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Is the Digital Course Secrets worth its price tag?

We may have the same question that needs an answer.

So, in this article, I will give more information as I can.

I am sure that this article will help us to determine if its tag price is worth it.

What is Digital Course Secrets?

Digital Course Secret is a course that consists of all the steps and methods in creating a digital course. It will also help you build your audience and followers that would likely beg to purchase the course. It is perfect for people who aim to create digital courses.

The course is consists of six chapters and the multiple bonuses will help you more. You can even get an excellent private mentor. So, you will see how much value this course has to you.

Just so you know, in the first place, Digital Course Secret costs $1997 for a lifetime access. It is also available in a monthly payment plan of $599 payable for five months. The creator of this course claims that there are no hidden fees or upsells.

Who is the creator of the Digital Course Secrets?

Kevin David is a person responsible for creating the Digital Course Secret. He is responsible for building hundreds to thousands of entrepreneurs who got inspired by his story. He started broke and worked 80 hours a week, being an accountant. It is his work before he looked into the world of eCommerce as well as dropshipping. From that on, he started to launch courses such as Amazon FBA, eCom, and the Digital Course Secret. He also operates a YouTube Channel where he shares some guides, tips, and tricks for free. He has thousands of YouTube subscribers and he helped plenty of business-minded people though the courses he created.

If you check it, you will see more than 185 000 people who like Kevin David on his Instagram and Facebook. It may be because he was able to help many people from slavery to success.

What are the contents of the Digital Course Secrets?

Digital Course Secret is composed of seven modules and three bonuses. Its creator, Kevin David, makes use of exceptionally high-quality videos and impressive audios. I notice the split screens that work best in understanding the lesson. So, let us try to go deeper in understanding each module and the bonuses included in the course.

Module 1. Choosing the Niche

In this module, you will get to watch the 13 videos about choosing the niche. These videos include getting the proper mindset before creating a course. The videos from this module also include information about choosing the brand and some examples of brands that are successful. You will also get a perfect name for the audience and niche. Along with the video lessons, 98 pages will guide you as you read along with module one.

Module 2. Building your tribe

From this module two, you will go on with 11 videos that will give details on how to create a movement to build your tribe. These videos also consist of videos on finding your customers and then communicating with them. It is worthy to note that creating a Facebook group is essential in connecting with the clients and in giving free value. It is also in this module where the videos will educate you about lead magnets, sources of site traffic, and many others.

Module 3. Validating the Course Idea

For this module, you will find out how to validate a course idea. You will figure out if a particular course is right or not. Although this module is shorter than the others, you will see that the videos in this module are quite long. Through these long videos, you will find out how to establish a concept. Most notably, you will be glad to know how to better yourself in the competition. I like this module because it helps me ensure that my course idea will work. Here I found out that if you don’t have a success story, the big result possible is for your course to die.

Module 4. Organization and Pricing in Building a Course

This fourth module consists of the ideas and information to remember in building a course. You will learn to sculpture your course from the flesh to bones out of the course skeleton that you made. Afterward, you will learn about branding and the entire process along the way. Besides, you will find out how to put prices on your cost based on the value that the students will get from it.

Module 5. Technology Evolution

In this module, you will learn how to use the tools available for you to succeed in creating your course. Here you will learn about the sales funnel. You will become a real master of creating your sales, order, and thank you page. You can use the Clickfunnels as a tool or take advantage of the PayKickstart and others.

Module 6. Mastery of Marketing

It is probably the most extended module from all because it consists of 15 sections. In these sections, you will learn about storytelling and launching your store. You will know how to make your course overview, master and perfect the Facebook ads, and other tools, including the marketing objectives. Besides, you will be able to create a perfect advertisement and able to see and screen who the target audience is. You will have access to the converting advertisements form Kevin himself, which you will find really inspiring.

Moreover, you will learn how to do split testing and perform like a professional. It is even enjoyable to know the retargeting techniques to expand your profit more.  Also, you can become interested in experimentation as well as leveraging from Facebook. If you put it all together, you can scale effectively. This module is very informative, and the training package from this in mastering marketing tools and tips are excellent.

