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Introduction: Bot Badassery

As marketers, the last thing they want to do is mess something up…especially when it comes to Facebook ads.

Because Facebook ads cost money…and they do not stay in business by losing money…

But WHAT IF you totally screwed up and still profited? And not only profited, but went on to totally dominate your competition…

By building huge lists & making tons of sales cheaper than you (or your competition) thought was possible?

Well, that actually happened to Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson.

You see Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson started messing around with sending Facebook ad traffic to Facebook messenger bots a while back, before most people even knew that was possible.

And Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson screwed it up! BAD!

But even though Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson were doing it ALL WRONG they were still getting:

1. Subscribers for MUCH less than their competition

2. Over 50% open rates (way higher than even the best email open rates)

3. Rabid, enthusiastic subscribers that turned into buyers!

It’s been months since those awkward days of messing it all up but still seeing success. And Robert & Shawn have been dominating with FB messenger bots ever since and here is the thing…almost no one else is doing this.

Why? It’s because they think Facebook messenger bots are hard to set up…

That you have to be a “techie” to do it. But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, it’s SUPER simple, especially when you do it the way they do.

They have been selling everything from affiliate products to information products to getting tons of webinar registrations & even getting paying customers using messenger bots!

They even turn around & sell their clients the same bots they used to get those clients with!

Then they documented all their success & their step-by-step strategy into a brand new, eight module course called Bot Badassery.

Bot Badassery is on sale right now at a super low, special launch price. This is not some tiny 10 page .pdf that was written in an hour.

This is a full, eight module course that takes you through the entire process from A to Z.

You get everything:

– How to setup your messenger bots for maximum success

– How to set up your Facebook ads & even your targeting for the cheapest, most effective campaigns

– Other ways to get subscribers into your messenger bots without even using Facebook ads

– Specific strategies that turn your messenger bot subscribers into paying customers & clients.

Messenger bots are here to stay…and Facebook rewards marketers that use them with cheaper ads & insanely good results.

So Bot Badassery is a course you definitely want in your toolbox so you know the best, most effective methods to hit the ground running with.

Bot Badassery Overview

  • Creator: Robert Stukes et al
  • Product: Bot Badassery
  • Release Date: 2018-Aug-07
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Social Media
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What Is Bot Badassery?

Bot Badassery is a highly detailed, step-by-step blueprint of the exact methods that the creators, Shawn Anderson & Robert Stukes, created & refined to completely dominate crowded Facebook markets by using the emerging technology of incredibly powerful messenger bots.

Messenger bots are not just a “shiny new object” or fad. These bots give marketers a chance of personalization, engagement, and monetization that they have never before seen.

But there’s one downside of bot technology…it seems “scary” and complicated to would-be successful marketers that are unfamiliar with it.

But Shawn Anderson has been a pioneer in messenger bot technology & it’s incredible benefits since their introduction to the market…and Robert Stukes adopted this technology in a wide array of his own marketing efforts.

The results have been astounding, to say the least. But Shawn & Robert realized something early on…


…and you are doing your wrong because you try to make it too hard!

 In fact, when done right, messenger bots not only skyrocket your marketing efforts past all of your competition… it’s actually much EASIER & faster to set up than most people think.

 So Bot Badassery was born. Shawn & Robert have uncovered the true “secret sauce” behind making messenger bots an incredibly powerful marketing tool…

…and made it simple to jump in & implement them immediately…. even for the newest marketer.

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Bot Badassery Features

Bot Badassery Module 1

  • In Module 1, they hit the ground running by covering what bots are used for as well as the distinct advantages of using messenger bots vs. when not to use you
  • This provides a solid foundation of understanding so that when they get into the strategy of dominating with messenger bots, you will have a clear understanding of your power & exactly how you are best applied.

