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Dropship Spy

Looking for an easier, fast and effective way of finding the best-selling products on the internet and selling them in huge profit margins?  You’ve come to right place!  Read on!

Thousands and thousands of products from all over the world are being sold on the internet every day.  In 2017, over 23% of entire online sales, just over $85 billion, were completed through dropshipping.  With an annual growth rate of 17%, that figure is very likely to go over $100 billion by the year 2019.

There are basically two main challenges with dropshipping.  First, how to find the top selling products and, second, how to market and sell them.  With the vast number of products online, it is literally impossible for you to manually begin to search online stores or the internet in a bid to find top selling ones.  Over the years a number of search tools have been developed to make the task of searching for top selling products easier, faster and more effective.  These tools vary in ease of use, effectiveness, features and price – among other things.  Today, I will be reviewing one of such tools in this article and that is Dropship Spy.

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About Dropship Spy

What is Dropship Spy and how can it help you achieve success in featuring top selling products on your online store?  What makes them different from other dropshipping tools?  Well, read on, and first out more.

Dropship Spy offers you a bouquet of six amazing products: Winning Products, Promising Products, Instagram Shoutouts, Research Your Own Influence, Download Product Reviews and Facebook Audiences.  After logging into Dropship Spy, you are presented with a user-friendly and effective dashboard, so simple that even the greenest of greenies can use them.  On the Dashboard, you find the following tools:

Winning Products:  Each day, two products are added to the already huge database of products.  But not just any two products, they are two of the best achieving products on Facebook.  With these two products as well as all the products offered, you receive title and description, video adverts, statistics about its sales, three top Suppliers choices and two Facebook adverts.

Instagram Shoutouts:  This enables you to locate the suitable and appropriate influencers for your niche or products.  In addition, you are provided with follower counts, engagement percentages (social media statistics) and price breakdowns.

Promising Products:  If there are products in your niche but not in their database of products, you can request for such products.  Promising Products are products that have been requested by members and you receive all information about them as with the Winning Products.

Facebook Audience:  Once you have selected the products you want to sell, the next thing is to find those who are most likely to be interested to them and buy them.  The Facebook Audience Builder Tool enables you find those audiences that best match your products and if you are not satisfied with those presented to you, you can request additional ones.

Download Product Reviews:  Reviews stir up or fuel buyers’ interests in your products.  Once you provide the url for a product, the reviews of the product would be downloaded and available in your store.  When interested buyers’ read the reviews of those who have already bought, have used or are using the product, they are more likely to make a purchase.  This tool allows you to integrate and extract data and information from these list of sites: WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, AliExpress, Oberlo, watchcount.com and Shopify.

Research Your Own Influencers:  Finding the right influencer is crucial to selling your product.  So this tool allows you to find your own influencers on Instagram.  You will have access to their engagement details so as to be well-informed in choosing the right ones.

This is How It Works!

The above tools is like having the ingredients for a superb recipe.  But the crucial question is: how do you use and combine them to produce that delicious, super dish?  Well, simpler than you think.

1st Choose Your Products:  The first thing you do is to choose the products that you are interested in from either Winning Products or Promising Products; or you can place a search request for a new product.  You can download titles and descriptions as well as upload reviews from Amazon or AliExpress.

2nd Instagram and Facebook Marketing:  Now that you have selected your products, it is time to search for the matching audiences for your niche or products using the audience builder tool.  This is done automatically for you saving you a lot of time and stress.  Once you have completed building your audience, the Instagram influencer tool helps you locate those influencers that are perfect for your chosen products.  With data and statistics on price breakdowns, followers and engagement rates, you are better informed in choosing those influencers that would take those products to a next and higher level.

3rd Add Ad Templates and Video Adverts:  You have two ad templates to choose from and can download a video for the ad.  Naturally, a video is provided and available for every product.  You can then publish your advert once completed, and

4th Suppliers: Wait for it!  … The orders are starting to roll in, and now it’s time to find those top-rated suppliers with low prices.  For each product in the database, you are already provided with the top three best-rated suppliers. So you have a good crop to choose from.

Absolute scam. Have tried to cancel my membership numerous times now and it’ll not let me. Tried to contact the company to fix the issue. Butthey don’t reply. The company has charged me numerous times now even though I’ve tried to cancel the service.

Scam Fraud… I register to see the feature it provides with charging $97 per month and there is nothing much info about products as they charge high amount of fee plus all the product is imported from aliexpress and also the store on aliexpress of many products is also not official store which will get into legal problems if they’re not the owner of content creator. Also, I ask the company to refund my money and also they decline it and also I offer them to deduct $10 or $20 for just using their app for like less Five minutes and refund my remaining money and they rejected it and never replying to my message either. I strongly suggested it doesn’t purchase this item to search product and there’s much other software available online which people can use at a really low price.


Impressed and Can’t Wait to Sign On?

Yes, I know that feeling.  Dropship Spy offers a free subscription as well as three paying packages.  The free subscription is very limited and features available vary in between the paying packages.  The table below allows you to compare and contrast these packages and their features.

As can be seen from the above table, if you desire all the features of Dropship Spy, you will have to subscribe for the PRO version at $35 per month.  While Dropship Spy may be slightly costlier than other dropshipping tools, trust me, for the features that you get and their effectiveness, it is worth the money invested.  And I would have you know that before you can say “Yankie Doodle,” you will make that investment back many times over.

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