CryptoSoft Review

CryptoSoft Review

Have you heard or read about a revolutionary crypto currency trading software that promises you high profits within 24 hours and withdrawing such profits in the same timeline?  Believe it not!  Find out why this software is a total scam intended to swindle you.

Online Crypto Currency Trading

The internet is the largest and biggest market in the world.  It contains the largest numbers of buyers, sellers, products and services.   But like every market, not all products and services are real.  Many are fake and are designed to scam innocent and unsuspecting buyers of their hard-earned money.  Such is a crypto currency trading software called Crypto Soft Software.

Crypto currency trading can be a viable and profitable business.  And while there are many tools out on the internet to assist you in automated and predictive trading, the claims of Crypto Soft software, as a crypto currency trading tool, far outstretches those exhibited by existing, established and proven trading tools.

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The Hand-writing on the Wall

As we consider some factors concerning Crypto Soft, I hope you will see clearly for yourself that this is not just a review to pull down this software in favor of another.  We are not promoting or suggesting any other software to you.  We are simply trying to get you and others informed so that you do not fall victim of this clever but dubious scam.


All real online products and services have an interesting and informative website.  I mean that is the prime purpose for which we design websites, right?  But, take a trip to Crypto Soft website and what do you see?  Literally, nothing!  I mean not what you would expect on the website of a product that claims to have made $25,000,000 in profits in 30 days for each beta tester.

On the first line of the website, at the left corner, is a country-flag-image drop-down list button that allows you to select your country.  At the extreme right is a button labelled LOGIN.  Next is a header inviting you to “Join the Crypto Soft today and earn tomorrow!”

Immediately below the header, to the left, is a snapshot of the software which looks like the Settings page of the software.  Right beside the Settings title is a big green button labelled “START AUTO-TRADING.”  There are two tabs shown – Manual Trade and Auto Trade.   The parameters to be set in a manual trade includes investment per trade, profit/investment, method (Classic, martingale and Fibonacci), Risk (low, medium or high), maximum trade, signals (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1) and indicators (trend, RSI, STOCH, MACD, CCI, and Williams).  To the right of the snapshot of the software is a table showing the sell price, signal status and buy price for a number of trading currencies.  At the bottom are three figures: Available, Margin (%) and Profit.  All are showing zero figures in the snap shot.  This snapshot does not in any way attest to the authenticity of this software. In fact, it proves the opposite.

To the right of the screen on the website is a little form for you to fill to “Open an Account.”  The form requests for your first and last names, email, password and your phone number.  There is a check box for you to agree to the terms and conditions and to optionally subscribe to their mailing list.  When filled, you click on a button at the bottom of the form labelled SIGNUP.

Further down the website page are three headings – “Exceptional Software,” “Immediate Results,” and “Money Machine” with only one or two sentences written under each section heading.  That is all that is written about this purported money-making machine.

Then comes the “How it Works” narrative where 3 steps are listed.  Now, take a look at these steps:

  1. Open an account.

This you do by completing the form explained above and clicking on SIGNUP.

  1. Fund your Account.

You are required to make a minimum start-up working capital payment of $250.

  1. Start Profiting.

You are told to click on auto-trade to enjoy their “award-winning” algorithm.

Come on!  Is that how easy it is to make a minimum of $13,000 daily on the internet?  In crypto currency trading?  And what “award-winning algorithm?”  Who gave you the award? Care to tell the whole world?  Apparently, they are not going to tell us.  Why? Because it is a whole pack of lies!

A listing of “Last Trades” is showing listing currencies, date and time and direction, followed by 4 Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ).

Judging by the design, content and claims on this website is enough to convince anyone that this is a scam.  It’s simply not true.  But then, there are some other facts that prove that Crypto Soft software is not real.

No Information about the Company or Authors

Given the purported success of Crypto Soft software, you will think the company or the owners would want to brag about and publicize themselves.  I am afraid that is not the case.  All we are made to know is that the founder is a Thomas Green.  The website does not even have a photo or bio on him.  Who is this Thomas green? What is his history or antecedents?  So why hide your face if this is a genuine application?

Product Claims

The claims made by this product is outrageous.

  • Their members make a minimum daily profit of $13,000 in just spending 20 minutes on the internet.
  • That there is no limit to profits that can be made and that some of their members made their 1st million dollars within 61 days!

How can this be true of any software?  Is any software capable of achieving such feats?  The answer of course is NO!


Crypto Soft is supposedly later to be priced at $3,999 per month.  However, the authors say they are giving away 77 copies of the software free for life to those who sign up with Crypto Soft and make a payment of $250.  Now, why would anyone give away such a software as they claim free?  They are not a charity but a business organization existing to make profit.  Would they close the offer when 77 persons have indeed paid up?  Of course not!  This is just a scheme to get a number of people to part with $250 in anticipation for a free “magical” software.


As said at the beginning, there are many products and services on the internet including crypto currency trading software applications.  Many are fake and many are also genuine.  Without being bias, Crypto Soft is not a genuine crypto currency trading application but a scam.  Not a single one of its claims can be substantiated or verified.

There are genuine crypto currency trading software out there.  Take your time to search for them.  Check out reviews and testimonials and you will find one suited to your needs.

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  1. Worst trading platform do not even waste…

    Worst trading platform do no’t even waste your funds. Net i still can not believe I got back my loss with interest within short time.

  2. I’ve lost 15000 euros in one week of trading with CryptoSoft . I never wanted to do big trading. Placed 300 & slowly added more funds and made small profit reaching balance of 2500. The account manager talked me into deposit another 2000 euros and made me trade for gold (buy) the whole of it saying that it’s going to go high and I would make good profit. The market went down quickly within hours, when I was called many times and made me pay more using all cards so the money traded isn’t lost. By next morning I’d deposited additional 12000 euros. But I lost 6000 euros already due to margin call. The next day they called me & encouraged me to deposit even more cash to trade in some event to recover the lost miney.I did not pay anymore as I had no funds. The next day the trend was even bad, so to rescue atleast 4500 euros I closed all the trades losing another 60000 euros. The agent talked & encouraged me to trade with that remaining cash to recover the lost cash. I reluctantly traded small units as I thought there was some hope to recover atleast some cash. The agent put me in touch with some recovery expert who made me sell gold (2 units) and buy GBP USD at midday when it’s at peak. The trend was opposite to what he’d made me to trade. Within Twenty four hours all the money disappeared. Please advise me how to claim the cash back from the UK. I really do not have money to pay even lawyer fee before the money is r covered (if at all possible).

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