GrooveFunnels Review – Does It Really Work?

Here is Some of What Will Be Revealed

In This GrooveFunnels Review:

The Brains behind Groove Digital (and their true plans for the future development of GrooveFunnels)

The lies fuelling the GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels debate (and how the companies really compare)

The little-known features fuelling the excitement for GrooveFunnels (and how they can drastically impact your sales and also marketing results both positively & negatively)

The 3 Unique Competitive Advantages that GrooveFunnels is providing (that no other platform has considered and can trigger the biggest shift in the internet marketing industry since 2008)

The Difficult to find Customer Reviews, Concerns, and Complaints about Groove Funnels (the kind of concerns that most of the other “review” websites try and hide)

Frequently Asked Questions plus much more!

A Quick Summary of this GrooveFunnels




GrooveFunnels will have many, many different apps built-in (webinars, video, digital course memberships, calendar scheduling etc) which eliminates the requirement for multiple service subscriptions elsewhere.


A tool development kit (SDK) opens the door for massive customization of the platform.

Designers will have the ability to create specialized applications for whatever need the market has.

If there is a feature that GrooveFunnels does not already have, somebody can simply make it, and then give or sell access to it as well.


This was the marketing strategy that broke the Internet back in the early 2000s.

It’s a strategy that naturally created viral marketing growth and sales for businesses that used it, and permitted those businesses to rapidly sell their products and services using the custom marketing tool.

Groove Funnels will be bringing the latest version of this powerful tool back after a decade of it being hidden away from the World.

This means Groove users who leverage the Butterfly Marketing strategy will have a significant competitive benefit in their markets.


Probably one of the most insane benefits of GrooveFunnels is thatthey’re giving away lifetime access to most of the platform free of charge.

These free accounts having different limits for email contacts, video uploading, and web site creation, BUT what they are giving away for free companies like ClickFunnels charge $97 each month for.

Probably the best no-brainer deal ever made in this niche.



A lot of members have been frustrated with the system still being in beta, however this is what permits the early adopters to give their direct recommendations, feedback, and concerns to the developers to the fix right away.


GrooveFunnels went from 3,000 used to 360,000 users in under 8 months. This level of explosive growth quickly overwhelmed the support desk.

However, Groove Digital has since started to invest heavily in growing and also improving the support team’s capabilities and the overall experience for GrooveFunnels members.


The Groove Digital team has had to delay the release of some new features beyond their expected launch date.

This has often frustrated users not used to the challenges of tool development (identified bugs, software coding delays etc.)

Are You Tired of Constantly Seeing, “Amazing New Sales Funnel Software” Ads?

Doesn’t it seem like anywhere you go, every ad on Fb, Instagram, and YouTube is talking about funnels and how you need to have a sales funnel?

How [insert company here] has the newest and greatest business marketing and sales funnel tool etc.

While that’s all fine and dandy, the truth is we are all getting frustrated, and we simply want something that can do what we want it to do, so we can profitably generate new sales and also leads for our businesses.

This is where the new sales and marketing platform, called GrooveFunnels, claims to be different.

GrooveFunnels (developed by Groove Digital) is promising to disrupt the online selling and also marketing industry.

GrooveFunnels plans to provide a revolutionary new suite of online software programs on this page which will make it simpler and also faster to setup your own funnels herself to sell anything you can think of.

I am sure you have heard many other marketing companies make a similar promise, so the question is… can they deliver on their lofty promise when so many other companies have failed to walk the talk?

Well, in this incredibly honest GrooveFunnels review you are going to find out!

Who Am I To Do This Review?

I’m Dexx Williams. I’m a best-selling author, and a Profit Systems Specialist who helps local businesses to increase their sales by 30% or more in as little as 30 days.

I’ve been using GrooveFunnels since January 2020. I believe this is important, because many GrooveFunnels reviews are from people who’ve only been using the platform for a short period of time (if at all).

Don’t Forget The Best GrooveFunnels Bonus Offer!

