GPTzign Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is GPTzign?

ChatGPT has become a sensation in the online world, leaving many businesses wondering how they can best implement it in their operations. However, as many users have discovered, the success of ChatGPT heavily relies on the quality of prompts used.

To ensure that everyone can achieve the best results with ChatGPT, regardless of their objectives, we developed GPTzign. This AI-powered content creation tool simplifies the process of generating high-quality marketing materials by guiding users through various options, such as niches, categories, and goals, to produce the most effective prompts for any ChatGPT conversation.

With GPTzign, users can create unlimited prompts and organize all their marketing materials easily. Moreover, we recently introduced the GPTzign chrome extension, providing users with instant access to their content ideas, prompts, and ChatGPT written content and material while browsing the web.

GPTZign Overview

  • Creator: Youzign
  • Product: GPTZign
  • Release Date: 2023-Mar-13
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General

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If you’re familiar with the world of internet marketing, you know that working with online marketers can be hit or miss. It’s often a gamble, where you pay your money and hope for the best. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and Martin Crumlish is one of them.

Martin Crumlish has left a lasting impression on me with his approachable and honest demeanor, which is a breath of fresh air in the industry. He is the mastermind behind some of the most successful launches in the internet marketing space, such as MarketPresso, HypeSprout, and EverFunnels.

In the upcoming sections of my GPTzign Review, I will showcase some of the standout features of this incredible tool.

GPTzign Features

GPTzign is a state-of-the-art platform powered by AI, designed to help you and your clients effortlessly create high-quality marketing content within minutes.

With GPTzign, your customers can create a limitless number of marketing materials, including lead magnets, email series, blog posts, adverts, sales copies, video scripts, YouTube videos, Twitter threads, and more. It is the easiest copywriting tool for your customers, with a range of templates to choose from, such as customer persona, lead magnets, email, sales copy, video scripts, and others.

Your clients can also customize their content with various styles, tones, and angles that align with their brand or their client’s brand. After creating the content, they can publish it on their website, social media platforms, newsletters, and more, allowing them to save both time and money while growing their business.

GPTzign offers a wide range of marketing materials, including lead magnets, email series, blog posts, adverts, sales copy, sales video, YouTube videos, Twitter threads, and more. Over the weekend, we’ll be adding more features such as SEO, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Posts, Press Releases, White Paper, Podcasts, Product descriptions, and Case Studies.

The AI-assisted technology used in GPTzign allows your customers to choose from a variety of writing tones that match their brand and connect with their audience. Whether they prefer a persuasive, serious, informative, inspiring, funny, friendly, witty, or urgent tone, GPTzign’s technology can help them create personalized content that resonates with their target audience.

GPTzign offers the opportunity to write like some of the greatest copywriters in history, such as Dan Kenney, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker, and over 50 other renowned copywriters. This feature serves as a great starting point for creating your own style of content.

GPTzign’s various frameworks for video scripts, email sequences, and more allow you to quickly multiply your marketing IQ and be more efficient than ever before. These frameworks offer a wealth of ready-to-use templates and best practices, from problem-solution video scripts to loyalty program emails, that will save you time and elevate the quality of your marketing materials.

GPTzign also integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT, giving you the prompt you need to generate your best marketing materials. Simply generate your prompts in GPTzign, paste them into ChatGPT, and save your materials in GPTzign. Please note that a free ChatGPT account is required to use GPTzign.

Introducing the all-new GPTzign Chrome Extension – the perfect companion for seamless and convenient access to GPTzign, wherever and whenever you need it. With this extension, you can access GPTzign within your browser, making it easier to use while you work on your landing pages, craft emails, create prompts in ChatGPT, and post on LinkedIn or Twitter, among others. Simply install the extension and get instant access to GPTzign anytime, anywhere!

GPTzign Use Cases

Blog Posts

Craft your next blog or social media article with ease


Generate welcome emails, product launch emails, and re-engagement messages using AI-assisted copywriting

Sales Copy

Write persuasive long-form sales copy that follows best practices

YouTube Videos

Create professional video scripts for YouTube, including introductions, main content, and outros

Twitter Threads

Compose engaging Twitter threads that are ready to be posted

Facebook & Google Ads

Launch Facebook and Google Ads using AI-assisted copywriting to attract more customers

Sales Videos

Create demo, how-to, and VSL (Video Sales Letter) video scripts from scratch with just a few clicks

Customer Persona

Define your ideal customer’s demographics, pain points, wants, and needs

Idea Generation

Generate content ideas quickly and easily with a list of ten options to choose from in seconds.


GPTzign is an AI-assisted content creation tool that has gained popularity among businesses seeking to quickly and efficiently generate high-quality marketing materials. However, to determine how it compares to its competitors, it’s essential to examine some of the key differences.

User-Friendly Interface GPTzign’s user-friendly interface is a significant advantage. The tool is intuitive and easy to use, even for users with minimal writing experience. With a variety of templates and customization options, businesses can produce high-quality marketing materials swiftly and efficiently.

