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ConnectRetarget – Are you searching for more knowledge about ConnectRetarget? Please read through my honest reviews about ConnectRetarget before selecting it.

Introduction: ConnectRetarget

The First Ever Platform to enable you to Run Behavioral Retargeting Campaigns on Fb, Let Complete Newbies to Facebook Retargeting Setup Profitable Campaigns within minutes, Dramatically Increase Your ROI and Work with ANY platform: Wp, Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages or ANY other site builder….

ConnectRetarget Overview:

  • Founder: Wilco de Kreij
  • Date Of Release: 2016-07-07
  • Time Of Release: 10:00 EDT
  • Niche: Fb Marketing
  • Refund: 1 Month Money-back Guarantee
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Sales Page:
  • Bonuses: Yes
  • Recommended: Highly recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
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Who’s The Founder Of ConnectRetarget?

Wilco de is the man behind ConnectRetarget. He made his great success being an online marketer which he has been doing full-time since 2006.

For 5 years, he’s been selected as one of the top affiliates in Netherlands. He’s behind many successful online marketing software and also programs such as ZoSocial, VideoSkin, Viral Optins, UpViral, ChatLinks and other wines.

What’s ConnectRetarget?

ConnectRetarget is a new cloud-based platform to run Behavioral Retargeting Campaigns on Fb based upon your site visitors’ actions like:

  • Time on-site (within seconds).
  • Scrolled Percentage (25%,50%,75%).
  • Browser Language.ConnectRetarget Filters
  • Referral Source (last visited web site)
  • Number of Visits.
  • Date of Visit.
  • Visiting Device (PC, tablet, mobile).
  • Number of Sessions.
  • Campaign UTM Source (Google Analytics Campaign data).
  • Campaign UTM Medium.
  • Campaign UTM Campaign.

And you can even combine these “filters”…

What makes ConnectRetarget unique?

So far, you could only retarget to visitors who did visit your web page.
(It doesn’t matter they came from and what they did on your page)

However, not all visitors are equal…

Some visitors will leave your page quickly, while others spend “hours” on your website.

So why treat these visitors the same way?

Imagine that you can only retarget visitors who saw your sales page, scrolled down to the bottom and also spend at least 2 min’s on your page.

Those visitors are really interested in your product and hence more eager to buy.

Now, with ConnectRetarget you can drill down & filter only your most engaging/interesting visitors into the perfect custom audience to retarget to.

How does ConnectRetarget work?

Actually it’s quite simple. You first have to create a so-called PowerPixel. This PowerPixel is a combination of Facebook’s Super Pixel added with extra codes that signs up all your visitors actions.

As user, you simply have to select your Fb Ad Account and give your Pixel a name. The software automatically creates the PowerPixel.

The only thing you need to do, is place this code on all your web pages.

From now on, the pixel collects all your visitors actions and you can build your specific custom audiences.

Either you choose one of the built-in templates. Below a graphic of the possibilities:

Google Search
Creates audiences from traffic referred directly by Google – the ‘holy grail’ of profitable organic traffic

All Search Traffic
Visitors referred by Google, Bing and / or Yahoo are specifically looking for methods to their problems, which makes them a lucrative audience for retargeting

Social Media Traffic
Match your advertisements to the social network referring your your visitors (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn or YouTube) for better conversions

Most Engaged
Focus campaigns on visitors who’ve spent more than 2 min’s on your website or have viewed more than 2 webpages of your site

Highly engaged
Tap into this KEEN audience of visitors who spend over 3 min’s on your website or view more than 3 webpages of your content

Mobile visitors
Laser target the 50% of clients who visit from a mobile device, and serve them ads when they are on a desktop device

Direct traffic only
Creates a custom audience of users who come to your website without a referrer – people ACTIVELY searching for your product and services

Scrolled content percentage
Target a select group who’s scrolled through at least 25% of your site’s home-page

Or you just create your own custom audiences by selecting your favorite filter (or combine filters), like you can see in this short demo video:

So as you can see, with ConnectRetarget it is simple to create all kinds of custom audiences based upon your visitors behavior.

Of course with just one main purpose…

To filter your site visitors and only retarget to the most interesting visitors. Those visitors with the “proper behavior and also characteristics” and highest change that they’ll respond to your Fb ads. Resulting in better ad relevance scores, higher Click Through Rates, lower add costs and higher Return on investment.

ConnectRetarget Features

  • Cloud-based. Therefore you can get access on both Pc and mac, and on any device with net connection.
  • Effective Menu and also User Interface. This software is quite simple to use, no experience needed.
  • Simple integration with your FaceBook ads account.
  • Create Unlimited Custom Audiences. Just choose one of the built-in templates or make your own with the intuitive drop-down filters.
  • Advanced Filters: Time on-site, Scrolled Percentage, Browser Language, Referral Source, Quantity of Visits, Date of Visit, Visiting Device, Quantity of Sessions, and UTM Campaign data.
  • Exclusive Fb Retargeting Training and also training videos.
  • 4 extra Bonuses about Fb ads and retargeting.
  • Fully integrated with Fb API & fully compliant with Facebook Terms of service.

Who’s ConnectRetarget For?

  1. Current retargeters who want to maintain their competitive edge and increase conversion results on every campaign
  2. eCommerce vendors who want to turn tire kickers into purchasers and Increase sales
  3. Product sellers looking to give prospects many chances to get what’s on offer
  4. Affiliate and also CPA marketers promoting quality products who need to maximize Return on investment on their campaigns
  5. List builders and also bloggers who need to convert site visitors into profitable leads
  6. Social Media Marketers looking to grow their following and also viral traffic
  7. Anyone NEW to retargeting wanting the simplest way to exploit this powerful form of marketing


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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