Commerce Inspector vs Intelligynce Review

Commerce Inspector vs Intelligynce

Getting the most effective e-Commerce analysis tool for your money’s worth

In this review, we shall be looking at two e-Commerce analysis tools for revealing and obtaining analytical and statistical data about any e-Commerce shop or site and then using such information to improve your own e-Commerce store and business. These tools assist you in literally “spying” on your competitors or successful e-commerce shops (sites) to see what they are doing better and how they are doing it. We shall be comparing and looking at the features of Commerce Inspector and Intelligynce – two e-Commerce site analysis tools.

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Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector allows you to:

1) Discover themes and apps that are in use by high-rating shops,
2) Track your details on your competitors (such as traffic, revenue and number of items they sell), and
3) Find out new products being launched by your competitors and best-selling products.

It is available in three packages: a free plug-in, a store Intelligence subscription and an Enterprise Pro.

Free, Versatile Browser Plug-in: Downloadable and install for free with the following features:-

  • Identify themes is use in shops and download them for your own use.
  • Discover also what apps are being used by best-selling shops.
  • Find out news products that are selling by tags as well as new launches by day.
  • Identify themes is use in shops and download them for your own use.
  • Find out about best-selling products.
  • Monitor social media and traffic sights. The distribution of traffic (in percentages) are shown for each category (such as social, direct, mail, links and search). You can also monitor the total monthly sales amounts.
  • Store insights allows you to obtain details about a shop (shop ID, theme and date last updated); product details (vendor, title, date created and date last updated

Store Intelligence: There are three variations under this package depending on the numbers of stores you wish to subscribe to and monitor.  Three stores is offered at $49 per month; ten stores at $99 per month and thirty stores at $249 per month.  All features offered in the free plug-in are also offered with following features added: 1) a Pro Dashboard, 2) view sales and revenue in the previous week across all your subscribed stores as well as the best-selling products, 3) data across your subscribed stores are kept up to date.

Enterprise Pro:  At $499 per month, you get all the features that have been discussed so far but now for unlimited number of stores.

IntelligynceCommerce Inspector vs Intelligynce Review

Intelligynce, on the other hand, offer you all the features offered by Commerce Inspector but in greater detail and analysis and many much more. Just take a look at what you get with a one-time limited offer payment of $197:

  • A Google Chrome extension plug-in that allows you monitor activity, social activity, search engine optimization (SEO), apps and best-selling products
  • Search tools that enable you search a particular store or find products using tags and filters
  • You can monitor over 2 million e-Commerce products
  • Find out Facebook Ads currently in use by e-Commerce shops
  • Operates on web-based platform
  • Estimate daily sales volume
  • A desktop software (Ali Inspector) that enables you do keyword search, find best sellers and generate keywords on AliExpress. A Download Assets’ tool in the software allows you to download products details as well as product reviews from AliExpress into your e-Commerce store.
  • Obtain details of best-selling products on AliExpress
  • Access to over 500,000 e-Commerce stores using the Store Inspector
  • Compare Amazon and eBay Arbitrage
  • Monitor the five top most competitors’ websites
  • Bookmark feature to mark stores and products you are interested in
  • A wide range of filters that allows you to wide or narrow down your searches

Free bonus video tutorials (worth $396)

a) Top selling products on eBay
b) Top selling products on Etsy
c) Intelligynce eCom Academy
d) Top selling products on Amazon

For users with a smaller budget, the entire package is offered for yearly renewable subscription at $99 per year. And for those with a lower budget, a package offering all the features but without the free bonus video tutorials is offered at $19 per month.

There is no doubt you are getting far more features and products for your money’s worth with Intelligynce across all its package options that will help you directly and immediately build and grow your e-Commerce business than Commerce Inspector.

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