Forex Monarch Review – Scam Or Legit?

Forex trade is one of the most addictive and sought-after businesses around the globe. It is run on a decentralized, global-scale market, which is also the largest & most liquid market. More than $5 trillion is traded on this market each day!  Forex trading allows in a vast range of investors from those with just a few bucks to larger entities like banks. The trade completes so fast and can make you rich in a few days or hours. A bitter fact, however, is that the business doesn’t feel like it looks. It needs a lot of resources (time, analysis, mathematical skills, blah blah blah) that catalyzes its success. But does everyone have these? The answer is NO!

That’s why Forex trading assistants are made to free traders from some or most of the tasks involved. Today, I’ll review one of them ~ The Forex Monarch. Let’s get down to it, pals.

Forex Monarch? What Is It?

Forex Monarch is an MT4 indicator that tells a Forex trader the best time when to buy or sell. You (the trader) don’t have to do any researches, read any charts, or do any other task related to finding the best buy-sell moments. The engine, using a wide range of parameters, calculates and gives results of the best buy (blue) and sell (yellow) signals on its own. At the same time, the software is made easy to use. So, even complete amateurs can use it to make large sums of money.

Who Is Karl Dittmann?

He’s the conceiver of the whole idea behind Forex Monarch. On Monarch’s official website, Karl tells his story at the time when he was still an amateur in Forex trading. He narrates that his observation was that more than 80% of the many software which claims to help you with Forex trade is made by illusionists who have no in-depth knowledge of the business’s trends.

After being a victim of fraud by fake Forex “experts,” he decided to find his way of making the trade without such fraudsters’ involvement. So, he resorted to seeking advice from Forex institutional traders, who showed him a whole new and unique way of going about the trade. From there, Karl’s been trading for years, which has made him gain both knowledge and experience.

Forex Monarch Features

The following are the most remarkable features of Forex Monarch.

  • Smart entry feature ~ predicts when a trend is almost beginning.
  • Smart exit feature ~ tells that a trend is about to end.
  • The system supports all the popular pairs of currencies.
  • Has a robust algorithm that explores a wide range of parameters before it calculates the expected move for the investor.
  • The tool can detect newer trends, thanks to the expert brain behind it.
  • Its user interface is straightforward to navigate.
  • It gives room for multiple trading styles.

How Does It Function?

If you have to go the traditional way to trade, you will have to analyze the market trends, the currency pair demands, alongside doing a lot of calculations. The process, however, also needs expertise and experience in the field, which is a hard thing to earn anyway. So this is where the software comes in to help.

Forex Monarch has a bunch of self-updating, complex algorithms that make calculations based on your trading timeframe, history, and a lot more parameters. Your work will only be waiting for the signals and executing the trade for profits. The indicator’s signals are highly reliable. You will get a sound alert coupled with a pop-up, an email, or a push notification to notify you of signals of trade.

User Modes.

These modes are created to fit specific types of users. We don’t do everything and think like one another, so we have to be categorized differently. Here are three different modes, which also represent different risk profiles.’

a). Conservative mode.

Setting the indicator to trade in this mode is left for those who don’t love taking much risk. Such people are likely newbies. In fact, this is the best model to start from. The signal frequencies are standard in this case, while the risk is kept at its lowest occurrence possibility.

b). Aggressive mode.

This is left for those who I can call “risk loving.” It has a higher frequency of signaling the buy and sell moments. A Monarch’s user in this mode has to be one that’s ready to make some few losses along the way, with more profits in the long run. It is, however, the riskiest among the three.

c). Medium mode.

Between the Aggressive and Conservative modes is the medium mode. When set to trade in this mode, Forex Monarch will send you trade signals fast, but with a moderate rate of risk.


What should you expect to enjoy as a Forex Monarch client? The following are the advantages of this indicator. Read between the lines to know all the good things that come along with the program below.

  • The indicator can be run on any Windows PC and most phones
  • It is effortless to use.
  • The risk involved is minimal.
  • You can customize the user settings to your risk profile.
  • Its experts are continually working on improving the platform every time.
  • It comes with a highly comprehensive user manual.
  • Forex Monarch can be used for a while day long.


Here are some of the shortcomings that you may bump into while trading with this assistant.

  • Sometimes it loads slowly, and this takes up much of our time as the users.


Forex Monarch is offered at a one-time fee of $147. I consider this too little compared to the value you get from the indicator. You can always regain this amount in a single day or more, depending on the user mode you’ve set and your trading amount. Coupled with the 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a win-win for you.

Is It A Scam?

You’re right to think that way because most of such programs have turned out to defraud innocent customers. However, I’m assuring you that Forex Monarch will never disappoint you at any time as it has never done that to anyone. Be sure that you make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee so that you test the waters in time. Also, read all other customers’ reviews to identify any dissatisfactions that may come along with it to get prepared in time. This review is also of help. It’s a fortune that you met it.

What Are Customers Saying?

This program owner’s website ( has got enough evidence from customers that Forex Monarch is a viable program. Customers are mostly happy about the low risk involved, promptness of the customer care team, ease of use, and a lot more. The good thing is that the customers come from almost all parts of the world. Reviews never lie, and such good reviews represent firsthand experience from real people.

Customer Care.

Like the customers review it, customer care from Forex Monarch is excellent. You don’t have to wait for long before your call, or email message is taken care of. The customer support works round the clock to make sure that your issues are addressed in time.


Scads of indicators are developed by fraudsters, whose main aim is to mine cash from the users and then disappear. Such rogue software does not always last longer than two years. Their customer service is also usually poor, alongside a lot more disadvantages.

Forex Monarch is created by an experienced trader in the field ~ Karl Dittmann. Karl himself has ever been coned by the phony “experts of Forex trading.” However, due to his passion for the trade, he decided to probe into the business, seeking advice from real experts. He finally made it, and here is the result; a properly functioning indicator.

I highly recommend Forex Monarch to my readers. No one will ever complain of having been defrauded by anyone. I’ve got friends into it, and they’re fairing on so well. So don’t hesitate to purchase this offer — best of luck, pals (Visit My Recommended).

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