EarnHoney Review – Earn Free Gift Cards

EarnHoney Review: How I Get Rewarded

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As the site says, “do good things and get rewarded!”

It’s attractive, right?

The question is whether it is worth your time or not.

You landed on this review because you are curious about EarnHoney, so if this is the case you are in the right place.

Let me give you some things to consider.

What is EarnHoney all about?

In a simple word, EarnHoney is a website that pays anyone who is a member of the platform to do various activities online.

Let’s just say that EarnHoney is a super fun place to earn online rewards by doing things that are not new to you such as taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and shopping for deals. However, with EarnHoney, you can do more about it.

This site was founded in September 2014, and it has a good reputation until now. For the fact, this has been around for you if you want a “get paid to site” and earn rewards every day.

As to the performance of the site, EarnHoney has been featured as one of the top two websites you can earn money during your spare time as seen on MSN, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post.

Is EarnHoney Legit or Scam?

EarnHoney is legit and not a scam.

Although there are some complaints about the technicalities and slow payments, EarnHoney is legitimate that’s why nothing to worry about being scammed.

In fact, one of the co-founders of EarnHoney answers complaints directly and quickly. He also gives HoneyDollar$ if the complainants can post a screenshot and converse with their technical support staff.

Based on what has been said, the owners of EarnHoney care and take actions.

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What are the Features of EarnHoney?

Through EarnHoney, you can get the following features:

  • Play games you like and earn rewards.
  • Take surveys then earn rewards
  • Get the first-day gift card
  • With over 50% payout
  • The time to deliver redemptions is as early as two business days
  • Give opportunity to join as a brand ambassador
  • Lowers survey DQ rate

How to Earn Honey Dollar?

Earning HoneyDollars$ with EarnHoney is simple and easy.

  • Watch video

Watching video is my favorite feature of EarnHoney. You can just directly watch and let the video run while you do other things. No question, it means generating a passive income. Many members claim that they make several dollars within a day just doing this method.

  • Play Games

Another commonly used feature of EarnHoney is playing games. However, it’s odd that only one game is available. This game is called as 2048 which is played by connecting a similar number of tiles to form a number which is 2048. While doing it, ads will be played next to the game board. For every 10 minutes that ads are running, you will earn 3 HD$. Some users complain that they played the game for 20 minutes yet they did not receive anything.

  • Complete Offers

Perhaps the fastest way to earn lots of HD$ quickly is completing offers which I do not recommend because most of these offers make you enter your personal information like email or phone number. So you have to read the Terms and Conditions of all these offers or else, you will receive hundreds of spam emails and calls.

Another thing, many offers require you to sign up for a free trial and give them your credit card information. Be careful because if you forget to cancel the subscription, you will be billed, and end up losing a lot of money.

It is better if you will stay away from this feature – completing offers. However, if you are smart enough to choose which offers to complete, you are safe.

  • Take Survey

There are a lot of surveys to take right away in EarnHoney, and they pay 5 HD$. These types of surveys ask for your personal details to find a lucrative survey that matches your demographic characteristics.

I tried the survey that is supposed to take 10 minutes with a payout of 99 HD$ when completed. However, I was kicked out after the first question. As a consolation prize, EarnHoney gave me a reward of 1 HD$.

  • Refer EarnHoney to Others

Another way of earning money with EarnHoney is by referring it to a friend. You can post your referral link on your social media, website, and other platforms. When someone joins EarnHoney through your referral link, you will earn a 10% of what your referral makes.

I think this is an ideal way to make HD$ because you don’t have to do a lot of work except in the beginning.

How much Can I Earn in EarnHoney?

The HoneyDollars$ that you are going to earn varies by your activity. Of course, the more difficult the activity, the more money you can make.

Let’s say that a one-minute video can make you earn 0.2 HDs while ten minutes of playing a game can make you gain 3 HDs. So the polls vary depending on the amount of time required to spend and the complexity.

Members of EarnHoney have earned over 230 million optin coins by doing good things. Then get free gift cards for shopping, games, and surveys.

What are some complaints about EarnHoney?

As I have said, some members complain due to technical issues, slow payouts, and others.

  • Sometimes video ads do not work, crash the browser, or are never available.
  • Redemptions are rejected, or if not it is late, so some members are not able to use their cash or gift cards.
  • Does not work on a Puffin browser
  • Technical issues are blatant such as not loading page, blue screen, need to clear history, files, and cache. Some problems arise too such as needing to do a DNS flush in the command prompt.
  • Longtime response from the questions asked to the customer support.
  • Some users complained that their account was not credited although they have watched the videos. However, this issue seems to be an issue that is specific to particular advertisers and not with EarnHoney.

How EarnHoney Pays?

There are options in paying your HD$.

First, you can cash it out for an Amazon gift card.

Second is to cash out using your PayPal account.

The minimum amount for the Amazon gift card is $ 2 or 200 HD$ while $5 or 500 HD$ is the minimum amount for PayPal.

My Final Thought

EarnHoney is 100% free and running videos can be a high passive income especially if it is already your hobby. Aside from that, as low as $2, you can have cash out.

Although there are some complaints on EarnHoney, I think it is a decent way to earn some pocket money online. It is legit and nothing to worry about. Just do good things and get rewarded!

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