Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Scam Or Legit?

Trading bot scammers are now widespread.

Admit it; many people are still getting fooled in spite of all the reviews warning them online.

Dubai Lifestyle App is one of the trading bots in the market.

While reading this article, you will be able to find out if you can trust this app or not.

So get ready and keep reading.

What is Dubai Lifestyle?

Dubai Lifestyle is one of the running scams when it comes to trading systems online. This software started in July 2016. It is a trading bot where you cannot see any setting. You cannot turn the robot on or off. It will trade on autopilot, which is very dangerous because it seems like there is no getting out until you get broke. You are not in control, and only the scam broker is. Dubai Lifestyle has been in the market for more than three years now, but the sad thing is that it can still fool people. Many people, especially the beginners, are again falling on this trick.

I find it easy to spot a hook, and this is precisely one. This app will get you to sign up for an offshore option for binary broker. It is very much a visible red flag. Its slogan or tagline is actually speaking in urgency. It urges you to be one of the beta testers to get profit. But, the fact is that this is looking for victims. Beta testers that will deposit an amount to their account at Dubai Lifestyle out of foolishness. When trying to get away from the site, you received a notification telling you how you would miss a $7 183. 80 in a day.  Such a scam!

Why is it that Dubai Lifestyle is a scam?

There are hundreds of complaints against the Dubai Lifestyle. They all say the same thing: that this is a fraudulent scheme. Let us talk about its founder first. The image of Scott Hathaway is fake; this is not him. Based on our investigation, the picture is a stolen image. If you are legit, you don’t have to hide your face. You will never be afraid to expose yourself. First, I do not trust a liar. So for me, the Dubai Lifestyle App is worthy of your blacklist. About the testimonials in the video at its website, they all say good things about this app, but it turned out that everything is fake. They were actors hired from It is the website where you can get freelance jobs for a meager price. These people were paid for about $10 to $50 in making a short video as testimonials.

When you landed on the site of Dubai Lifestyle, you will be offered to be one of the 1st 100 beta testers to try on the product. But, think about it: Dubai Lifestyle started several years ago, are they not getting 100 beta testers yet? So the spot is not yet filled out. How can that be possible? Something could be wrong. But do not get me wrong, this is only their strategy to urge you to act quickly to join and invest money.

I just exposed the identity of these people who are pretending to be one of the beta testers. They say all the great things they can ever say about Dubai Lifestyle. But the question is, do you believe them? If you do, I cannot blame you for that because they are really great actors and actresses that will make you fool. I am just glad that I was not able to be deceived.

From the complaints against Dubai Lifestyle, in this bogus app, it only takes about two weeks to wipe out your account. It is highly guaranteed that your account will be lost. For a legit trading app, you can profit, but with this trading app, I don’t think you will.

What do you think about Dubai Lifestyle App?

If I were you, I have to think twice or more before investing in this trading bot because it can be the biggest financial mistake that you are going to commit. By just looking at the website of the Dubai Lifestyle App, I already suspected that it can be a trap. Let me make myself clearer.

First, Dubai Lifestyle Application is one of the trading systems for binary options that run on autopilot. Second, the CEO named Scott Hathaway claims that as an investor, you can earn at least $7,000 in a day. It boasts that the Dubai Lifestyle App has a high accuracy level for trading, which makes traders successful. See, by just looking at the amount that you can possibly earn in a day, there is something wrong already. Where can you earn this amount in a day? The founder claims that Dubai Lifestyle will give you this profit. I am smarter than he thinks. I don’t believe that this bot can make it.

Because of this information from its site, I can’t help it but wonder that this bot is scamming people, especially beginner traders. I always want to warn people about fake claims. It is, in fact, the reason why I continue to make a review of every bot in the market. Scott Hathaway is scamming people by telling his fairytales. It is so good to be true because it makes innocent people a pity victim. Come ‘on, as a trader, you have to be vigilant. If you start to think that something is impossible, chances are it is a scam.

Think about it after searching this site online. You will see that you get access to the software at no cost. But in the end, you have to make a deposit to be able to trade. The minimum payment is $250, which is not cheap at all.

What is my Final Word?

After conducting a thorough examination of the validity of the Dubai Lifestyle, it is stressing to note that there is not even a single proof that it is legit. No evidence speaks on behalf of this trading software to claim that it is a respectable trading app. Testimonials are fake, and there is no proof that a person can really earn thousands of dollars in a day. Therefore, Dubai Lifestyle App is entirely bogus. It is a scam and never transparent. There is no gain in signing up in this software.


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