Crypto Genius Review – Scam Or Legit?

What is the Crypto Genius, and how does it work?

A Crypto Genius is a software that is able to automates user’s operations to get the most out of the world of cryptocurrency. According to the information provided on their website, it is possible to earn more than 5,000 USD per day using the Crypto Genius, but how true is this information? As soon as we enter the main page of the Crypto Genius website, you can see the typical elements of a scam. First, we see random counters that do not represent the actual data of the website. No, the number of free vacancies is not real. It is simply added in order for the users to register.

In fact, the website is very insistent for the visitors to give their name and email. Do not be tempted to give this information! According to the small print of this page, the operations are not only placed in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, all types of financial instruments available through contracts for differences (CFD) are used. In addition, their operations are carried out in Forex markets. Finally, the information and photos of the supposed creator of the software are false. The same goes for the fabricated testimonials that appear on the main page of the website.

Advantages of the Crypto Genius.

  • The operations are executed in several financial markets including Forex and others available with CFDs.

Disadvantages of the Crypto Genius.

  • We have not found any regulatory information that indicates that the site operates legally. The little we have been able to find is the exemptions from liability where they themselves affirm that all the data on their website is made for advertising.
  • Within its terms and conditions, the software states that it can guarantee any profit to its users. In addition, they offer no guarantee in case of being a victim of a security breach.
  • By doing an exhaustive search in several languages, we have not obtained any real testimony from any user. This diminishes the legitimacy of this bot.

Opinion about the Crypto Genius on the web.

It is very difficult to get any testimonials from users who have actually used Crypto Genius services. Despite conducting a deep search, we have not received positive comments about its operation. The platform operates in theory with the main cryptocurrencies in the market. However, when we delve into the website, we can see that it really operates with Forex and all the variety of financial instruments offered with CFDs. Our recommendation is not to register on the website to avoid potential losses.

Is Crypto Genius a scam?

We have not been able to determine if the code works or not. However, as it is an unregulated platform, with deceptive offers and with almost no reputation, we could consider that the users face a potential scam. Remember that the minimum deposit to start is 250 USD, and you could lose these funds very quickly. Our recommendation is: avoid registering on this website.

What’s Crypto Genius?

CryptoGenius is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. CryptoGenius has been invented as a trading platform that enables traders who don’t have any knowledge of manual trading to generate money from the cryptocurrency market.

We must note that testing CryptoGenius was quite simple because the system is user-friendly. At every point of the account creation process and using the trading robots, there are suggestions and also labels to help new traders navigate the platform. Also, we noted that the customer support system is always available 24/7 to help anybody who encounters any problems.

Open an account in the Crypto Genius.

As we mentioned earlier, opening the accounts is very simple. Most of these sites offer a very simple form to register. The reason is that they want to get hold of the visitor’s data quickly. If you provide this information, it is very likely that you will receive spam emails and unwanted advertising. According to our analysis, our suggestion is not to register with the Crypto Genius, much less provide personal banking information.

Any other reliable alternative?

According to our multiple analysis, we found that “The Bitcoin Code” is a reliable alternative. Although it is not a magic formula that will make you millions of dollars, it is a useful tool to obtain profits taking the advantage of market movements. With a little luck, you will close most of your orders with profits and grow you capital. We have also been able to prove their results and coinciding with other opinions online, they are usually positive.

Testimonies and false identities.

Do not fall for the advertising strategies used by this type of services. In the case of the Crypto Genius, the video, the testimonies, photographs and data of the creator are false. This is recognized in the website’s own liability waiver, which you will find in English. By doing a fast reverse search, we can see that the images were obtained in image repositories. Christian Rodriguez is actually a repository model (stock images), not the creator of this software.

Double Identity.

The little effort that the site has put to avoid that the false testimonies are not too evident is laughable. If we visit the website in Spanish, we see a list of testimonials with Hispanic names. When visiting the site in English, we see the same photographs, but with different names. This is a clear indication that all information is manufactured advertising.

Conclusion about the Crypto Genius.

Using automatic trading software to make a profit can be much beneficial, but it is very risky to leave everything in the hands of a robot. The problem becomes more serious when we use a platform without regulations and with a questionable reputation. Such is the case of the Crypto Genius. According to our research, the intention of this software is to obtain personal information from users and to promise to fulfill impossible objectives. The lack of opinions on the network is also worrisome and makes us wonder about the authenticity of this software. In coin list we recommend that you add this program to your blacklist. Unfortunately, there are still no tools that are so powerful enough to produce $5,900 with an investment of 250.

If you want a more useful option to invest in a regular and safe way, we recommend Bitcoin Revolution. Do you know how to trade? This broker allows you to select a successful operator and is able to copy your entire portfolio of transactions and operations. Thus, you can be able to automate your trading and configure it to your own liking.

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