EverWebinar Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Does EverWebinar Help You Create Automated, Recurring Income Streams… Setup With Just a Few Clicks?

Hey guys, my name’s Kenvin & welcome to my EverWebinar review…

Look, webinar can be a pain-in-the-butt. They can be kinda difficult to put together if you do not have experience, and in live presentations you need to have confidence to deliver a quality presentation.

The other drawback with Webinars is that it’s usually a 1-time event in which you make sales. Replays can be offered but they do not have the same impact as a hyped up live event.

So, to solve some of these problems, Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime created Ever Webinar, which claims to be a ‘complete’ solution for not only automating webinars, but automating your entire business!

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Obviously, webinars are only 1 part of on-line business, but a very important part if used correctly. So, Ever Webinar lets you use pre-recorded videos, letting you practice & edit your presentation without the fear of a live crowd…and it lets you ‘simulate’ live webinars using these pre-recorded videos over & over again.

Alright, so lets jump right into the app, how it works, and if it delivers on its promise of creating ‘evergreen automated’ webinars that drive recurring profits…

When you first login to your EverWebinar dashboard, you will notice that it is a clean & intuitive interface, very simple to follow. There iss plenty of help available to get you started with your first webinar as quickly as possible.

There’s actually a step-by-step, as shown above, that guides you through all the steps for setting up your everwebinar, in order. It makes it nearly foolproof to mess up, and you will never get confused in the creation process. As you see in the screenshot above, there are about ten steps to complete which only take a few minutes each.

Ok so the first step is to select your signup Landing Page template where you visitors will register for the webinar. They give you plenty of high-converting templates to select from, with new ones being added on a regular basis. You will even see the conversion rates on each of these pages. Simply select a design & quickly modify the text & images to make it your own!

After you select a Registration Landing Page template, the next step is schedule your webinar. Here, you can select the days & times, and even have the webinar run multiple times a day! Scheduling has many more features, but what you basically need to know is that you’ve complete flexibility on when you want your webinars to play.

Here is one of my favorite features of Ever Webinar, the ‘Just in Time’ schedule. When a fresh visitor lands on your registration page, you can automatically show them that the next available webinar will start in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or whatever time interval you specify! This has the obvious potential of increasing your webinar attendance rates, because the visitor is much more inclined to watch a webinar if it is starting soon.

Alright, after someone registers to a webinar, they need to see followup emails & notifications reminding them to attend. You can also use these e-mails to presell your offer & introduce the subscriber to your brand. Here, you can have welcome messages that go out as soon as a person registers, and other e-mails that go out before the webinar & even as ‘last minute’ reminders. Finally, people who registered can also receive post-webinar emails automatically…which is a great way to introduce & sell your offer.

Email notifications are great, but what if you can send people text messages on their phone, reminding them to attend your webinar? Yes, text messages have a near 100 percent open rate, which is much higher than e-mail. This can dramatically boost your number of webinar attendees.

What makes Ever Webinar one of the most advanced solutions on the market is the fact that you can send ‘action based’ e-mails to your subscribers. For example, an e-mail to somebody who attended and a different e-mail to somebody who did not attend. You can even send a custom email to those who attended, but left before a certain time in your webinar! This gives you ultimate customization capability to reach out to your audience in a highly targeted way!

Now when it comes to your webinar presentation, you’ve the option of using a previously recorded webinar or any other pre-recorded video. This gives you the chances to record your presentation privately, practicing it & editing it without the fear of a live crowd. Ever Webinar will work with any .mp4 video.

Engagement is the most crucial part of a webinar, and this is where the app really shines. You can enable live chat or even use ‘simulated chat’ in which you have pre-programmed responses that automatically load in the chatbox! Yes, you can essentially create your own chat conversations with simulated attendees.

In addition to that, it is also possible to create Polls & even prefill the poll results if you wish, further showing social proof & engaging your audience at a high level.

A webinar is useless unless it gets your viewers to take action. EverWebinar lets you craft great looking call-to-actions, at the precise time you want it to appear. Whether you want your viewers to buy a product, signup for a service or take any other action, this feature is critical to getting high conversions.

You can also automatically redirect all viewers to an external web-site after the webinar concludes, whether it is an affiliate offer or your own salespage. Any type of external web-site will work.

Data is the key to optimizing & improving results, and EverWebinar has no shortage of analytics & data for you to exploit! From registrant statistics to watch counts and even sales data, you will have the exact stats you need to continuously improve your presentations for higher conversions.

Ok, so now that you have seen what Ever Webinar can do, the real question is, what’s the BIGGEST benefit of investing in it?

The BIGGEST benefit of Ever Webinar, by far, is that it allows you to leverage your one-time work into an automated, recurring stream of income that pays you many times over.

“Automated webinars blend the best of both worlds: high-converting event-driven marketing plus hands-free automation.”

Donna Fox, On-line Marketing Expert

For me, it is the seamless integration with Webinar Jam that makes Ever Webinar the perfect solution for all my training & marketing needs. 08:00am: Wake up. 10:00am: Broadcast 90 minute training on Webinar Jam. 11:30am: Quickly Import Session into Ever Webinar. 11:35am: Enjoy a fully automated evergreen webinar!

Steve Vøid

Professionally Produced Webinars that Work for Me Time After Time. Ever Webinar is a great solution to providing my company’s information professionally & seamlessly to existing & potential customers anywhere in the world. While it’s simple to use, it’s robust & enables me to produce & distribute professional webinars without having to agonize over what can and often does go wrong in live webinars; sound fades, internet speed glitches that often impact live presentations, etc.


INCREDIBLE VALUE! Ever Webinar provides incredible value, is simple to use & automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It is the best webinar tool on the market.


Drawbacks of EverWebinar

(What I Don’t Like)

It is a great tool, but keep in mind that it will not automatically create your webinar presentation for you. You still have to come up with decent content and an effective presentation for your viewers.

Also, there may be some questions on how ethical it’s to create a ‘simulated’ live event. This is an app that can be used in several ways, so make sure to do your due diligence & use it in a responsible way.

Lastly, keep in mind that your webinars will not get attendees unless you have real traffic coming to your registration pages. Ever Webinar is not a tool for generating automated traffic. You still need to go out there & promote your Webinar registration pages to a targeted audience.

Ok, so to help solve some of these issues & add value, I have created an exclusive, premium bonus for Ever Webinar called the ‘EverWebinar Fast Profit Academy’.

Inside this Academy, I give you the exact tips, training, software tools & even ‘done-for-you’ services to help you get targeted traffic from multiple sources, and scale your business to a higher level.

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