I’m going to ensure this review is truly accurate (and not some fluff piece like many of the other affiliate “reviews” which really just push you to buy GrooveFunnels).

If after this review, you decide you’re interested in grabbing an upgraded GrooveFunnels account, I’ve created the best GrooveFunnels bonus ($4,763 value) which will make getting great results with your new GrooveFunnels account much easier.

The mysterious people who’ve created GrooveFunnels…

Introducing: Mike Filsaime

One person you should definitely know about is Mike Filsaime.

Mike was the co-founder of companies such as Kartra, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and the Marketer’s Cruise.

Mike has launched and sold many multimillion dollar brands, and the companies he’s founded have done over $75 million dollars in revenue.

Mike is definitely not new to the online sales and marketing industry, even if you’ve surprisingly never heard of him before.

In fact, Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript changed the industry when it was released back in the mid 2000s.

His software allowed for entrepreneurs in any niche to create a highly viral (and profitable) sales offers on autopilot thanks to an innovative software script.

Nobody knows the process of creating and launching high-quality sales and marketing software better than Mike Filsaime. It’s his forte.

Introducing: John Cornetta

The King of Dropshipping. John’s e-commerce stores do six figures per month.

John’s expertise in the needs of a superior platform made it possible to create a software to not only compete with Shopify, but to do it better, easier and more affordably.

John also teaches others his e-commerce strategies and concepts, and his teachings are part of the Groove Digital Academy’s free training resources to create an unmatched solution for the community.

How Mike and John Have Guided the Growth of Groove

John and Mike are a kind of tag team duo. They’re the faces of the company. Of course, Groove has many more individuals behind the scenes, but you’re most likely going to see these two in most of their sales and marketing videos. Which is why it’s important to know who they are and what their background is.

Now, the reason why I bring this up is not to hype them up and make them sound godly by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s to paint a picture of where Mike and John have been coming from, long before other names that you may have seen lately, such as ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson.

The Truth About GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

There has been a lot of rumours and false beliefs about GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels. Here’s what you should know

Did GrooveFunnels Ripoff ClickFunnels?

I keep seeing a lot of questions regarding GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels. Here’s the thingGroove is NOT a ripoff of ClickFunnels.

In fact, Mike developed his funnels concept long before ClickFunnels even existed (e.g. Kartra).

Even before Kartra, Mike had a long string of different software platforms that he had successfully built up and released.

He then eventually merged of most of his software concepts into what eventually was developed into Kartra.

Now, around the same time that Kartra was being developed, ClickFunnels was also being created. It just happened that Russell was the first to hit the market with ClickFunnels.

As a result, a lot of people (even at that time) assumed Kartra was copying ClickFunnels when, in reality, it was Kartra which had been in development long before ClickFunnels existed.

Mike Filsaime’s ClickFunnels Connection

Fun Fact: When Russell was launching ClickFunnels, he struggled to generate interest in the software. Russell could not get people to pay for his ClickFunnels concept.

Desperate to turn things around, Russell reached out to Mike Filsaime, and Mike had Russell come to one of his events and pitch ClickFunnels. That’s when ClickFunnels finally sold memberships in a substantial quantity for the very first time.

Even Russell tells the story of how Mike’s event was what finally lead to the successful launch of ClickFunnels.

Here’s the thing… ClickFunnels was never supposed to compete with Kartra’s offerings in the first place.

Russell and Mike had a gentlemen’s agreement that ClickFunnels would not have an affiliate management feature. It also wasn’t supposed to have email marketing capability.

ClickFunnels was only supposed to just be a page builder. It was on this agreement why Mike agreed to help launch ClickFunnels as it would not be in direct competition with Kartra when it finally launched.

However, as you may or may not know, ClickFunnels eventually did begin to offer affiliate and email management capabilities in direct contradiction to what Russell promised Mike.

It was at this moment when Mike decided to get Kartra (and now GrooveFunnels) into the page and funnel builder game.

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