How Do You Make Money with ClickBank

Have you heard of Clickbank and how to make a generous income of over $500 every day? If not, don’t worry, just keep reading!

Among the simplest ways of making cash online is by selling other people’s commodities. This is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing where you sell products online and get commission for every sale you generate to the products vendor’s website.

But, for those of you that are new in affiliate marketing, you may not be aware of a lot of things involved here. You may be wondering how you go about finding the products and how you even negotiate with the sellers of the products. You may not understand how and when you get paid, how much to trust them or how to promote their products effectively for a decent earning out of it. Now, this is where ClickBank comes in handy.

What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank happens to be an affiliate network that homes so many digital products, including eBooks, software, and videos. In simple terms, they are middlemen between affiliates and product vendors.

If you are the vendor, you come up with your own commodity and install it by the use of Clickbank’s system. After this, the system lists your product within its marketplace. By so doing, countless affiliates will be able to see you. The system deals with the tracking using special tracking links and cookies. This means that they precisely know where a particular sale came from and, therefore, credit the referring account.

If you’re already confused, don’t mind, you’ll soon understand. Numerous people start by being affiliates, and as time go by, they become vendors. In this article, we are going to look at how to make money being an affiliate; actually, it’s the easiest route.

Being an affiliate, there’s not much you’re needed to do. All that is required is signing up for an affiliate account on ClickBank. Once you have done this, start perusing their marketplace that lists every available product from their associate vendors.

Upon finding a suitable product (of which we’ll get into that below), ClickBank is going to provide you with a unique “affiliate link” which directs to the seller’s sales page. And, all you need to do after that is get people to purchase through the link. You make a commission for every sale generated through the provided affiliate links.

Is Clickbank Legit?

Yes. This Clickbank is legit. Its programs are not as well recognized as those of the Amazon. However, they do an amazing work of providing people with links of products to promote our readers.

There are numerous affiliate networks of the same kind beside ClickBank. Therefore, for what reasons and when should you go for ClickBank instead of the others? The following are the explanations for this:

1. Incomparably Fast Payment

With ClickBank are usually done on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Numerous affiliate networks usually pay on a monthly basis meaning that they will keep your earnings for 30 days before then can disburse it to you. Yes, this is actually a significant inconvenience and can generate cash flow issues, mainly if you are dealing with paid traffic.

2. High commissions

The majority of ClickBank commodities pay over 70% commissions! Admittedly, this is unbelievable, but it’s the truth. So, in case you have sold a $100 product, you’ll earn $70. You may think that this is way too big to be genuine. However, it is. ClickBank is inherently able to do this since most of their commodities are digital. This implies that they don’t incur any “production”, “shipping” or any other costs which usually are linked with physical products, thus the high percentage commissions.

3. International affiliate friendliness

ClickBank has a direct deposit payment method that works with Payoneer. This method is a popular digital wallet that can help you receive payment regardless of your location.

4. They’re friendly to beginners

A few affiliate networks are not friendly as far as accepting newbie affiliates are concerned. They usually’re afraid of fraudsters that can potentially endanger the relationships of the system with their vendors and advertisers by utilizing shady promotional procedures. Though this cautiousness is helpful, it additionally makes it difficult for beginner affiliates to enter into the networks.

5. Wide variety of commodities

ClickBank’s networks have a wide variety of products accessible across around two dozen classes. These are certainly many niches, lots of products as well as opportunities.

Is Clickbank Reliable?

So, ClickBank is not only legit but also safe and reliable. It’s a network utilized by hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers. ClickBank is simply a means to discover new affiliate commodities to recommend and later to connect with the commodity’s owner.

You can think Clickbank as the Walmart or Amazon of affiliate offers. There, you go shopping around, discover what you fancy, and later do the promotion of the same on your site.

How much can I Earn with Clickbank?

While this is an extremely subjective question, the most important factors to consider here are the commodities you pick and the manner in which you go about promoting them. In the sections below, I’m going to explain precisely how to go about this. However, if you’re wondering if one can really get money with ClickBank being an affiliate, then generally, the answer is a resounding yes.

