How to Lower the Cost of Facebook Ad

If you’re not careful, you can find yourself throwing a tremendous amount of money on Facebook Ads. Those that have tried this method of advertisement can confirm that doing this on Facebook waste a lot of money leaving you with a few to zero conversions. You do not want that.
Actually, there are so many factors which influence your budget, which include your Ad placement, target audience, timing or schedule, Ad optimization, not forgetting how frequently people get to see you Advert. Therefore, you need to utilize all these factors to your benefit for better results to lower the cost of your Facebook Ad.

9 Tips on How to Reducing Your Facebook Ads

1. Better audience targeting

One of the ideal ways of cutting down the cost of your Facebook Ad is to zero-in your customers on Facebook. Generally, people happen to be in various stages on the sales funnel. This means that, while one person may be set to purchase, another is yet within the process of knowing you. Hence, focusing on your audience makes a lot of sense. Narrowing the audience lets you design your Facebook ad elements so that they stand out from many other competitor ads. These elements include the image, choice of text as well as the call-to-action.

Having done this, your ad will resonate with the ideal people and likely being able to realize better click-throughs and eventually better conversions. Facebook will reward you by reducing your ad cost. There are more than a hundred methods of targeting your Facebook audience.

Some of them include; targeting by location, targeting pages they have already seen on your website, steps they make, their interests, among others. Surely, you can consolidate your targeting to make granular.

2. Try different campaign elements.

A/B testing or split testing happens to be the method where you run the same adverts but changing an element separately to discover which advert your audience is responding to better. So, this implies that one can have two adverts with a similar copy & CTA button yet unique video content.

The best time to perform split testing is the time your advert set is running. According to Facebook, you should test for four days if you want to realize reliable results. Nonetheless, you can additionally restrict the split test to only a day and activate it for not more than 30 days. By so doing, you’ll be sure that your advert is performing optimally.

3. Refresh your advert effectively

Having to see the same advert frequently for days can be boring. As time go by, your rate of click-through reduces because your audience becomes bored of your adverts and begin to disregard them. When this happens, your adverts don’t only lose their influence but also become more costly.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this. You need to rotate your adverts. By doing this, you’ll not require creating a brand-new advert from scratch. Some of the changes you can make are:

  • Begin by improving your advert creative, which includes video or image content because it’s the primary element which people notice.
  • Modify your offer. Here, you could experiment with a distinct product or even lead magnet.
  • Do a rotation of your demographic. Actually, this approach is particularly helpful if you’re running Facebook adverts promoting a contest.
  • Make use of scheduling to present your adverts on several days so that each day of the week, your audience won’t see a similar ad.
  • Exclude individuals that have already viewed your ad e.g. those that have already visited your landing page.

4. Install Facebook pixel.

To get to know your audience even better, you need to add Facebook pixel on your site. The pixel happens to be a bit of code that helps you track all the activities that are of importance to you happening on your website. For instance, people that visited a particular page or even were almost purchasing an offer though didn’t complete the process.

By setting up the pixel, you’ll be able to gain a lot of information concerning your real audience too. With the data, you can conveniently retarget previous site visitors with adverts, come up with a lookalike audience, or even enhance your landing pages as well as adverts.

But how do you create your Facebook pixel? This is how to do it: Open your “Facebook Events Manager” then click Pixels. After that, you’ll need to give a name to your pixel and enter your site URL and set up the code to your site.

5. Create video content

Commonly, videos are undoubtedly a powerful method of providing an immersive adventure of your brand to your audience. From Hootsuite’s stats in 2019, more than 70% of people grew their video viewing online.

Further, Facebook shows us that because we are supplied with a lot of information, individuals seem to use it fast. Thus, there’s a need to make video content a priority. With video adverts, you can realize more clicks as well as engagement hence decreasing your CPC.

6. Know the ideal times to Activate Your Ads.

You need to understand the best times for promoting ads on Facebook. To lower the costs of your Facebook ads, set your adverts to run throughout the weekdays and hours when individuals on Facebook have a high likelihood of seeing your content.

The Page Insights on Facebook are going to present you with the information you require before setting your advert schedule on Ads Manager. Ensure you note the best-performing days/times:

To program your advert on the “Budget & Schedule” part of Ads Manager, just pick Lifetime Budget out of the dropdown. Then, scroll down and stop at “Ad Scheduling”. Here, click on “Run ads on a schedule”.

7. Retarget to stay TOMA (Top-of-Mind)

Retargeting happens to be the process of showing adverts to people that are interacted with or already exposed to your brand (warm audience). This audience could have:

  • Liked your page on Facebook
  • Watched a video on your page
  • Are already constituted in your email list
  • Signed up for your free trial
  • Checked out your product page

Since people are now accustomed to you, they will be more likely to click on to website from your Ad on Facebook. Outlining the retargeting campaign on your site in a manner that the adverts get focused on particular user activities helps your adverts stay relevant. So, personalization is crucial.

8. Promote unpaid but performing posts

If you haven’t heard of “Facebook Boost Post”, then I’ll tell you. Clicking such boost post key to promote your unpaid posts on Facebook is a simple way of wasting your money!

But, why should you not instantly boost any post? This is because you have to discover which among your posts are actually working. However, that could consume a lot of your time, particularly if you have already made a lot of posts. You may want to know the post that received the largest number of comments, click-throughs or likes from the previous week, or month, etc.

A more reliable way of promoting your regular posts on your page is to make use of ConnectAutomate (ConnectAutomate Review) . This tool automates the means of choosing and making adverts from your ideal posts.

This way, you’re more likely to realize a higher ROI even when your budget is limited. It will also save you a lot of time and effort when you’re analyzing your posts.

9. Come up with a solid offer

When it comes to marketing, offers are made to generate leads and expectedly turn the leads into buyers. Regardless of your business type, you require a Facebook advert offer which your audience is going to find valuable. Ensure that your offer has been harmonized with your service or product. For instance, if you’re in the baby supplies niche, a solid offer would be a free-of-charge “baby’s first-year” parenting eBook.

Come up with an emotion-driven write-up that supports your offer enhanced with an attractive photo for the advert. By so doing, you’ll get even more clicks that will reduce your Facebook advert costs.

In conclusion, you unquestionably want to implement at least one or two of the above-listed tips. Ensure you’re dealing with appealing content that attracts the ideal audience at the right time. By so doing, you’ll significantly lower the cost of your Facebook Ads.

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