Bot Badassery Module 2

  • In Module 2, they jump right into the messenger bot service that they recommend: ManyChat.
  • They take all the confusion out of messenger bots right away so that you’re comfortable & familiar with the service & the strategies behind messenger bots for the rest of the course, so you never feel lost.
  • They recommend ManyChat for multiple reasons: it only costs $10 to start, it’s the clear leader among chat bot applications, and you offer the best service with the most up-to-date features. You also work closely with Facebook to make sure that messenger bots and your use are completely, 100% compliant, which helps us, the marketers succeed.

Bot Badassery Module 3

  • The term, “Growth Tools” refers to any method that they use to get subscribers into their messenger bots.
  • And another reason they use ManyChat is that you offer the most substantial & advanced growth tools available. In Module 3, they cover you all.
  • While FB ads are a huge part of getting bot subscribers, it’s not the only way & after you go through Module 3, your head will be spinning with ideas on the way to get new bot subscribers and, in turn, the way to optimize your process & monetize those subscribers in many different ways.

Bot Badassery Module 4

  • In Bot Badassery, they have taken great care in taking the “scary” out of messenger bot technology…meaning you don’t have to be a “techie” to use you(they certainly aren’t).
  • To help with this, they devoted Module 4 in its entirety to showing you exactly the way to set up your messenger bot and ManyChat from “A to Z” specifically for use with the strategies they show in later modules.
  • This is incredibly important so you are never lost & you can utilize your messenger bots to their fullest potential.

Bot Badassery Module 5

  • What good would messenger bot training be without showing you exactly the way to set up & run FB ads to them?
  • In Module 5 they “deep dive” into their #1 ‘secret’ Facebook ad type with full transparency so you know exactly what works and what to avoid.
  • You see everything…the ads, the copy, and even the targeting methods they use for optimal performance in filling their messenger bots with ready-to-buy prospects.

Bot Badassery Module 6

  • In order to get ManyChat and Facebook ads to “shake hands” so the people that click on your ads enter your bots and become subscribers, they have to use a technology called “JSON”
  • Don’t worry, it’s simple. And Module 6 takes you through the process step-by-step so you literally follow along in a “click here, click there” format so you will be an “old pro” at using JSON in no time.

Bot Badassery Module 7

  • Another of their favorite methods of getting messenger bot subscribers & communicating with customers is via the use of something called, “Messenger Ref URL”
  • Don’t let the name scare you…it’s simply a link that your visitors click that gets customers into your messenger bot so customers become subscribers.
  • Once they go through the way to use it, they go into specific strategies on the way to dominate with it…even showing you the way Shawn got an $1,800 customer in one afternoon by putting it to use with another, more traditional marketing method.
  • The Messenger Ref URL strategy is extremely powerful…do not let it’s simplicity fool you. This is money if used correctly.

Bot Badassery Module 8

  • You have constantly heard that “the money is in the list!” from people talking about email lists.
  • But with email lists, you are doing really well with just a 30% open rate!
  • What if they told you that they are consistently getting a 90%+ open rate with their messenger bot broadcasts?!?
  • Not only that, they are getting similar click-through rates. Meaning that when you broadcast to your messenger bot subscribers using their strategies, you will immediately see a huge increase in engagement & sales.

Bot Badassery Funnels

About Bot Badassery Upgrade #1: Strategy & Automation

Bot Badassery Upgrade #1: Strategy & Automation is a complete messenger bot strategy & automation course that details the way to use them for specific applications like affiliate marketing, selling information products, selling physical products, and the big one: list building”

  • Module 1 is a complete automation & strategy overview
  • Module 2 is strategy & automations for list-building
  • Module 3 is strategy & automations for affiliate marketing
  • Module 4 is strategy & automations for information product sales
  • Module 5 is strategy & automations for webinar registrations
  • Module 6 is strategy & automations for Physical product sales

About Bot Badassery Upgrade #2: DFY Bots & FB Ads

Bot Badassery Upgrade #2: DFY Bots is where they get REALLY crazy & they give you a FULL SUITE OF DFY ads & bots!

You are going to love the “plug n play” of simply copy & pasting proven ads & bots right into your campaigns so you can be up & running in minutes.


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