Crypto Trader Review

Crypto Trader Review

Everyone loves to have money and everyone loves making money.  Given a choice, most of us would love a quick and easy way of making a good stash of money.  Also, preferably, little work, more money.  But if we are going to be realistic and honest with ourselves, we know that such get‑rich‑quick schemes are not easy to come by, and where they are presented, they have a lot of risks and skepticism attached to them.

The internet is the biggest money-making market in the world.  More than 4.17 billion persons are in that market (number of internet users).  That amounts to over 54% of the world’s population.  It is projected that in 2019, over $3.45 trillion will be spent in e-commerce alone.  Everyone wants a piece of that pie, and the bigger the chunk, the better!

The advent of cryptocurrencies in 2009 and its history to date has added its own excitement to the money-making drive on the internet.  The number of transactions, currencies, and exchanges in the cryptocurrency market continue to rise.  More and more persons are seeking to enter this market with the objective of making money.  While there are those who would seek to do that legitimately, unfortunately, those who do not care and would seek to make a buck at the inconvenience and expense of others.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in cryptocurrency trading software and tools on the internet.  There are literally hundreds of “robots”, tools and software out there making astonishing and outrageous claims designed to rob many people of their money.  In this article, we will be taking a look at one of them, Crypto Trader.

What is Crypto Trader?

We are going to look at the features and claims purported by this software and provide an explanation to you as to why its features are not realistic and its claims are not true.


“A golden fish,” they say, “has no hiding place.”  But that is not the case with the supposed author of this “amazing software.”  A David Richman (or Richmond, as some others put it) claims, in the demo video, that he is the author of this software.  Surely someone who has developed such a revolutionary software would be known and celebrated in the digital and financial world.  But that is not the case here.  We cannot find any history, news article, or review on this purported author or his company..

Software Claims

Take a good look at these software claims:

  • It has a success/accuracy rate of 99.4%
  • Make profits of $5,000 with just about 20 minutes of work daily
  • Only a few persons would be offered the software
  • Software is free
  • Sign up for free and make a deposit of $250 to start trading

Bullocks!  Any authentic, professional cryptocurrency stock trader knows that these claims are not only outrageous but false.  They are designed to play on people’s emotions to make quick money with the intention of robbing them on their money.

Demo Video

In the demo video, the author claims he has made millions of dollars from trading and others have equally made millions of dollars trading with the same software.  He guarantees $5,000 profit a day in just 5 clicks!  Whao!  I guess we should all resign from our daily jobs and just get on Crypto Trader, and in about a year, we would all be millionaires!  Yippee!!  This is the biggest scam of the century!


We have reviewed a lot of authenticated products, software, and tools.  Those products’ websites are a hub of data and information about the products or services.  They provide enough information to their visitors, verifiable proofs of their data, reports, and claims, and further give various avenues to ask questions or resolve concerns that visitors might have.  Such is not the case with Crypto Trader.

Interested persons are not informed of which coins that the software trades in.  Neither are they informed of the method or algorithm by which the software trades.  All they are simply told is that it operates using an “innovative algorithm” using binary options.

We cannot find any verified track history of the claims of this software.  All cryptocurrency traders are required to align with a registered stock broker.  These stock brokers are regulated by legally constituted authorities in their domain of residence.  As such, one can easily verify the authenticity of any cryptocurrency trading and even obtain historical proof of trading transactions.  Crypto Trader has failed to provide any detail of it being a legally registered stock broker or of it affiliating or registered with one.  In fact, we are absolutely certain that the absence of verified and authenticated history or reports from legal and registered stock brokers is sufficient proof that this software is a scam.

Conspicuously hidden at the bottom of the website is this warning:

This disclaimer is a direct contradiction to the claims of this software.  If it truly has a 99.4% trading accuracy rate, that implies that the possibility of anyone losing “some or all of [their] invested capital” is 0.6% – a very negligible figure.  Yet, they warn investors of a “HIGH RISK” of losing money.

Signing Up for the Software

Anyone who opts to register for this product is required to provide some very personal details about themselves.  This information is not required for the intention of cryptocurrency trading and so, it begs the question of why the company would be requesting them.  They even go further to call you on phone to confirm your identity and then offer you expensive training products and services.  These sales agents receive a commission on any additional product or service that they are able to sell to clients and on every money deposit they are able to convince registered persons to make.

Our Final Verdict

Imagine a scientist discovering the cure for cancer or HIV, can such a discovery be kept to oneself and not known to others or to the world?  Such a scientist would have tested over and over that cure on subjects and documented the whole process as proof to the world of the veracity of such a cure.  He is willing and eager to provide proof of his revolutionary discovery.

We see no evidence of this with Crypto Trader.  The product simply makes bogus claims to lure innocent victims to subscribe to their software and make a money deposit of at least $250, gathering their personal details in the process for onward sale to interested email marketing firms.  In time, as they have warned in their disclaimer, contrary to the claims of their software, an investor eventually loses their money – and they will attribute that loss to the risks inherent in the trade as contained in their disclaimer.

Although they claim the software is only available to a few, this is to drive more people to subscribe with the hope of being among that few.  If just a 1,000 persons registered for this software (and that is a pin-head drop in the ocean from the over 4.17 billion persons on the internet), and make a deposit of $250, do the math!  That is an easy $250,000 earned by the perpetrators with no sweat at all.

Don’t be fooled.  There are many reliable and authenticated trading software out there, but Crypto Trader is definitely not one of them.

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