Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review

What’s Easy Sketch Pro 3.0?

Today the new version 3.0 of Easy Sketch Pro has been released. Making it the best selling “Doodle Style” (Hand Drawing / Sketch) Video Creation Software in the marketplace.

In version 3.0 the founders made some big improvements and added extra features:

  • Much easier and quicker to create your engaging videos. You can now just drag and drop your object (text, images, video) on a slide and they’ll be drawn (or play) at the exact place and order you want them. Is your slide ready? Simply add a new slide and start making your next sequence. Now, you do not have to right click and set all different kind of animations and other configurations. A huge time saver compared to the prior edition!
  • Huge amount of extra copyright free vector graphics, hand styles and audio tracks.
  • Make My Video Interactive. As extra feature you now get access to some other SaaS platform MakeMyVideoInteractive.com. See details below.

Watch these 3 videos, created by the vendor Paul Lynch and the developer Lee Pennington as pre-launch videos, to see what the new features are:

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Here Is What You Need To Know About Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Motion picture combined with sound delivers a direct effect on visitors that text cannot compete with and you may have already been aware of this, BUT.
Are you aware of the fact that consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners?

Two years ago in america, static image advertisements were more valuable than video advertisements, but now ad buyers are investing in video ad formats more than anything else.

In fact, the year of 2014 marks the first time in history that ad buyers spent more money on video than text-based display advertisements!

Now. 2013 and 2014 also marked the emergence of whiteboard animation videos.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that whiteboard videos emerged at the exact same time video advertisements officially became the most popular form of advertising on the internet?

The proof is all around you! It is likely that you have noticed the rapidly increasing rate where Internet Marketers are using whiteboard animations to advertise their offers.



Whiteboard videos are giving Internet Marketers the most conversions on their own offers and sales pages!

There are many profitable chances with Easy Sketch Pro 2. o. Here are a couple to consider…

You can use the software to make and publish highly engaging cartoons promoting affiliate offers or your own products.

If you’ve got offline clients, you can use this software to create a stunning high quality advertisement for their business.

Your competitors wouldn’t have the ability to offer nearly as much as you could with Easy Sketch Pro 2. o!

My Easy Sketch Pro Experience

I have a wonderful experience for Easy Sketch Pro it can also be known as sketch book Pro it is well known software through which we can express drawings and conceptual sketching it was mainly developed by the Alias System Corporation but then they give its ownership to Autodesk. In sketch Pro we can create 3D models of building, furniture’s and landscapes we can customize our work in simple sketches. We can also create animated sketch from sketch Pro.

CAD files can be easily imported through this software. As this software is simple to use and contain combination of features most of people likely to create their multimedia pages through sketch Pro. We can make designs easily as it behaves like an extension to our hands we can adjust life like designs and create ideas and the form their sketches so most people will get to know about it. Through sketch Pro we can see our sketch image which lie only in our minds in array of design it is 100 % based on vector.

Pixel snapping and different text styles are available on sketch Pro. We can also share our work with others and by this the progress of our business can be doubled and we can earn as much money. The sketch Pro provide contents very useful so now more people now showing their interest towards it. We demanded that software’s a lot.

The features of Easy Sketch Pro are super so that now its value in the market is increasing tremendously and it can be said that this software is progressing very fast and ability to replace other software like that and in upcoming years its market value will be more high and high.it features are attracting people so that the profit earned by the users increased up to 10-90% from the previous past years and its demand increases the profit rate. So I have an amazing experience with it.

Why You Should Use This Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 ?

Within Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 you can easy customize your hotspot links with a few easy clicks.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 gets you to the next levels with social page hotspot link creations, from picking colors you like, specific icons to you social pages, you can control the time frame using a flew click and it’ll be displayed as you want.

Like I said, Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 can add other videos link within your sketch video that interact with viewers resulting in double, or perhaps triple engagement by shifting things around that get viewers more entertained, so that they will stay longer in your videos.

Call-to-Action hotspot link that Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 enables you to create can get your new leads interact with you by calling right on the video. New leads socialize that will get new sales, which all video marketers are searching for.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 background audio, huge amount of background pictures, widget functions that enable you to adjust if you need your specific hotspot links to display, time frame transition integrated which allow you when your video will be visible.

Text font with difference sizes and colours right in Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 with drag and drop interface.

Easy Sketch Pro – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the main difference between Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 And other Video Creators

While there’re many video products & services available, very few rival Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 for its ease of use & “drag  & drop” ability to create Sketch Videos.

Sketch videos are PROVEN to convert 2-3 times higher in most cases & with the new interactive features the numbers are going to boost off the charts.

Q2. What format does Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Export to?

It exports to .Mp4 format

Q3. Is there a recurring fee to use the software or is it one-off?

Currently, Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a one-off during this special promotional period

Q4. How many computers can you install Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 on?

When you buy Easy Sketch Pro you get your own unique license code. You can use this license code with your purchase on any number of computers.