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Funnelize – Are you searching for more knowledge about Funnelize? Please read through my honest reviews about Funnelize before selecting it.

Introduction: Funnelize

I do not know if you follow JayKay Dowdall on-line, but did you notice how in 2018 this guy just kinda came out of nowhere…?

I am talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, 10,000’s of leads, likes, shares and much more . How did he do it? With a system called Funnelize

I will tell you how it works, because he is going to be lifting the lid on the roadmaps he has followed to become successful online. And OMG you do not wanna miss this . I was talking to him about this in detail and he exposed he has only ever talked about this stuff with his private coaching students. And now he’s ready to let the cat out of the bag!

I can not wait to show you what I am talking about!

Keep your eye on your inbox at 10AM EST on Wednesday December 19th – Funnelize is going to be one of the best training products of the year!

Funnelize Overview

  • Creator: JayKay Dowdall
  • Product: Funnelize
  • Release Date: 2018-Dec-19
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $15
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: List Building


FUNNELIZE is a detailed newbie-friendly training created to walk students through Eight extremely profitable funnels to help increase results for; building an e-mail marketing list, selling low-to-mid ticket products (including affiliate programs), increasing webinar registrations, increasing leads for offline businesses, selling mega-ticket ($5,000+) programs, releasing a product, and more.

Deciding to “Funnelize” your business means discarding with the old “build-a-website-and-get-traffic” model and instead focus your attention on the only aspects of your business that get more sales and much more leads…
FUNNELIZE includes detailed case studies showing your tribe how JayKay Dowdall has built these funnels to multiple 4, 5, and Six figure sales machines. All while starting with the same tools any newbie has immediate access to.

Newbie marketers will find incredible value in the funnels teaching the way to grow and also monetize your list, while advanced business owners will see high-ticket funnels breakdown to get, increase, and also sustain long-term sales.

FUNNELIZE includes over Thirty videos, PDFs, cheatsheets, group support

JayKay explains free traffic strategies from a newbies perspective, paid traffic from an intermediate perspective, and advanced retargeting traffic strategies.

How Does It Work?

It Takes Just 4 Easy Steps To FUNNELIZE Your Business…

STEP #1: Select one of the 8 funnels included inside the Funnelize course.

STEP #2: Copy exactly what you see in the funnel map training & live demo for funnel.

STEP #3: Send traffic into the “top” of your funnel through social media, seo, paid traffic, or however you choose.

STEP #4: Let your funnel do the work by delivering sales of your own products or affiliate products.

What Your Tribe Will Get with FUNNELIZE:

  • Hours of 100% Beginner Friendly Video-Based Training
  • Over 30 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and much more
  • Action-Based: Setup a range of funnels to build your list, make sales, and much more
  • Eight Massively effective funnels, cheatsheets, case studies, and more…
  • Completely FREE Traffic Training Included
  • Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
  • Advanced Retargeting Training
  • No List is needed! Select one of the 8 funnels included to build your list!
  • Complete White-Hat Training
  • Multiple detailed case studies included + walkthroughs of every funnel
  • Newbie Friendly, Expert Potential; Both “newbs” and “vets” Will Learn Actionable Content That Gets Results. Period.

Funnelize Funnel

What is In Each Module Of Funnelize?

Module 1- Detailed Introduction and Overview

Module 2 – Funnelize 101

  • Why use a funnel at all, and how does a funnel actually work?
  • Tools needed to set up your funnel successfully
  • Introduction to creating an awesome lead magnet

Module 3 – The Perfect Lead Magnet

  • Forget all of those other “just grab some Private label rights” trainings you have seen, this is the most detailed lead magnet training outside of private coaching…
  • How to identify the core problems of your audience including Three “classroom style” activities
  • How to craft a perfect headline & title of your lead magnet
  • How to assemble your lead magnet correctly and simply

Module 4 – The Funnel Gateway

  • The MOST important funnel you’ll create; converting traffic into e-mail subscribers
  • Walkthrough of the z pages of this incredibly important funnel

Module 5 – The Tripwire Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the tripwire funnel and how I use it to get, basically, free advertising from Fb
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products needed to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study walkthrough of my own tripwire funnel

