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Digital Surge Machine Overview

What Exactly Is Digital Surge Machine?

We all know most digital marketing agencies struggle with two main things. That’s generating a quality list of interested prospects & then fulfilling once they close deals.

Good News is that we have built a brand-new over the shoulder training & started a BRAND-NEW Agency from scratch and have been quietly generating leads & closing deals to help walk even the most green, tech challenged, newbie agency through the entire process using our “paint by numbers” system.

I have partnered with my long time friend, marketing wing man, and colleague Robert Stanley who also runs a full time digital marketing agency, to help break this process down mirroring his own success as a lead ad agency for two very targeted local niches.

With our combined experience this is going to be the Top Gun of trainings this fall for digital agencies!

We are revealing to your list our Digital Surge Machine to generate hot leads for their agency, the secret sauce to closing high quality deals fast, and the way to fulfill and send a surge of prospects to any client. They will learn our step-by-step, 100% transparent start-to-finish system, including recent proof and over the shoulder trainings, for your list to easily make 4 and 5-figure deals in just hours after going through the training.

Even if they have got no list, zero traffic, no previous experience… the digital surge machine will generate them leads.

This is like bringing a “gun to a knife fight” as the old fighter pilot saying goes. And once this is setup once it runs on auto-pilot requiring minimal supervision.

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