Module 7. Case Studies on Digital Marketing

In this module, you will gain access to the case studies that Kevin and his students conducted. You will get to know the journey of the students in building their successful stores. Like how I get inspired, you will also be encouraged to note that Kevin’s students earn from $500 000 a month to $100 000 in a month for every course they launched. An example is Tanner, who makes $500 000 for his course monthly. You will get tips and things you should focus on based on the result of the case studies.

What are the Bonus Modules from Digital Course Secrets?

There are three bonus modules included in the Digital Course Secrets.

Module 1. Affiliate Recruitment. In this module, you will get a video that will teach you about finding an affiliate. I think it is an excellent video to watch if you want to grow your profit, the affiliates can help you.

Module 2. Facebook Messenger. From this module, you will learn to link chats and connect it through your page. I do think that this is an essential tool to have because the site visitor can utilize the chat if they have questions. It will not only engage your visitors but also give you an idea of the things that you have to improve.

Module 3. Webinar funnel. In this module, you will be getting a video in which you learn to create a webinar through the use of Clickfunnels.

The good news about the Digital Course Secrets is that you don’t only get a bonus module, you also get a people to support you through the private Group. In this private group, there are about seven to ten posts daily, which could be a great help to you.

Is there a purchase refund in Digital Course Secrets?

One good thing I like about Digital Course Secrets is its refund policy. Yes, you may refund the money you paid for the course if you are not satisfied with it. However, you should meet some considerations:

  • You should watch just 40% of the video. If you go over this percentage, you can’t request a refund.
  • File your request within 30 days from the date of purchase.

What are the Pros and Cons of Digital Course Secrets?

Based on my knowledge, research, and experience, I have identified the advantages and the disadvantages of the course.

For the pros:

  • You can pay at a one-time payment.
  • The course is for all types of marketers from the beginner to expert.
  • The step by step training videos is beneficial and easy to follow.
  • You will learn from a real person who experienced the real story. Everything is authentic and genuine.
  • You get the most advanced strategies in creating your digital course.
  • Building your name and your brand will not become difficult because of the proper training and guidance.
  • You can contact the owner on a different platform, whichever you want to use.
  • There are thousands of students in the course that may help you learn more.
  • You will get to minimize your expenses.
  • The training materials used are very updated.
  • The navigation is straightforward to follow.

For the cons:

  • The course is somewhat expensive, especially for beginner marketers.
  • Allocating a budget for advertising is a must.

Is Digital Course Secrets for you?

Let’s find out if this course is for you.

So that you know, Digital Course Secrets is for everybody interested in creating a digital course. Whether you are a newbie or an expert in creating a course online, Digital Course Secrets won’t harm you. It will give you an excellent understanding of creating a course.

I think Digital Course Secrets will help newbies a lot more to create a course from the first day to the launch of your course. But the intermediate and advanced marketers are very much welcome in this course too to put their business to the next level.

If you had tried business models before like affiliate marketing or eCommerce and failed dramatically, this course can be your answer. Why don’t you think about it and try after you make the right decision?

Is it worth to take the Digital Course Secrets course?

Yes, Digital Course Secret is worth your money, and I can attest to this. This course is a step by step guide that will help you how to invest in this course. You will learn to create your course, so if this is a hobby or a business that you picture out in mind to create, this is a great start. I promise that you won’t regret signing up.

I think against all the odds that you are experiencing about your purchase on this course, set yourself free by giving freedom. It may help you to discover your best potential to change your life. Maybe you have already invested plenty of money in college, but the amount that you will spend in this course is not even 1/3 of that. Whether you are currently having a financial rock or a great financial success, always remember that there is always room for improvement.

Do you have anything to lose? An amount of $1997 is not a lot to risk. Remember, it is about your life and your money. Decide now or never. Digital Course Secrets is here to help you bring out the best in you.

What is my closing thought on Digital Course Secrets?

The digital course industry is more than $1997. It is expensive and as much as you have to act now because here is a real profit. Millionaires around the world have discovered the loophole. So, they begin to create their digital course about areas that they are passionate about. Let me name some – you have Garry Vee, Tai Lopez, and Tonny Robbins. If you search more about them, you will find out that they make most of their income from selling their courses and not doing the things that they teach you in their course. Through digital courses, you can make millions, and you don’t even know at what level they will be and how much money you can earn from them. So, I guess the Digital Course Secrets is worth its price for you to check out now.

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