And as compared to credit card charge-backs, arbitrary reversal of digital or cryptocurrency transactions by the sender is not enabled;
  • It also prevents identity theft due to the fact that cryptocurrency uses a push method that allows the user to send precisely what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient without disclosing further information. Whereas, credit cards function on a pull method where the merchant initiates the payment and pulls the corresponding amount from your account. Also, with credit cards, the merchant gets full access to your entire credit line regardless of the value of transaction amount;
  • It facilitates immediate settlement since cryptocurrency operates like a large property rights database so that contracts can be designed and enforced to eliminate or add 3rd party approvals, external facts referencing, or post-dating to a future date or time;
  • It allows access to everyone since you only need to download and/or open the concerned exchange platform. Certain class/type/or level of users do not require verification. Unlike the traditional exchanges where registrations and verification of documents submitted are required before the user can trade or transact;

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For now (may not be the case in the future), there is only minimal fees involved when transacting in cryptocurrency. In some digital trading platforms, the users are compensated for transacting while other exchanges provide huge discounts when paying with their own in-house currency.

For the general public to gain full advantage of the benefits digital currency or cryptocurrency offers, it is important that they are educated about it through inclusion in the school curriculum and inclusion in the continuing professional education requirements. Also, businesses need to start embracing and accepting it. The emergence of more digital trading platforms and digital currencies or cryptocurrencies will make it easier for the public to sign up and get started.

Transacting with digital currency or cryptocurrency is enabled through the digital trading platform or exchange. It is a digital currency exchange (DCE) that allows customers to trade in digital currency or cryptocurrency.

Here is a list of some of the more popular digital trading platforms or exchanges today – WEX, Kraken USA, CoinEgg, Bitstamp, GDAX USA, Bit-Z, Bitfinex Hongkong, Bits Blockchain, OKEX, Bithumb, Bittrex USA, Huobi, UpBit, Binance

Digital trading platforms or exchanges are important in the ongoing growth targets of digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. It is where you can trade for other cryptocurrencies or trade with traditional currency like the US dollars. These platforms enable connection between the buyers and seller in which the exchanges earn fees out of such transactions. Amongst the roles of cryptocurrency exchanges are to receive cryptocurrency, issue IOUs, receive fiat, process order book, and redeem IOU’s.

Most active digital currency or cryptocurrency traders keep their funds on the platform or exchange due to a significant time delay in moving money out of the exchange. This, in turn, exposes the traders to various risks in cases of platform security breaches. Such is the reality in the digital currency or cryptocurrency system today and is definitely one of the major areas for improvement and urgent attention. Thus, using the digital trading platform or exchange to store your precious digital currency or cryptocurrency is not a good idea.

What’s Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a digital trading platform or exchange which employs a superior technology trading software that has been developed through the most advanced programming in the digital trading world. This software is ahead of all the other digital trading systems in the digital trading markets by 0.01 seconds which is a huge deal for the traders and users across all digital trading platforms. This system with its “time leap” is deemed the most consistent digital trading application on the planet today.

Also, the Bitcoin Code software has performed at 99.4% level of accuracy which is deemed as laser-accuracy. The UK Trading Association recently awarded the Bitcoin Code app as No.1 in the digital trading software category. Further, Bitcoin Code represents that their digital currency platform offers various benefits to all traders and users such as a platform that is simple to use, minimal or low fees for cryptocurrency payments, profitable yields, and secure and safe transactions.

On the issue of security involving digital trading platforms, it is important to note that digital trading exchange Bithumb was hacked last 19 June 2018 and reported losses amounting to $32 million.

How does it work?

You need to access the Bitcoin Code website at, then register to open an account. The registration and account opening is free, there are no fees collected for using the Bitcoin Code proprietary digital trading software. Once you are accepted, you are now the newest member of The Bitcoin Code.

The Bitcoin Code Daily Profits

This digital platform claims that their members trade for only 20 minutes daily average following the auto-trade option which is highly advertised in this platform. They further claim that the system employed in the platform has 99.4% accuracy.
Further, this platform claims that their members usually earn a minimum daily profit of $13,000.

It also claims that earnings are unlimited within this Bitcoin Code digital trading platform so that some member traders have achieved their first million by trading for a duration of only 61 days.

Is Bitcoin Code Legit or a Scam?

Unlike the other proven legitimate digital trading platforms such as Binance and Bits Blockchain, there seems to be no information available as to the creator or originator of Bitcoin Code. Who knows who their CEO is? From what country?

The promise of minimum $13,000 per day profit following just 20 minutes daily average trading work on the Bitcoin Code digital trading platform seems to be too good to be true. Not even with the auto-trade option using the laser-accuracy of 99.4% of their digital trading software.

Here are 5 guidelines to help you get more with the BitcoinCode

Begin with the minimum investment

As a new person, even if you’ve been trading before, I suggest you begin with the minimum deposit of $250. If all goes well, you may not need to make another deposit since you can make money with your first trade & reinvest the capital. The chances of increasing profit are higher when your investment increases; however, beginning with the minimum deposit helps you study the system when real cash is used for trading.

Withdraw after earning

It’s also a good idea to withdraw a part of your funds after making a profit. Averagely, you can decide to get from 25% to 75% after each successful trade. Regarding the volatile cryptocurrency industry, this method, to an extent, protects your funds & reduces risks.

Research automated trading

There’s so much info on the internet about automated trading. You can find videos on YouTube posted by expert investors who reveal secrets that have assisted them succeed with App trading tools such as BitcoinCode. Learn the strategies that can be applied at the level you’re trading and earn more profits.

Pay your tax

Never make the mistake of delaying the payment of relevant tax. Keep records of your earnings & investment. There are several accounting applications that can help you calculate your tax, or engage the services of an accountant to avoid issues.

Invest wisely

It’s not advisable to invest all your savings in trading cryptocurrency. You should only invest spare cash to build your passive income from cryptocurrency trading.

Many people have lost much cash because they invested without learning about automated trading and how BitcoinCode works. Lots of the people who have lost cash will claim the App is a scam, but they made poor decisions. From our assessment, we can confirm that using BitcoinCode the correct way will help you earn much cash and grow your passive income. However, this can happen faster, and without any issues, if you apply the tips, we’ve presented above.


Digital currency or cryptocurrency is obtained through payment of a valuable asset and resource which is money and just like any prudent management of valuable assets like money, extra care must be done before making any investments.



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