Graphitii Vs ClipGraph Review

Graphitii and ClipGraph: Personal Experience

I have used both Graphitii and ClipGraph tools for marketing and selling my online medical equipment business. There are various similarities between both these tools such as cinemographs and synchronization with social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The best thing I liked about cinemographs is that they are much better than still photos and Facebook advertisements. They provide an option of making wonderful and attractive videos of the items to attract more clients and customers. The same thing happened to me when I used the option of cinemograph that is present in both the tools.

I made attractive videos of my goods and surgical instrument that I had and posted them on various social media websites. The results were wonderful as I got more likes and people contacted me for online orders and bookings. The next and the most important thing in this context was an increase in the rate of click-through. I experienced an increase in the click-through rate by more than 100 times. Both the tools helped me to bring more traffic to my website and advertisements and increased the number of leads. The sale was increased and it was happened in just few minutes.

However, I liked Graphitii more than ClipGraph because it is less expensive as compared to ClipGraph. It just requires $67 as the initial payment and the most interesting thing in this context is that there are two versions present in this regard. The first one is Graphitii lite and the second one is Graphitii. The rate of Graphitii Lite is just $47 at the time of initial download.

However, both the tools are cloud-based tools that means there is no need to download and install anything. Nevertheless, there are certain issues, limitations in both these Apps, as both are cloud-based, and they are vulnerable to various forms of attacks and viruses and worms. The customer data can be leaked and stolen by the hackers and invaders. They can use this data in various illegal activities such as ransom and extortion.

How Does It Work?

The working method of ClipGraph and Graphitii is almost identical as both are cloud-based systems and they do not need any sort of installation on the drive. The only thing required in this context is to have an online account on the websites of these tools and pay the initial funds of membership. The next thing is to use the various features of the both the tools to increase the traffic. The best feature or characteristic of these tools is cinemographs as it helps to generate multiple videos of the products and services to be marketed. There are various other options such as making links and connections with external applications and social media websites. The users can use any of these options to connect to external resources using the same platform. To sum up, it can be said that both these tools needs an online account, a device, and a strong internet connection to promote the business and to increase the online traffic.

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What are the Features of Graphitii?

Requires shorter period of time to create cinemagraphs
Thanks to Graphitii, you’ll be able to create your unique & incredible cinemagraphs according to your styles with just a few simple steps. You don’t need to perform any complicated process or have any technical background, that’s why Graphitii can attract more users for them.

No need of any complicated tool installment & 100% web-based
With the word “100% web-based”, you can definitely get access to Graphitii from anyplace including your laptops & your mobile phones. It’s quite convenient for anybody who tend to travel to different cities as well as foreign countries from time to time.

Make your cinema graph as unique as possible
When using Graphitii, you can upload all of your images & videos into this app directly without any barriers. By doing this, you can have better control over your business as well as enhance the interaction with your clients. In addition, Graphitii enables you to customize your images & videos based on your taste. As a consequence, you can feel free to become creative & then turn your previous videos into outstanding ones.

No need of technical skills
Compared with other tool, Graphitii is regarded as the simple & easy-to-use app which everybody can quickly get familiar with after a few times of trying. You will no longer need to hire any outsourcing designers for your promotion videos since you can do it yourself now. Thus, Graphitii can help you not only save more cash but also improve your weakness so as to become a perfect team leader.

What Makes Graphitii The Most Powerful Cinemagraph Creator?

It is Cloud Based – Works On Any Device!

Unlike other cinemagraph creators, Graphitii is available to everybody. It’s cloud based, so there is no need to down-load or install anything. You can even use it on your tablet or phone.

Cinemagraphs In Just A Few Clicks!

Graphitii is the easiest & quickest cinemagraph creator on the planet. You can literally upload & create cinemagraphs in just a few clicks.

Filters To Give Your Cinemagraphs That EPIC FEEL!

Within Graphitii, you can also add filters to your completed cinemagraphs giving them a further cinematic feel!

Export As .GIF and .MP4

We do not just restrict you to .GIF files. All cinemagraphs created with Graphitii are available to download & share as .GIF and .MP4 versions.

Additional Design Elements To Make Your Cinemagraphs POP!

Graphitii is not just about creating standard cinemagraphs. There is also a design suite that easily enables you to draw, add text & images in just a few clicks to your cinemagraph creations.

Want to add a call to action to your cinemagraph? Or some form of watermark as you show your customers what you’ve created? No problem, all done in a few clicks inside Graphitii.

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