5 Easy Ways to Make Your Email Program More Data-Driven

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Email Program More Data-Driven ¾

There is been a lot of talk about email marketing data recently, sometimes so much that it feels a bit overwhelming. If you do not have the luxury of a large marketing team and data scientists readily available, there is good news! You do not need to be a #datageek to run a data driven email marketing program. Here are five steps you can take today to make your email marketing program more data-driven & more effective starting tomorrow.

·Equip your copywriter with data, even if it is just subject line open rate data

Your copywriter does not need to monitor your analytics to learn daily from your own email file, specifically what is working and what is not. Have your copywriter keep a running tab of your top subject lines depended on open rate. When you give your copywriter the chance to combine creativity with hard data driven email, you are streamlining the process of testing and optimizing what you know is ReplyTap .

·Measure your effectiveness with the right metric: CTOR (Click-to-Open Rate)

Your Click-to-Open Rate is a much stronger data point than Open Rate / Click Rate. Why? It informs you about how users are engaging with your email once you open it. Calculate your Click-to-Open Rate by dividing your emails campaign’s number of clicks by the number of opens, and multiplying that value by one – hundred. This metric should be the primary metric you use when testing & optimizing the body content of your email. Compare your Click-to-Open Rate to industry standard:

·Use personalization tags to provide a more relevant and intimate experience for your users

The data that your users have opted to share with you is one of the most powerful tools when communicating with them. Some of your most important information (bank statements, medical information, delivery notifications,) is delivered alongside spam messages in the inbox. You owe it to your users to give them a personalized experience. You want to support them with the content they need & no more than that.

If you are able to collect location data on your users, insert personalization tags into the email body content. This ensures they receive only relevant & helpful information. Send them an email on their signup anniversary to point out & enhance your users’ loyalty to your brand.

· Monitor your Burn Rate daily to keep tabs on your list health

It is easy to pay attention to the active metrics, Click-to-Open Rate, Open Rate, Conversion Rate, etc. But do not forget about your inactive, like Burn Rate. To calculate your Burn Rate, add your raw unsubscribes & spam complaints, divide that number by your raw number of recipients.

List health can be time-consuming (expensive) to monitor if you are calculating engagement rates, lifetime email value, and inbox deliverability. Your IP address could be quickly blacklisted with one or two bad sends. That is why it’s important to keep Burn Rate in mind when reporting to ensure your list is growing and never shrinking.

· A/B Test everything

Your email list is unique & constantly changing. That means you never know what is truly going to work & what won’t. You owe it to your users to find out what they like & what they will respond to — and send them exactly that.

The opportunities to A/B test are endless. From subject line to images / the color of the buttons in your email body content, you could gain higher engagement—and therefore ROI—if you pay attention to the subtle / unseen factors to test. Testing & optimizing your send rate could boost your open rate far more than subject line test could.

Also, do not forget about A/B testing your landing pages. That is where your most dedicated and engaged users land. That’s why it is your duty as an email marketer to make sure you close the deal & ensure your users are taking an action on your landing page.

As a reminder, your email marketing program is unique, and so are the users on your list. Pay attention to your users and how they are reacting to your emails. Data drives all of this, and by embracing data driven email you would see a bump in the engagement, ROI, and list health.