Cinderella Solution Review: A Female Weight Loss System

Cinderella Solution: A Female Weight Loss System

I used to take several pills to lose weight.

Also, like many women out there, I applied plenty of fancy creams.

I had loved the fad diet on this modern day.

My problem was I didn’t see anything to work.

I am the same 32-year-old woman who lost her beautiful and healthy body.

One day, I found Cinderella Solution.

Here’s what you should know.

What do you know about Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a four-phase online weight loss system for women above 25 years old. It is developed to combat the effect of hormonal transition that occurs to the women’s body. By just following the 28-day weight loss program, you will see the result quickly. It is done by phases: Ignite and Launch Phase, which is 14-days plan each.

Based on research, women in between puberty and menopausal period undergo significant hormonal changes that make it very difficult for them to lose their weight and sustain a healthy figure because of the diminished metabolism. In short, this transition destroys the metabolism of the female, leading them to a horrible figure.

To combat a decrease in the female’s metabolism after puberty, Cinderella Solution is the answer.

Cinderella Solution teaches you how to reactivate the fat-loss code to boost the metabolism and burn the excessive weight. With this solution, no fad diet or nonsense weight loss like fancy cream nor ancient chants. You don’t have to count the calories, no need to restrict diet to the extreme, and no room for a running a treadmill. This solution is 100% safe. It is also natural since you’ll get a series of nutrition daily and an exercise that will reactivate your metabolism.

Cinderella Solution will teach the two-step rituals. One is a series of exercise, while the other one is a proper diet. These two, when combined reactivates the metabolism that helps to burn fat without starving yourself or pushing too hard to exercise.

Cinderella Solution does not give us a strict diet that only allows you to eat vegetables, so there is no such high pressure. Just follow the meal plan and do the workout from the videos. Complete the 14 – day plan given to you for each Phase.

Who is the Creator of Cinderella Solution?

The genius woman behind the Cinderella Solution is Carly Donovan. Carly is real, and her story is true. She is not a TV Doctor nor Guru. She works for nobody but serves women like you.

Carla Donovan is a weight-loss industry pioneer. She knew how it feels to fight against the battle of bulging oneself. She used to be an overweight woman, but after trying out a weight-loss plan from the market and get no result, she did some research and created the answer to her problem, the Cinderella Solution.

Cinderella Solution provides information for women who wish to lose weight. As a user myself, I found the program very comprehensive, valuable, easy to follow, detailed, very realistic, and highly sustainable.

Carly is a real person with her true story, without depriving herself with food, no pills, and no fad keto, she was able to escape the darkest part of her life. All it takes is nothing but a free-diet solution that is given by Cinderella as it rewires and reawakens weight loss system.

What is included in the Cinderella Solution Package?

If you avail the Cinderella Solution, you will receive the following:

  • Manual
  • Starter Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise

In the main manual, you are going to see the four phases where you are going to work. Part I is an explanation of the program. Part II is about your nutrition blueprint daily, while Part III is a guide about the sequence of movement in the exercise. The last section, Part IV, is about the top combination of flavors and weight loss.

By just looking on these parts, you will know that this fat-loss system is a mixture of proper diet and proper exercise. Therefore, a combination of a good diet and physical activity to gain a sustainable weight.

Let me go into details.

  • Part I: It consists of three chapters. The first chapter is about weight loss in and out, how to get started in it. The second chapter is the rituals of weight loss, specifically about food coupling, flavor pairing, nutrition timing, and the exercise sequence for slimming. The third chapter is about the phase two approach. The first Phase is Ignite Phase, and the second is the launch phase. These are followed by Cycling the Ignite and the Launch Phases.
  • Part II: Talks about the blueprint book for daily nutrition. There are also three chapters included in this part. The fourth chapter is the Cinderella tools: 14-day calendar, meal plans, bonus recipes. The fifth chapter is about the macro and the pairing rituals of for food: Prime proteins, Royal fats, Power carbs, and Angel carbs. The sixth chapter is about meal timing and frequency. The Ignite is three meals daily while the Launch is for four meals daily. You will also know when to eat rightly.
  • Part III: It is a do-it-yourself meal creator and the flavor pairing. There are four chapters under this part consisting of the instruction guide, the legends for meal pairing, the portion options and food and portion blocks.
  • Part IV: This is all about the top ten flavors and combination for weight loss. Such combination includes mint and green tea, apples and chocolates, Ricotta and berries, fish and garlic, yogurt and sweet potatoes and many more. These are actually bonuses which include the guide for the 21 days kickstart nutrition and the guide for the movement sequence.

As soon as you purchase this online weight loss system, you will get full access to the system. You can download the content from the customer page. It’s accessible using any device like a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop.

What is my Final thought?

Cinderella Solution is an excellent guide to counteract the effect of the hormonal transition that destroys metabolism. You will learn proper nutrition and correct exercise to shed off weight. There is no need for hours of gym nor diet restriction.

If you have tried losing weight using the traditional way and you get no success, why not try Cinderella Solution? You have nothing to lose. For only $37, you can have access to Cinderella Solution, and there is a money-back guarantee.

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