AI-Assisted Content Creation GPTzign’s AI-assisted content creation is another key advantage. The tool works alongside ChatGPT, an AI language model, to generate prompts and ideas for marketing materials. This allows businesses to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently, regardless of their writing experience or knowledge.

GPTzign OTO The GPTzign OTO offers additional features and customization options, such as generating content in different languages and access to more advanced customization options. This allows businesses to create even more engaging and relevant marketing materials, tailored to their unique brand voice and messaging.

Cost GPTzign is a more affordable option compared to some of its competitors, making it an excellent alternative for small businesses with limited budgets. Hiring a professional writer or content creator can be costly, making GPTzign an affordable solution for creating high-quality marketing materials.

Customization Options GPTzign offers a wide range of customization options to help businesses tailor their marketing materials to their unique brand voice and messaging. This allows businesses to create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience and helps them stand out from their competitors.

In summary, GPTzign offers several advantages over its competitors, such as its user-friendly interface, AI-assisted content creation, the GPTzign OTO, affordability, and customization options. Although there are other content creation tools available, GPTzign provides a unique blend of features and benefits that make it a compelling option for businesses seeking to streamline their content creation process and quickly produce high-quality marketing materials.

The launch funnel.

FE: $27 GPTzign

AI-assisted platform that makes it easy to create high-quality marketing content in minutes. Create everything you need to launch your next campaign, including:

Lead magnets
Email series
Blog posts
Sales copy
Sales video
Youtube videos
Twitter threads
And more!

Find the perfect tone for your audience:


Write like the greatest copywriters:

Dan Kenney
Frank Kern
Ryan Deiss
Amy Porterfield
Jeff Walker
And 50+ famous copywriters!

Access GPTzign anywhere in your browser with the Chrome extension:

While working n your landing page
While crafting email
While prompting in ChatGPT
While Tweeting or posting on LinkedIn
And anywhere you need it!

Get unlimited lifetime access:

Use for life for yourself and clients
Unlimited ChatGPT prompts
One-time payment only!

Order Bump: $19 DFY ChatGPT Prompts

Done-for-you 979 ChatGPT prompts so anyone can use them to become a top 1% marketer

This includes prompts for:

content marketing
social media marketing
content marketing
customer engagement
email marketing

OTO 1: $99 GPTzign Pro

Pro features and functionalities for better and faster results.

New GPTZign Pro interface to streamline your marketing
AI-powered prompts that are guaranteed to resonate with your audience:
Lightning-fast results that save you time and money:
Integrates with ChatGPT API for maximum efficiency:
Automatic tracking of tokens and words generated:
No limits, use your own API key
100 new prompts for PRO marketers

OTO 2: $199 AI Labs

An implementation workshop on how to use AI to create software solutions and apps to launch.

What’s included:

AI ChatGPT API Training Workshop (value $297)
Live product build session (value $197)
Product build assets product bundle (value $297)
Product Creation Toolkit (value $47)

And these bonuses:

BONUS #1: 1-to-1 product critique from me (value $497)
BONUS #2: Product branding toolkit (value $97)
BONUS #4: Sales funnel asset bundle (value $197)
BONUS #4: Product Profit Booster: triple your profit with little extra work (value $97)

OTO 3: $79 AI Agency

100 done-for-you AI agency resources:

10 Agency website templates covering 10 hot niches
10 Agency videos
10 Lead magnets in 10 niches
Email outreach templates
Outreach strategy
Service proposal
Pricing strategy
Fiverr gig template
Upwork profile template
Client getting strategy

OTO 4: $79 Stockzign

AI-powered: create high quality and high resolutions stock photos with AI tech

100% flexible: craft your own stock images from a variety of parameters and categories

Advanced features: upscale to 4k, remove background and face restoration!

Commercial license: use for youreself and to serve unlimited clients

Lifetime access: use Stockzign for yourself and for clients for life


  1. Is my data secure with GPTzign?

We take data privacy and security seriously at GPTzign. We use the latest encryption and security measures to ensure your data is always protected.

  1. Can GPTzign replace human copywriters and marketers?

GPTzign is not designed to replace human copywriters or marketers. It is a tool that can help streamline your content creation process and generate ideas using AI technology. While it can save time and improve the quality of your marketing materials, it is not a substitute for human expertise and creativity.

  1. Can I customize GPTzign prompts?

Yes, you can. You have complete control over the final output and can customize and edit the prompts generated by GPTzign to fit your brand voice and messaging.

  1. Are there any upsells?

No, there are no mandatory upsells required to use GPTzign. However, there is an optional order bump for 979 ChatGPT prompts that you can see on the checkout page before purchasing GPTzign.

  1. Does GPTzign work with ChatGPT Plus?

Yes, GPTzign works even better with ChatGPT Plus, the fastest version of ChatGPT.

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