ConnectAutomate Review: Optimize Your Facebook Ads

ConnectAutomate Review: Optimize Your Facebook Ads

You know for sure that Facebook is considered as the number one social media platform.

Therefore, Facebook Ads is one of the best marketing platforms.

However, you will need Connect Automate to optimize your ads.

Now, decide if you think this tool is worthy as you go on with this review.

What is Connect Automate?

Connect Automate is a tool that can assist you in determining the winning ads. It is one solution for advancing your marketing. All its four features are my favorite; connect audience, connect leads, connect retargets, and connect to explore.

Connect Automate is smart software that you can use to increase your meager revenue.

Some of the things that this tool can give you are the following:

  1. It can turn your performing posts to advertisements. What it does is identifying the post with high engagement that can make this into ads that you need to sell.
  2. The Connect Automate is considered as money time and money saver. It automates all the sections of the process to determine high engagement. It starts from creating to submitting the advertisement, as well as monitoring its performance. All these results in high conversions.
  3. Right content connects the audience at the right time.

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What is Connect Audience?

Maybe you are sick of the ridiculous amount for the payment of your Ads.

Thinking the autoresponder will solve each marketing problem is sane. It is not the solution that everyone is chasing. The primary issue is what you call unfocused marketing – it is blasting messages that are not on target daily, making these ads land at the spam box, and worst arriving at unsubscribes.

Not until the method changes, there will be no autoresponder is going to enhance the profits in the long term.

There is a more natural way, Connect your Audience. It has already been proven that integrating or connecting the list from emails to the other type of target market work better than doing an email alone.

Using Connect Automate to connect your audience saves you many hours making ridiculous ads. It also increases your marketing activities to be more efficient, and the best is making more money.

What is Connect Leads?

Connect leads is when you boost your Facebook leads at a lower cost. Using the app Connectio and their Facebook latest advertisement innovation, you get plenty of leads seamlessly, saving you both time and money.

The app is easy to use system for building your subscribers automatically in Facebook™ using the add and new lead feature.

Connect Leads takes a lead generation in Facebook™ to the next level. Include your new subscriber to the list of email and dynamically, and automatically to your Facebook™ Lead advertisements. It merely means growing your email list in the same way that your users of Facebook™ click, and better, they do not have to enter an email address.

Connect Leads handle the integration of your Facebook™ advertisement, and autoresponders account to be very efficient; there is no time to waste for downloading the CSV files or uploading to an autoresponder.

By the way, this is cloud-based, so you have nothing to waste downloading or installing. You can use it in Mac, Windows, Linux, tablets, and mobile devices.

It is a skyrocket return of investments because you can boost your business to the next level. There is no need to hire experts and spend thousands of dollars because you will see everything that you need and the things that you have for this Facebook™ marketing. No technical experience is required.

What is Connect Retarget?   

For online marketing, you need to run retargeting campaigns about how the people behave in your site when they visit. Using this tool helps you to skyrocket your profit automatically up to 384% of conversion boost.

Lately, it becomes tougher to get profit in Facebook™ ads. Since many people are running the same ads, it becomes even more challenging to stand out. With the fierce competition at hand, you need charging more ads correctly and on target.

Using Connect Retarget, you can expect for a high return of investment. Take back the traffic and get an increase in your profit. Basic retargeting is useful because, in statistics, 70% of the retargeted site visitors can convert to sell.

Just as of today, retargeting should already become a part of the marketing tools, far more than traditional marketing.

What is Connect Explore?

Connect Explore is about finding the interests and taking the guesswork from the interest targets. It is a tool that will give you a target audience in Facebook™ in just seconds. The revolutionary tool can produce $9, 633. 00 profits in only one advertisement.

The Connect Explore in Automatic connect is a tool that gives the interest of the buyers that other competitors won’t find. You can target the audience in any niche because of the built-in layers. You can optimize your ads without split testing, yet you get very detailed statistics of the interest performance.

Unlike other programs, Connectio passed the Facebook™ test, so the Facebook Ads API is used in the tools. Since Connectio can access it, the company can create a Facebook™ interest tool, which online marketers need now.

It just a simple tool, yet very advanced.

What are the users saying?

Connect Automate is beneficial to the Facebook marketer. Spending money in this program is spending money intelligently. According to Dennis Lewis, leveraging the audience you have in email can help you makes it easy to increase conversion.

In the same manner, Maarten Ligthart said that this is a tool that is very powerful in backing-up email funnels through Facebook advertisements.

Mark Ramos was surprised to see a high return of investment for his first campaign. He got a 473% return on investment. He spent $88 and had it back at $500. Also, Stefan Van Der Vlag has proven this tool to have a track record of earning 6-figure launches.

Sam Bakker made more time $25, 000 in just a week. Like Karthik Ramani, I believe that the value delivered by this tool is fantastic.

As a customer, I am bombarded with emails these days, making it hard for potential customers like me to buy, so as a seller, I need Connectio.

Therefore, with the ease and comfort that Connect Automate is making, getting profit from Facebook Ads cannot be hard to do anymore.

What is some information that I need to know?

Since I want to give more information as much as possible, I will provide you with some answers to the possible questions you have about Connectio.

First, I can guarantee you that your email address and your data are secure with Connectio. I am an avid user of Connect Audience, Connect Leads, Connect Retarget, and Connect Explore – all their products, and I do not have any experience about information leakage.

The data that Connectio collects are encrypted via API, managed by the autoresponder and the Facebook™ account. It only means that they do not keep or send the email addresses to Facebook, and vice versa. Data is transferred directly to ensure maximum security.

By the way, it is good to remember that Connect Audience is 100% compliant to Facebook, so there is nothing to worry about. It is in full compliance with the Terms of Conditions. The development had undergone a rigorous and thorough process to meet the standards of Facebook™.

Now if you doubt about retargeting, let me tell you the difference between the normal and the Connectio, Connect Retargeting. The average retargeting only target customers based on their activity on your website which means that only a small percentage of the potential customers will click what you have sent. In Connectio, email for retargeting and the audience in Connect Audience, you can retarget the entire people in your lists, through various preferences and settings.

The best about marketing with Connectio is making significant profits while spending low on your ads. You are targeting only the segments in your list, and not a vast number of Facebook™ uses. It means merely a lesser cost.

Remember the case study made, only $7 spent returns a rocket of $1485. It is an excellent return of investments. It is very much unbelievable, but it is true.

We built fb to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That is why we have always put family and friends at the core of the experience. Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being & happiness.

But recently we have gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands & media – is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Started using ConnectAutomate couple of months ago for boosting specific posts on my Facebook pages, especially those with higher engagement like for example contests and giveaways. I have Five pages for my business and what used to take a lot of time I can now setup ONCE in literally Five mins and forget about it, while whenever there’s need to adjust some settings in the tool it’s a matter of seconds! Even more important is the fact I get far better results with similar ad spend as before, since the tool automatically creates fully fledged Facebook ads with targeted custom audiences for each page (which I happen to make with another one of Wilco’s tools, Connect Explore). On the reporting side, love the fact each boosted post is made as a new ad set within same campaign for every page, which makes it far more easy to see at a glance how your metrics change over time. Nice work once again Wilco, thanks for this excellent tool!

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos

My Thoughts

Connectio for sure is a big help to you in promoting the quality product and getting a solid of five to six figure profits. It works to other affiliate marketers and me. It helps many businesses both the small and the big ones.

Do you think Connectio can help you?

If you want to automate and optimize your Facebook Ads, I am sure this is perfect for you.

Connect Audience, Connect Leads, Connect Retarget, or Connect Explore?

Name it, only at Connect Automate.

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