Google+ Isn’t Dead. 6 Tips to Help Your Network Better

When people have many options and have many kinds of social network to use. It is seem to forget Google+. Users have misjudged about Google+, which is contrast to social media professionals and marketing enthusiasts. What is the reason?, in fact, G+ will be helpful tool if you know how to use it or even half its great features.

Facebook or Twitter users sometimes feel boring with Google circles, in fact it brings connection for everyone: Visit Here

Well, the following tips and tricks will help you know how to use G+ networking better.6 Tips to Help Your Network Better-compressed

#1 The most basic step: Tagging people,

A most important function in communication by social media is tagging. And Google+ also clearly express this. Someone like to share their original content, do not demur using your circles in order to share it and tag author and let him know that you appreciate his article, or in contrast, if someone shared your content with enthusiasm, let’s tag him to show how much you “thank you”.

Connection will perform easier because Google+ has notifications enabled whenever if you tag someone in. So interaction is more and more increased.

#2 Diving a bit deeper: Setting up Google Authorship

Why do a lot of people seem to skip Google Authorship while they bring many benefits such as increasing our influence and gaining new friends, new contacts. when a real author tag on your website or blogs, it is so significant further than a cool photo. You may be not believe, but it’s true to improves click through rate (CTR), serves as a vital SEO component, augment your post’s trust.

Setting up Google Authorship is never disadvantage for you . To do that, taken from Google’s own support centra

#3 Back to basics: Discover what Google+ post editing actually is

You want to edit your posts, right, similar to Facebook, Google+ always permit you do that, and moreover you are absolutely great freedom in editing process. Why do this happen?, Facebook’s editing is limited, Twitter does not have options for you, even not give such an option-– you tweet and if you don’t like the tweet, well, you have to delete it.

On the other hand, editing of Google+ likes Swiss knife of editing. You can changes, updates, play around with tile tags, even can make switching the media you have attached initially. surely, you can not find these great function in anywhere, except Google+. Your advantage is in here-Google+ editing.6 Tips to Help Your Network Better1

#4 For cross-platform enthusiasts: Combining Google+ posts with newsletters

It’s true that people you have connected by your Google+ circles is different from people have logged on your website or blog’s newsletter. Some of these may be moderate, but some of these may overlap of your subscribers in your circles. You completely go up and attract new hearts in a easy way: Just transmit a newsletter with appreciated G+ post.

In this part, the difficulty is about content which includes valuable, engaging and installing to your website or blog’s user base. Fitting to your website or blog’s user base is easier more than the others because actually, it only depends on what is the primary focus of your G+ profile and how many blogs you have.

Now, how many you post your thinking with lots of insights Aweber or Mailchimp email campaign to your subcriber. When you post something great, valuable, track the result, you will see benefits from added someone’s G+.

#5 Protip for the pros: Using Google Ripples to uncover hidden shares

How does Google+ bring benefit? the previous tips demonstrated that Google+ is a potent component promoting content. When content of your post is quality, it is true to lead new someone be following you, tagging you or adding you into their circles. But There are some people do not do that.

So how do we find approach? there are many people to drawn your content, but really, it is difficulty to know who they are because they used hidden mode along the Google+ network. When people noticed  your post, they will create or add so great message to your circles. This is a big step in search for social network influence.

The previous tips have made it clear that Google+ is a very potent content promotion platform. A high quality post will lead to new people that are following you. Some of them might tag you and make themselves visible, but others won’t do so.

6 Tips to Help Your Network Better2

Here are address ( ) which you can use to increase interaction with other Google+ users with similar interests to yours.

#6 Common sense in play: Utilize Google+ communities and Google hangouts

you know, the most important, the best thing about Google is that it can link everyone who have same interest, hobbies, aim easiily and fastly. It is free system, anybody can use and start contact. Maybe have tons of Google communities but you can create yourself community if you want- anywhere, anytime just need you wish, you can make bridge with everyone.

Do not for any reason that you do not not use Google, because you will miss many of its features such as brainstorm concepts, talk to people, especially take part in community, hangouts to share your hobbies, joyful, idea, aim and more and more make own influence in your group. Google+ power is in your hand.

you yourself feel, see social media’s so great function, of course no ignore Google+, it always strongly influence to marketing and related tool. So you should discover it in order to start up interesting experiences. And the above six tips will always support to help you make everything with Google+.