Gleam Review – Business Growth Platform

Gleam Review – Business Growth Platform 

Referral Marketing is a form of marketing in which a person introduces or recommends a product or service to a known contact.  It is also known as “word-of-mouth” or viral marketing.

Current research statistics show that over 90% of such referrals are effective and successful.  In other words, they leads to the referred contact showing interest in the recommended product or service and this eventually leads to a sale.  Such referred contacts also end up referring their friends and contacts; and that cycle continues – creating multiple leads for the vendor or marketer.

Furthermore, everyone like freebies special discounts or offers.  This explains why there is so much emphasis on the internet today on giveaways, contests and sweepstakes as a means of generating leads, building customer base and closing sales.

Creating, publishing, monitoring and managing giveaways is not an easy tasks.  Consequently, a number of tools have been designed and are available on the internet to assist in initiating and running a successful giveaway campaign drive.

Among these tools, we shall be looking at two of them in this article. Gleam and UpViral.


Gleam is a very simple and easy-to-use tool comprising of FOUR apps:  Run Campaigns, Instant Rewards, Social Galleries and Email Capture.

Run Campaigns

This app enables you to create giveaways, contests and sweepstakes.  Giveaways can be created within minutes with just a few information.  It verifies entries into social ´networks (as allowed) enabling it to drive more prime entries to your campaign by reducing the steps required to enter your giveaway.  Entrants can share links with their friends and can do so in 10 different ways.

Instant Rewards

Create a wide range of reward options such as links, downloads, redirects, coupons and many more.  You can fully control how rewards are given to winners and trigger pop-up rewards can substantially increase your conversion rate.

Social Galleries

This app culls stunning images and content from over 15 sources into a vast gallery which you can use in creating your own amazing and impressive campaigns.  In addition, you can also share content and vote on pictures.  Regardless of where you gallery is displayed (desktop, iPad, iPhone or smartphone), they will display beautifully in size and color on such medium.

Email Capture

With this app, you can grow your email list by focusing on high-value users at the right time.  For example, you can limit participants to certain countries or exclude participants using some other criteria.  The App enables you build an email list that can be used for product updates, notices, special offers and newsletters.

Summary of features

  • Cloud-based software. No download or installation necessary.
  • A suite of four apps: Run Competitions, Instant Rewards, Social Galleries and Email Capture.
  • Integrates into social media, websites, YouTube and twitch.
  • Where allowed, verifies all entries into social networks.
  • Unlimited combinations of entry methods and you can create your own.
  • Instant email notifications for all actions completed within 5 minutes.
  • Highlight suspicious activity and disqualify such from participating.
  • Supports 25 languages.
  • Pick winners randomly or manually.
  • A/B testing feature that tests and check which opt-in or capture works best in any particular situation.
  • Personalize your campaign using CSS editor and build your own templates with Custom Captures.
  • Simplifies steps and procedures required for participants to enter a giveaway and for you to drive your giveaway campaign.
  • The four apps are sold as a suite or as separate modules so you choose which of the modules you need. The entire suite is priced at $97 per month while the Competitions, Rewards, Social Galleries and Email Capture apps are sold at separately at $10, $29, $29, and $29 per month respectively.


UpViral is a multi-purpose, sophisticated, user-friendly, easy to use viral marketing software.  It offers you a variety of fascinating customizable templates for your entry form.  You can set email notifications, set social appearances options (i.e. how you connect to existing websites and other tools).  You can also create “thank you” and lead pages.  Users can also create multiple pages for these features.

You can set multiple rewards and winning options, keep track of referrals received and rewards.  Because of its multi-social networks and functions, UpViral gives you an impressive dashboard which is literally like a Control Center to monitor and manage referred and direct visitors as well as live totals on your campaign data.  You can place one-click referral buttons in your existing client emails and UpViral integrates automatically with existing websites.  Campaigns can also be run in your domain name.

Summary of features

  • Also a cloud-based software. No download or installation necessary.
  • Full comprehensive Dashboard.
  • Integrates into major auto responders and existing funnels and tools.
  • Full, regularly-updated and comprehensive metrics, engagement and analytical reports that can be exported to MS Excel or CSV format.
  • Send automated multiple independent or action-triggered emails and notification emails.
  • A/B Testing feature to save time and money in determining pages yielding highest traffic or results.
  • Turns existing email list into a continuous source of new leads and referrals.
  • Fully user-defined referral links and reward.
  • Ability to run, schedule and manage multiple contests.
  • Select winners, notify them and award prizes manually or automatically.
  • Features a point-based reward system. Also allows other user-defined reward options such as giving free tickets, discount coupons or downloads.
  • Auto Fraud Detection feature to eliminate cheats and circumvention tricks.
  • Can be used in creating mailing lists for product launches or special offers.
  • Sold in two plans. The Standard plan is priced at $35 per month while the PRO plan is priced $49 per month.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Summary

These two products have their similarities and differences which have being highlighted above.  The high price for which Gleam is being offered is not commensurate with its apps and features.  Most giveaways software tools, including UpViral, package all their features into one app.

UpViral offers more functional and comprehensive features at a more affordable price than Gleam.

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