It’s not unusual to see individuals getting three figures on a daily basis on ClickBank. Commonly, the sale makes you between $15 and $50 in commissions. From here, we can say the median is $30, which implies you require four sales every day for you to realize over $100 and which is a very feasible figure. Depending on the expertise level you have, you can achieve your initial sale within days or even months. However, if you have just begun, it won’t be realistic to target for your initial sale within 2 to 3 months. From there, after you’ve proven to yourself that the system is working, things will become much merely.

AMNinjas’s Warren Wheeler is one of the guys that have made good money with ClickBank. This guy had written a case study that explained how he brought a new affiliate site all the way to $300+ daily from $0 in less than three months. These two posts discuss comparatively different strategies of which we will have a look at both and the path I recommend you to follow as a beginner.

How to Earn $500+ with ClickBank

This is now the part you have been waiting so eagerly. Here, I’ll explain three topics you need to cover to help you realize your initial ClickBank sale. They are:

  • The funnel
  • The product/offer
  • The traffic

I’ll explain in a more detailed approach to each step. However, let me present you with a summary of each. Now, the product or offer you’re going to promote is the ClickBank. This may appear like it is easy enough, but messing up in this step can potentially stop you from making even a cent as the other levels are formulated over it. Product research includes its own distinct section below.

The next one will be the traffic. When you have the commodity, you have already set up a journey which your visitors are going to go through so that eventually they get to see the product. Here, all that is remaining is to start driving the visitors right into your funnel.

Lastly, the funnel shows the path a visitor follow from the time they get to your website till they buy something through the affiliate link already given to you.

1. The Funnel

After you have picked your commodity, you’re now supposed to consider the general journey your guest would be going through until they eventually buy your product. Below, find a few of the most prevalent “journeys”:

Direct linking

Direct linking implies that you’ll send individuals straight to the seller ‘s/vendor’s sales page. Although this used and still functions well in a few rare cases, mostly, it isn’t recommended to follow that route. Actually, you require “warming-up” your guest first before you send him/her to the product page. Sadly, since this is usually the easy route, most people opt for it.

Lander/landing page>Offer

Compared to the above approach, this one is much better. A lander is web page that you create to serve as an agent between the visitor and the product. So, it could be a video, a review of the product, an article, etc. The guest would actually land on it, use it and later hit on a link and be re-directed to the product/offer.

Lander > Opt-in > Offer

Here, you actually send your visitor to a landing page where you offer them free gift associated with your product and in exchange, you get their email addresses. Once this has been done, you can dispatch the offer to them through email.

The Ideal Approach

The 3rd approach happens to be the most difficult as far as setup is concerned. However, it features a lot of great advantages. Here, you’ll be increasing your email list. Also, you can interact with everyone that filled in your form. You can additionally promote offers/products to them regularly. For that reason, this is the ideal approach.

An email list a long-term asset. You can leverage simply by a hit of button with very little cost. Thus, how can you do this?

Step One: Come up with your landing page. It doesn’t matter if it’s an article, a review, Video or anything else, but, you’ll require web hosting or a tool for designing. You should try ThriveThemes to do this, and it’s also good because it functions with WordPress.

Step Two: Come up with opt-in forms of your own. Opt-in forms are those that are going to capture your guest’s email address. Also, this is applicable to a ThriveThemes product/offer referred to as Thrive Leads.

Step Three: You’ll need an email platform for your marketing. The platform will enable you to organize your email list and send email orders to them. This way, you’ll be marketing the ClickBank product/offer and other content. For this, you should try Email Marketing.

Step Four: Here, you already got the product/offer; you have a landing page, as well as a lead magnet that is a free eBook, Video, etc. You are giving away free-of-charge on your landing page and in return, you get the email address.

A visitor will read the article, become intrigued and subscribe to receive the freebie. Later you email him the freebie with the use of Getresponse. After some time, you throw them your affiliate product/offer. Many vendors provide email swipes on your behalf, and you can peruse their affiliate tools pages to get inspiration. Having the funnel already set up, you’re now ready to begin running traffic!

