InstaGC Review – Is It Worth Your Time Or Just A Waste?

Monetary Benefits of InstaGC Website

InstaGC provides free gift cards to its online customers and the website is really helpful in making money. I always spend my valuable time on different websites and online activities to earn some money. I think that these sites are quite helpful in making some extra money for you. Honestly speaking, we all want to have extra cash in our pockets to have a more comfortable and joyful life. If you earn more, then you can also remove many of your tensions easily. We all know and belief that extra money gives relaxation and reduces stress and the stress of paying your bills from the extra money earned will be a heavy source of relaxation for you. Before consuming our time on this site to earn extra money we must know about the site and whether the site is real and provides quality services to customers.

Can InstaGC be an honest source for earning extra money?

I really want to know about the site. One of my friends told me about InstaGC but he had not tried it actually. I do not know whether this will be financially helpful or not. According to the site, points will be given on following activities:

• Completing Surveys
• Watching Videos
• Shopping Online
• Searching the Web

One question arises in my mind, whether a person earns enough points after completion of surveys or watching videos or searching the web. Most of the other websites claims that they provide money to general public without deducting any type of charges. I personally know that the claim of some sites is true and they give free money to public who searching the web or watching the videos. However, I notice that the free amount of money is very low and they will not reduce their stress of utility bills and never significantly improve your living standards.

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Does the site give you reasonable points according to the value of time you spend here?

Many similar sites actually give you free money and sometimes, you are not being paid according to your spent time on the site. Now we see that whether InstaGC is different from others or not.

A Deep Dive into

As per the home screen, points will earn you gift cards. I do not have any issue with the gift cards because the gift cards can be considered as cash. So, till now the procedure is good enough to accept. They are offering 360 different types of gift cards. These are delivered to you immediately through electronic means and you can use these points online and can also be given to friends as gifts. The official record shows that over 1 million gift cards have been provided by This amount of cards is definitely considerable. Then I tried to sign up to learn more about According to the statistics of the official website of the indicates that more than one million gift cards have been redeemed. Signing Up:

At beginning stage, the signing up was looking very easy but then the site showed a notification page that it was checking that I have not enabled my ad block. Then it said that I have to disable the ad block to continue signing up. I disabled the ad block and retry to continue and eventually it started loading the site. I was very happy for this achievement. When I entered into the site, I came to know that I am now on the “Main Hub” of this website. The first bar of the page was showing following 4 descriptions:

1. Earn
2. Redeem
3. Promote
4. Compete

The above categories provide an opportunity to earn points and this is a cool offer to general public. I also search other online websites which also provides opportunities to general public to earn that’s why i thought whether this site provides me better opportunity to earn awesome amount of money and whether the amount of money is enough and worthwhile for me.

In the second bar of the page, you can see the following descriptions:

1. All
2. Apps
3. Calls
4. Clicks
5. Shopping
6. Tasks
7. Trials
8. Videos

All of the above mentioned categories provide you a chance to win some points and that is a great thing. I knew a lot of other sites who have the same features. That’s why, I was having some reservations in my mind that whether this site will make me enough money as per my valuable spent time or not. I was very keen to know more about the site so I started searching out different things in the site. I found following things: Point Earning Attempt

First of all I thought that I should watch videos so that I can earn some easy points. I clicked the “Videos” tab. There were many descriptions like Encrave,, InstaGC, hyprMX and many more. The first name who got my attention was “InstaGC” because this is what site is all about. So, I clicked this description. A screen opened with a highlighted description that just got all of my interest. According to that, I can earn 1 point by watching 10 videos as per their new December Offer. That’s Unbelievable! You are thinking absolutely right; I said that in a sarcastic tone. I feel so insulted after reading that red highlighted statement. I thought that according to the site I have nothing else to do in my life and I will spend all my time at the site. But then I thought I have invested my time in it, I should go further. Hopefully videos will finish in a few seconds. So, I clicked “Playlist 1”. I was not very much interested in the videos and they sensed my intentions and never played. I tried 3 to 4 times but they were not loading. I thought that this is not going to happen and I have wasted my time. I just had a second thought at that time “Is my internet working properly??”

