Facebook Graph Search: Useful Tool

Facebook’s social network’s third pillar sounds impressive and significant.

This feature is still new and has been around for several months.

Yet, only a few people have tried this tool up to now, and most of them are users from the US.

So, in this post, I will discuss more information about this graph.

 What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search is an innovative way of finding the people, places, interests, and photos that have relevance to you. It includes exploring the world through your FB friends’ pictures and discovering some experiences that you may enjoy. If you check on it, the results are personalized and unique from each other. They are based on your interests, including your friends. However, make sure that your settings are set rightly. You need to check if tagging and location are enabled. To control the process, an Activity Log is a crucial part.

So, if you are interested in the Facebook Graph Search, you may also watch Mark Zuckerberg’s video about a great introduction to this feature.

How does the Facebook Graph Search work?

Compared to the old FB search that relies heavily on a keyword, I prefer the new Facebook Graph Search because it is heavily dependent on the web of data. It also explains how FB works and the relevance to your search.

I like the Facebook Graph Search because it makes use of natural language processing in searching online intuitively to deliver an appropriate result.

How can the business companies use Facebook Graph Search?

According to Mashable’s Todd, the FB Graph Search has a high potential for small businesses. Although there is limited guidance on how to maximize the tool, it can still become an opportunity so that small brands that have engaged fans can become even more prominent.

The FB Graph Search will help improve the long-tail search and geographical search positioning. The brands that will be able to engage more fans will triumph.

Companies or small businesses must know how to complete and evaluate the Facebook pages to make sure that the page is up to date. Likes become more significant now, just like relevant content. With this, it is pretty sure that marketers can now identify the leads and interests of the users and target the actions better.

What’s in it for B2B because of Facebook Graph Search?

The Facebook Graph Search may help the B2B companies to find a target lead that may benefit the company. The capacity of the individual based on the location, who their friends are, and what they like seems very crucial in generating leads.

From the article of The New York times, an analyst named Brian Blau said that the Graph Search gives marketers a precise signal about the interests of the web users. Therefore, it will be easier to make an advertisement that will match what the people are looking for. In short, the advertisers will be able to target whatever you are interested in. It will become a meaningful search rather than just a keyword search.

Why should a user take caution on Facebook Graph Search?

Like what I have mentioned, businesses can now use the Graph Search in generating leads and targeting the users’ behavior. The new Facebook tool raises an issue on privacy because this tool removes the control on the stuff that users share. For this reason, the users can be exposed more because the Graph Search will have control of the material that they share through friends who have a more public setting. Regarding this matter, people from Facebook say that on this matter, the user should ask the friends to limit the person that can see the information. However, I don’t think that it is a practical strategy. I believe that FB should enable an option where the users can choose to disable the Graph Search or opt to use it but may choose the search results that will show up.

How to use Facebook Graph Search as a PR device?

Patrick Coffee gives an outline of how you can use Graph Search as a database for media contact. A user can make use of the Graph Search to find out who the editor is in a particular niche and partner to offer the products to the readers.

For the PR professionals, Graph Search potential goes further in using it for market research. It is even helpful to make you connect to the right people.

Also, marketers of different levels can find an opportunity for branding, the accuracy of data, and others. Most people in marketing see that a brand can benefit from the Facebook Graph Search.

What are the Strengths of the Facebook Graph Search?

Graph Search is a great idea. The Facebook company collected trillions of information or data from the users in the past nine years. While searching, FB can refine your search. So, activate first the feature from the search bar. Once done, you may now search for people, things, and places. You just have to start typing. Graph Search uses a natural language that may give you a better result. You will also learn the phrases that help get results.

I like the Graph Search because you can utilize both time and productivity. Let us say for a photo of your friends in San Francisco, if you search on it, it will give hundreds of pictures from the past years, even those who have already been removed. In short, even those who were removed from the timeline are still viewable by the tool.

How to Get Better Results through Facebook Graph Search?

From the Graph Search promotional video, this tool is an excellent means to find dentists whenever you move to a new town. I doubt that a lot of people will check on the dentist’s office and even liking it. It would be better if there is a Yelp – a review of whether a person wants it so that your Facebook friends can make a recommendation. Also, if you are finding a new restaurant, you can give tips about the menu and the food that may show up if you search for food that my friends recommend in San Francisco.

Using this tool can make you find new people by just searching by town and relationship. I like that Facebook pushes the Graph Search to meet new people because you can search the people in your city in a specific range of age and interest. However, a lot of us use FB to connect with the people that we know.

Facebook indicated that the Graph Search tool may change over time. If results improve, the FB Search can become a useful engine. The FB Graph Search is not yet available for your mobile phones because it does not fit the thrust in the Smartphone. I think that this is something the Facebook company should work on because every feature should be available for mobile.

Through the use of Facebook Graph Search, you will be visible locally because of the inquiries are location-based. So, if you search for something such as financial advisory, Graph Search may take it off.

How to maximize the use of the Facebook Graph Search?

For you to maximize the use of Graph Search, you must update your FB pages continuously. It should have a lot of engagements, posts, likes, check-ins, and recommendations. Through this, you will come up in the search results.  Take note that it is all about engagements and conversations. Likes can also be helpful even though before the Graph Search, it is not a necessary thing. But in FB Graph Search, it is very much needed to show up on the results.

It is necessary to optimize your content to gain a high rank with the Graph Search. You need to focus on growing the Facebook a page through the engagement levels. Also, you need to make sure that the content has relevance to the keyword. You may post any meaningful content and respond to a conversation. Do not forget to include images or videos if possible because a particular post gets more engagements if it has these. Upload contents that are usable, useful, engaging, and desirable.

What are the hurdles in the success of Facebook Graph Search?

There are three obstacles for the Graph Search to become successful for the users and the investors. First is that people prefer to become an influencer of friends than the other way around. Second is the privacy issue, and the third is that some people tried the search but failed. I think if the Facebook group can be addressing these issues, the Graph Search can become a prime changer for social connection.

Does Facebook Graph Search still work?

Since June 07, 2019, Facebook shut down the Graph Search option. The people working on Facebook were able to find a solution, but it did not last long. Since the first day of August, there was a steady solution.

The improved Graph Search seems more comprehensive in the beginning, but it easy to use. It includes the Base64 and JSON. Facebook uses the Base64 for the URLs that you are trying to decode.  These languages are very technical, and everybody is not familiar with it. So, don’t have to know this stuff anyway for us to understand Graph Search. When it comes to the way you can frame your questions from the Graph Search, you can have many websites to help you with it.

What is my final thought on Facebook Graph Search?

Web Search and Graph Search are very different. Unlike using a word in web search; for Search Graph, you have to use a phrase to see results for people, photos, places, and interests. However, Facebook Graph Search is still a useful tool to learn about people, connect with others, and explore photos. The results are unique based on the relationship and connection.

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