2. The Product/Offer

Before you pick a commodity, you’ll need to visit the ClickBank site and open an account as an affiliate marketer. This is an easy process that you complete without any hustle. After signing up, you can then get yourself to the marketplace then begin browsing.

General exploration

Many people recommend going for a niche or category in which you’re accustomed to straight away and browse products within it, which is true. However, with this strategy for good reasons I’ll explain later, I don’t think it ought to be the beginning point. While you’re at the marketplace, just proceed and hit on the “magnifying glass” key close to the search bar and don’t type anything yet. This is going to let you browse a comprehensive list of commodities from all levels. You can make use of the “Sort results by” button in sorting the outcomes in relation to a number of distinct criteria. For your case should try sorting by “Gravity” the browse commodities that way.

It’s important to note what some terms mean. To begin with, High gravity implies that so many affiliates are earning money through that product or it’s a sure-bet product.

At this stage, you can first forget about niches, categories and anything else. Here, we just want to discover what constitutes a good commodity. Just sort by the highest gravity then choose one product from those. Although many advise choosing that course, it comes with its own issues. One of the issues includes high gravity, which equals so many affiliates and in return, so many competition. This is not usually a bad thing. Nonetheless, this may not be suitable for the beginner.

Before we proceed to the subsequent section, you can browse through 10 to 20 High-Gravity commodities. Then, visit their selling page as well as their ‘Affiliate Tools’ page. Make a note of how they’re selling the commodities to their customers, including YOU being an affiliate. You may quickly begin realizing some patterns. The typical characteristics you notice among the products you usually choose have a notable benefit as far as their success is concerned. Understanding these features will help you spot them in other products that may be less aggressive yet still selling well.

Here are a few things you may notice:

Powerful Affiliate Tools

You may discover that the majority of high-gravity commodities have devoted pages which help you begin the process of promoting their products quickly. They usually even make ready-to-go adverts, content as well as templates on your behalf. This proves how much the vendor is caring about not only attracting but also retaining affiliates.

VSLs (Video Sales Pages)

VSLs are a well-known kind of sales pages which convert pretty well as they depend on simply digestible and extremely engaging videos.

Powerful copy as well as apparent “Call to Actions.”

In case they got a written selling page you will likely discover that it’s pretty convincing. They are usually attracting you in so that you can read more and usually are story-driven too. You’ll not miss the “Buy now”, and the entire page is going to be focusing your attention to it so that you complete the buying process. It leaves the visitor’s mind very clear on what ought to be executed next.

Social Proof

The majority of products are going to have testimonials and reviews or other kinds of social proof which show individuals utilizing and profiting from that commodity successfully.

Choosing a product

At this point, I think you ought to have an idea as far as a good product after analyzing High-gravity commodities throughout the categories. Additionally, you should have a few ideas concerning which niches or categories you wish to go into. If that is true, here’s how to go about choosing a product:

Interest within the niche

Generally, passion or tremendous interest is key. People actually fail to notice this point. Developing an interest as far as niche or product is concerned makes things very much simpler and assists you in moving forward the moment things get hard.

Gravity isn’t a deal-breaker

Most people are going to pick a product that has at least 30 and above gravity. But, this isn’t necessarily true. You can even promote products which have a gravity of less than 10 and will make good money, provided the commodity satisfies other features on this checklist.

“Wow” factor

In case your target audience sees this then immediately says “I need this!” or something of that sort, then you have got yourself a possible winner. This assists to be knowledgeable or interested within this category for you to simply decide on this point.

Great sales page and Affiliate tools or support

Clean, dependable and simple to accomplish checkout. When it comes to affiliate tools or support, try to reach out to with the seller/vendor to give you affiliate support. Reliable vendors are going to be quick with affiliate support. Further, they will let you know that they care as they earn money the moment you do.

To receive your affiliate link just click “promote” then enter your nickname on ClickBank. Hit on submit, and your link will show up. Once that is done, you simply need to copy and paste it and finally utilize it throughout the promotions.