So I opened YouTube just to check that whether it loads video or not. It did not take a second to load video on YouTube. I do not have the premium internet facility but it is quite good enough to load any video on the website. I tried again and finally a video started playing on The duration of a single video was 52 seconds! For getting 1 point, I would have to spend 10 to 15 minutes on these videos. At this point of time, I wanted to know the worth of this 1 point earned in 15 minutes time.

Worth of InstaGC Points:

I clicked “Redeem” tab to see that how many points can get me a gift card and worth of particular gift cards. A huge option of gift cards was there on the site. After seeing the name of, I immediately clicked on it. A page opened on the site which informed me that by earning 100 points through anyway, I would be able to get a $1 gift card of So, if I want to earn $1 gift card then I would have to spend almost all the day on the website. Now I realized that there is no need to see any further things offered by this site. I have already wasted a lot of my time.

Exclusive Thoughts about

The site looks very famous to me, and I think that you can perform better on this site than me. May be I was not trained for this earning method and online procedures. At the same time, I do not think that this site requires any kind of practice to perform brilliantly. I cannot see any valuable thing for making some extra money easily on this site. site is good and quite presentable but the issue is that you do not get the amount of money according to the value of time you spend on the site. If I am spending my time other than my permanent employment to earn some extra money, the work should be reliable and worth wile. I have a strong feeling that InstaGC is not reliable in that aspect.


They blocked me from cashing out after I posted a bad review on PissedConsumer about a NON-PAYING survey. Then they REVOKED a bunch of previous gift card cashouts!!!!Tango cards don’t work like traditional gift cards. They’re ONLY available as rewards OR if you’ve a “funded” account (which is really only for businesses). You get a tango egift card which can LATER be used for the gift card of your choice on the tangocardsweb site. Because Andrew Day had a hissy fit over a bad review (oh noes!) & blocked my access to rewards (and chat LOL) “until I mark it resolved” The PREVIOUSLY cashed out & deposited INTO my OWN Tango Card account gift cards were ALL sent to ZERO. I’ve contacted the BBB,, FBI Internet Fraud, The FTC, & his domain provider GoDaddy to inform them of his FRAUD!


Tricks Customers, Ignorant Customer Support and Very Intrusive

Waits for users to collect points before accusing them for ToS violation for not providing all personal details. Super intrusive in regards of private information collection, will require you to post photos of driving license or other identity document. Only reason i am giving it two stars is because they closed down my account instantly when I requested it, I guess that is all the support is good for there.

No Kappa

Not so instagc!

Payout is slow 14 days + not instant!

MrPounds can i please have these released today. thanks

5/28/2014 02:50 PM Support Still too early.

5/29/2014 01:18 PM MrPounds is it still too early tomorrow is 14 days?

5/29/2014 01:40 PM Support Yes – it still too early.

5/29/2014 01:50 PM MrPounds why is it still too early, what is it you’re waiting for?

5/29/2014 01:53 PM Support For the release status to be appropriate for release.

Steve Osborne
I signed up & the site seems ok but …

I signed up & the site seems ok but was very disappointed with the CrowdFlower. It’s where you can do jobs like Amazon’s Turk. I signed up to try it out but now can not get back in because I do not have a FB account to get back in. I didn’t see anywhere this was stated until I tried to get in to work. Now I can not even close the account with CrowdFlower.

I do not have a FB account by choice. I use their competitor. Not impressed with those that assume everyone has FB.

instaGC clearly promotes this site. While reviewing my instaGC account I can find no where to close it either.

Sheila P

Conclusion about

After the detailed discussion about earnings of extra money through online sites, we must honestly think and understand the reality to earn money without any extra effort is not possible in real life. The conclusion of maximum online surveys is that the fewer people earns $1 to $3 per hour if they are lucky because most of the people only earns up to or sometimes less than the minimum wage rate. Therefore, it is easily concluded we cannot rely on this simple earning because that income will not satisfy our needs and dreams. We all know that every business demands initial amount of investments and satisfactory time to make business stable and wealthy. Therefore, a person desires to earn handsome amount of money by using online sites than they must give his time to build an appropriate website and will launch aggressive advertisement campaign about their website.

One thing must remember by an investor they will not waste their time by giving answers of boring questions of general public because it’s totally wastage of time. A heavy advertisement campaign will provide fruitful results after some period of time. Finally, I recommend to general public if you have money than build a website and give appropriate time to your own business instead of finding a second job by searching for paid survey sites.

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