How to Write Emails That Your Giveaway Audience Will Want to Read and Take Action From

Is there a secret of making more people stick with your giveaway e-mail?

Here is what I observed when someone finds out about a giveaway:

“Wow! This is awesome! I should join to get it.”

“Oh, I will just waste my time.”

These are two reactions from the readers of your e-mail.

So, getting them to join your giveaway can be hard if you are not doing the right campaign.

So, in this article, I will share as much information on how to write your e-mail to hook your audience.

What is the Importance of E-mail in a Giveaway Campaign?

Using an E-mail is such a powerful means to connect with your audience regardless of the type of campaign that you are running. As opposed to using social media, using e-mail allows you to become more personal. You have an opportunity to talk to your audience on a one-on-one basis since most of them open their e-mail addresses using their mobile phones.

Here are the things that you can do to maximize the use of an e-mail in your giveaway campaign.

  1.    Invite People to See Your Campaign.

The people cannot join your giveaway if they do not know that it exists. So, promote your campaign in your e-mail list. It is an excellent idea if you begin your promotion to the people that are in your e-mail list since they already know you.

Make your announcement about your giveaway like the following:

  1. Congratulate the people who join your giveaway. 

If somebody signs up to your giveaway, acknowledge them. Notify these people that they have entered successfully. Remind them of the action they have performed so far, and if there is another action that needed to be complete with.

  1. Inform the people who join your giveaway about the recent points they have accumulated. 

By doing so, you can tell them how much points are necessary for them to win. It can also motivate the participants that have more points to see that they are near to winning. It is always good to keep them posted.

  1. Motivate your participants to share your giveaway. 

Send a reminder to your e-mail list who joined your campaign to share your campaign. Encourage them to share this with their friends to boost the virality of your giveaway campaigns.

  1. Inform your audience about the prize and the brand you are promoting. 

You can engage your participants through e-mail by informing them of the person behind the giveaway. If it is a company, then notify them too of the company and the prizes to be given away. Most of the companies neglect this kind of e-mail. So, it is a good thing that you know that you should not, in any means, neglect your audience. Through this, your audience will appreciate the benefits of giveaways, and they will get motivated to win it.

  1. Announce the Giveaway Winner

Inform the winner of your giveaway and get the information you need to send the prize. Also, you must inform all the joiners of your giveaway who won the giveaway. To do this, send them a personal e-mail.

How to Increase Rate, Clicks, and Conversions by E-mail Giveaway?

Using the following tips in writing your e-mail, you can maximize your giveaway campaign.

  1. Always write an e-mail with a good subject line. 

Your main goal is to encourage the receivers of your e-mail campaign to open the e-mail. You can possibly do this by starting on a subject line. Through the subject line, you can invite the curiosity of the readers, and when they become curious, they become interested. You can become straightforward in giving information about the giveaway.

Remember that you do not only need a Subject Line, but you also need a Good Subject Line. Based on research, 47% of the e-mail recipient opens the e-mail just based on Subject Line. In the same manner, 69% of the recipient reports an e-mail as spam by just looking into the subject line.

Based on this research, we can conclude that the Subject Line has the power to break or make your giveaway campaign. The best way to do this is to leverage the natural tendencies as well as psychological principles. Make sure to write it in short and straightforward.

Here is an example of a giveaway announcement with a subject line.

Below are examples of the subject lines:

  1. Nail it on the preview text. 

Whenever the persons receiving your e-mail open their inbox, the first thing they see is the subject line and the preview of the text. The preview text is the next essential thing in your e-mail. It is vital to consider to measure the success of your campaign.

Preview Text is sometimes called as the preheader text. Think of it as a support to the subject line. It is a copy at the right of the subject line. The preview text is an opportunity to add and support your subject line.

Take the preview below as an example.

If you will notice, the text combines wit and urgency and with an explanation of the user’s expectation once he/she opens the campaign.

The Preview Text is your chance to give your message to support the subject line. However, it is essential to keep this short, include the main points as well as the buzz words in the front. Also, include a call out for urgency.

Another example below is a preview text that shows a sneak peek of the message.

  1. Just only have one goal for every e-mail. 

Having a single goal for each e-mail campaign makes you write an excellent copy. So, before even writing an e-mail, consider asking yourself for the action that you want your readers to make. It gives focus, which will drive the e-mail recipients to take action.

For you to get a single goal for your e-mail campaign, break down your goals, and be specific. Make it clear and actionable. Check the example below of an e-mail that has a single goal.

The goal is obvious – Birchbox wants the e-mail recipients to play and win a prize. From the campaign, FREE PRIZE is emphasized. LET’S PLAY is a call to action, and there is a background image featured.

  1. Remember to use a psychology hack. 

Using psychology is useful in creating your e-mail campaign. Three hacks can drive e-mail conversions.

The first is the FOMO or the fear of missing out. It tells the readers that there is a big opportunity waiting. If they do not take it, they will miss this out. Some marketers like David and UpViral Users leveraged on this strategy.

The second is Social Proof. It is the strategy that makes people decide on what to do based on what other people say or do. This makes other people trust you. There are plenty of ways to use social proof in your marketing. Below is an example of a Social Proof:

As you can see in the image, Attraction Tickets emphasized that they just got 100 000 like, and that calls for a celebration. With that, people’s support on the brand is shown off, which means that recipients will most likely participate in the campaign.

Another example below shows a giveaway of 15% off using the code.

The third psychology hack is the choice of color. Colors influence people on how they perceive the brand. Some colors let people feel a specific emotion. Say, a yellow color symbolizes optimism while green symbolizes peace. Red also expresses excitement or a sense of urgency.

  1. Use a sort of personalization.

The easiest way to do it is to call the recipients in your e-mail by name. It is always better than saying, Hi there! Hello friend! Etc. Including the first name of the recipients in the subject line or content of the e-mail allows a feeling of speaking directly to the readers.

Aside from this strategy, you can also use personalization by letting your readers know the points that they have accumulated in the campaign.

In UpViral, you can personalize your e-mail using various ways. Depending on the type of e-mail that you will send, you can set the personalization option. Also, always respond to an e-mail sent to you.

  1. Use power words. 

The choice of words, as well as how you use these words, elicit a reaction on your audience. Power words evoke an emotional response. So, it convinces the readers to open and read your e-mails, and eventually take action. A word or two can make a difference in your e-mail campaign.

Use power words that build trust and credibility, such as research, proven, and results. Also, use power words that inspire action such as opportunity, responsibility, and change. Also, use power words by making your readers feel important. You can use words such as secret, special, and surprised to make them feel valued. Other power words include freebie, new, free, elite, exclusive, bonus, hurry, now, last chance, and easy.

Although you use power words, make sure that you do not overpromise. If you set high expectations, always deliver them. Some words use with big expectations are ultimate, amazing, and best. 

What is my final thought?

Using e-mail is a powerful means to engage people in your giveaway campaign and encourage them to act by joining your giveaway. However, you must use the right tactics to get a powerful result. You may try using  UpViral in creating your campaign, building your e-mail list, and going viral.

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