3. Traffic

So, are you wondering how you can drive guests to your site? When you want to drive traffic, you may either invest your time and effort or pay for the traffic. Here’s an explanation of the recommended sources of traffic:


In general, SEO works by making your site rank highly within the Google “Search Results” the moment people enter particular search keywords. One of the main benefits of SEO is that it is a pretty long-term approach and can constantly generate traffic for you for many years with insignificant effort. Also, it’s inexpensive or nearly free, especially when you complete all the work manually yourself.

Nonetheless, it’s slow at the beginning where it could take up to 3+ months before you have made your first sale especially if that’s your main source of traffic. Further, it’s tedious because it demands a significant work link building, particularly if you are looking forward to rank for extremely competitive keywords.


If you’re willing and your budget allows you to spend on traffic, you can try investing on Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Adwords or any other network from which you can get traffic. Their first importance cuts both sides. You can actually begin getting traffic promptly after beginning a campaign. However, after you stopped to run the campaign and the “traffic tap” holds.

Moreover, you spend on every visitor or impression. But, the risks involved with paid traffic happen to be higher. Nonetheless, there are a few interesting rewards, such as the capacity to scale unbelievably overnight by starting new campaigns as well as increasing budgets. And, this “on-demand” scaling isn’t applicable with SEO.

You can additionally choose to utilize a hybrid strategy that I would really recommend. But if you are not very well in terms of finances, concentrate on SEO. After you begin seeing results, you can then reinvest all you have into more and more SEO as well as the content. Once you do this, begin considering paid traffic. By so doing, you’ll not risk losing everything.

Organic Social Media

Coming up with Facebook pages, drawing followers to them and even the publishing of content used to be a productive practice. Nevertheless, Facebook has significantly reduced its organic reach of the pages. This means that, presently, it’s nearly impossible to rely on organic traffic if you’re looking for reliable visitors or source of income.

Fortunately, there’s still hope. This is because YouTube and Instagram are still great players as far as organic reach is concerned. A lot of affiliates make huge amounts of money by promoting commodities organically through these platforms.


Just as I have mentioned above, the organic reach of Facebook decreased significantly, but thankfully, Instagram is yet strong. Instagram works perfectively well, especially for visual categories, including food, sports, and pets. Much appealing content on these niches does attract a lot of followers when posted here.

At this point, what you need to primarily do is regularly post appealing content that has relevant hashtags. Make use of a service such as Hashtagify to get great hashtags ideas. Further, follow users within your niche and join their conversations. Some people have grown their Instagram accounts fast individually relying on influencers’ shoutouts. You can make use of a service such as ShoutCart to do that or even directly reach out to influencers as the majority of them usually list their addresses on their bios, especially in the form of an email.


At YouTube, you’ll come across various approaches. You can conveniently do a review of a product like a video then leave its buying link under the description. Additionally, you can make a video that gives free value linked to your niche/category recommending the product/offer is an “upgrade”. If you’re unable to do this yourself, then you can look for someone to do it for you at a reasonable price.


Although the information provided in this post may be very overwhelming to you especially if you’re looking for a precise formula to make money using ClickBank (Clickbank University 2.0 Review), everything that I have explained is important. So, in conclusion, you need to choose a product which brings a solution to your problem. You need a product with high commissions and one that you trust its potential as well as the significance to your customers. Come up with an article that links to the product; one that adds value. Perform some keyword search to discover a few “low competition” long-tail keywords that you can write about.

After your audience subscribes to your list, you can then send them some emails connecting them to even more articles or handy content pieces. Additionally, ensure that your site is 15 and over pages to optimize your likelihood of getting dependable traffic from Google. Basically, I recommend the above long-term approach. Always, you can follow the shorter course where you simply slap together an “opt-in” page then drive paid traffic onto it. Notwithstanding, the pages are very less inclined to ranking in search engines or even generate for you any organic traffic.

Following the route of ‘attractive content creation’ will let you use practically any source of traffic sequentially or even in parallel. This will generate a powerful and long-term asset which consistently generates traffic, leads, and sales. Hopefully, this post has helped you, particularly as a beginner. For any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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