Module 6 – The Webinar Funnel

  • Complete funnel map & explanation of the webinar funnel; including the way to get cheap webinar registrations and also increasing the show-up rate to webinars.
  • Cheatsheet explaining the use and value of the webinar funnel so when to deploy it, and what the value of products should be to keep the funnel profitable.
  • Case study walkthrough of my own webinar funnel

Module 7 – The Launch Funnel

  • Funnel map explanation & step-by-step lecture on the release funnel made by Jeff Walker
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products needed to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study walkthrough of a $225,000 launch without using affiliates

Module 8 – The Affiliate Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the affiliate funnel and how I have leveraged it to get insane conversion rates & sales numbers from a small list.
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products needed to make this funnel profitable
  • Case study of my own affiliate funnel where I made $4,500 in Seven days using this exact approach.

Module 9 – The Mega-Ticket Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the mega-ticket funnel and the way I use it to close coaching students for $5,000 programs or more

Module 10 – The Offline Client Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the off-line client funnel and how I have used this to create a simple 2-page funnel for my off-line clients that gets excellent results for their brick nmortar businesses.
  • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of the type of client this funnel works the best for.
  • Case study walkthrough of the off-line client funnel I’m using with a physiotherapist client of mine.

Module 11 – The Tagging Funnel

  • Detailed funnel map explaining the tagging funnel and the way I use it to segment a large audience to different opt-in pages more suited to their needs.
  • Cheatsheet to describe who this funnel is for, when to use it, and why you should segment your leads.
  • Case study walkthrough of my own tagging funnel

Module 12 – Retargeting Training

  • A complete summary of the power of retargeting, how it works, why you should do it, and a simple ‘case study’ style example showing that adding retargeting can more than 6x your revenue!
  • How to install the Fb Pixel & Google Tag Manager
  • How to create Fb custom audiences
  • How to create remarketing audiences in Google Adwords
  • Simple blueprint for Facebook retargeting ads
  • Simple blueprint for Google retargeting ads using the Google Display Network

Module 13 – E-mail Marketing Training

  • E-mail marketing is an important messaging channel for your funnels to work correctly, in this module I’ll show you the 3 types of e-mails you’ll need to learn to effectively market to your leads via their inbox.
  • The “first kiss” email which is a revamped permission marketing approach to the old 90’s style confirmation email
  • The “dating sequence” is a nurture-your-leads style training to increase trust & rapport with your audience
  • Finally, there is a general training to explain some of the more fundamental e-mails used inside a funnel.


Do I Need a Web site?

You don’t need to own a web site to use Funnelize, all pages can be hosted individually. However, if you are interested in using Funnels to build your brand, it is recommended to have some central place on-line to host your branding details.

I have Never Made a Dollar On-line – Is FUNNELIZE Really Going to Help Me?

I truly believe Funnelize is going to be a breakthrough for many internet marketers. There’s so much garbage training on-line that teach nothing but flash & gimmicks, I wanted Funnelize to provide you with real business advice used by legitimate 6-7 figure marketers.

Does FUNNELIZE Require Any Paid Tools?

Funnelize requires that you have an auto responder and something to build pages with. In the course, I make no apologies for recommending Clickfunnels, however, I also explain that you can have a perfectly great page builder installed onto Wp for just $5. There are no additional paid tools required.

I Am Not a newcomer – Can I Still Get Value from FUNNELIZE?

Absolutely! Funnelize can be used my marketers of all experience & industries.

How Much Time Will it Realistically Take to Set up My First Funnel?

That is going to vary from person to person, however, setting up the simple but effective “Gateway Funnel” should take no more than 1hr

How Much Can I Make Using FUNNELIZE?

This question is impossible to answer as I do not know your work ethic, experience, & skills. I’ll, however, promise that using a funnel has produced more revenue in every case study I’ve analyzed & created than not using a funnel.I am confident you can see great results by using just one of these funnels in your own business.

How Do I Get Started?

It is easy! Click the button below and also customize your order then just watch the training and also take action!


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Funnelize for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Funnelize include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Funnelize, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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