How to get 10000+ Auto followers on Facebook? One Click Script

Any time you update your status, change profile picture or post something, you can decide what kind of people can see it. Basically, there are Three options. Public, Friends & Only me. If you select your post as public, anyone using a Fb account can look into it. If the public likes your status and they wish to get your updates every day, they should follow you or should be your friend. Sadly, Fb limited friends circle to 5000 per person so if you’re a celebrity or a known person, you should manage your personal fans page separately. But what’s the alternative way to stick with your fans if you do not wish to keep a separate fans page? Definitely, it’s by allowing fans to follow your personal profile.

Since the launch of Fb, following a Fb user can be achieved becoming “friends” with that particular person. After adding him to your friends list, you’ll get feeds about his status, pictures, comments, likes etc. Likewise, he’ll be able to see what all stuff you do on Fb. As I mentioned above, since a person can afford only Five thousand friends, this is going to be a little bit harder for well-known guys. To overcome this case, Fb had introduced the feature to follow somebody even not on his friends list.

How Facebook Friends & Fb Followers different?

Both Friends & followers have similarities but not the same as you think. Since Fb does not allow more than Five thousand members to be your friends, you can open up followers settings to make people follow your updates. It is similar to being a friend, but only a one side friendship.

To start with, there’s no permission required for following any public figure if their status is open to follow. Whereas if you want to be their friend, you need to send a friend request and they want to accept it. In each case, you’ll get all updates from that person. Whenever the person updates his status, picture whatever it is, you’ll get it in your news feed. In many case, if you follow somebody, they need not be aware that you are following him.

Just as I say above, this is one-way friendship. Means, you’ll get everything that he/she updates and they will not get any of your updates unless he/she are your follower. If you’ve experience in Twitter, you’ll find out it easily. Fb follow works same as twitter follow.

10000+ Auto followers on Fb – Risky but possible

Now let me to the point. Fb auto followers tools actually work by exchanging followers. Means you follow others and they’ve to follow your profile to make the system on the flow. The process is done with the help of token exchange, which is exactly same as exchanging your Fb password. Once you provide the necessary details, you do not need to do anything. Just sit and see how the followers are increasing. We can discuss the risks later. So follow the steps to get auto followers on Fb via some automated scripts.

Are there any risks in using these auto followers tools?

Definitely Yes. It’s very risky to use any sort of automated tools/scripts against your facebook profile. We’ve mentioned generating Fb access token in above steps. This is used to provide access to your facebook profile. Simply telling, access tokens aren’t exactly your password but something which can provide complete access to your account. Whenever you share your access token, it’s like sharing your Fb password to a person else. All auto follower tools & autoliker tools collect access token from people using their service. So for exchanging likes, shares, comment & whatever service requested, this access token is used.

So the real problem is Account ban. Since your access token is shared, you’ll like, share, comment on others post until your access token gets expired. This certainly triggers the limit & fb bots understand you’re doing something spammy. Here’s the warning message I got from Fb for using auto follower script for my profile.

You are temporarily restricted from liking a Page or following/subscribing to a profile until March 3 at 11:28am.

My Account got a restriction for liking & following for 30 days and the time frame depends on your profile history. If you’re repeating the same, you’ll get longer restriction or even permanent ban.

How to prevent Facebook restriction while using Auto Followers or Auto Likers?

Every time, Fb comes with new updates for making an improvement to user interface and with more security protection. To provide security and privacy for users, there are automated algorithms. Fb bots easily catch account doing spam activities. If so, you may get temporary ban to permanent ban.

Here, in this case, we’re discussing how to prevent penalties while using auto likers or auto followers. It’s by changing your password immediately after using autofollower script. While using these scripts, you’ll get followers in less than One minute. So after getting likes or followers, Go to Settings & change your password. This makes the access token invalid and no automated actions possible with your account. During password change, Fb asks you to Keep Log In / Log out from all devices. Just select log out and re-login to your account.

Now after login, go to activity log and see what all activities you do in past minutes (Probably you see likes comments, shares which are done by the auto followers script). Just reverse all the activities by unliking, unfollowing and by deleting comments which were done by the script.

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