Interest Explorer Review – A Tool for Getting Facebook Interest Review: A Tool for Getting Facebook Interest

Have you heard about Interest Explorer before?

You probably have or have not.

This Interest Explorer review aims to help you understand the tool better.

Many Facebook advertisers are now using this tool.

 What is Interest Explorer?

Interest Explorer is a targeting tool for getting Facebook interest. This tool is excellent to use in revealing thousands of Facebook interests. It is an essential tool for advertisers of all sizes. It is a perfect tool for small or big advertisements.

You can do a lot with Interest targeting software whether you advertise your local business, e-commerce, or consultancy agency. Using Interest Explorer or this Facebook interest finder will give you an idea of the perfect interest to target without your competitors knowing about it. Great, right?

What do you get from the purchase of Interest Explorer?

If you get an Interest Explorer license, you will get the following:

  •  You will have access to over a thousand hidden Facebook Interests that your competitors cannot find without hours of research. It also means that using this software will save you so much time.   You will notice that the interests revealed did not even come to your mind.
  •  Spend a lesser on the interests testing since the analytics tool gives you hidden statistics in each interest even they are all stacked in one ad set. Say goodbye to the guessing works that you have previously done. Of course, say goodbye from consuming your budget for the split tests.
  •  With the Chrome Extension that highlights the targetable interests, you will be able to put the insights on steroids. You don’t have to waste your time for copy-pasting to figure out if the interest can become targeted since you can quickly see it.
  •   Another good thing about buying its license is getting future updates, and you don’t have to pay more for this.

What can you do with Interest Explorer?

 Using Interest Explorer, you can find the hidden interests, speed up research, and optimize the workflow. You can freely enjoy the following specific advantage of this tool:

  •  Search for a hidden interest in a broad topic. You can use the search bar in exploring this topic. In just a second, this tool will use the Facebook marketing API and reveal to you all the related interest that you can target with ads.
  •  You can discover the super-relevant interest in terms of the size of the audience. Then you can use the search button to open another tab with a search on FB or Google.
  •  You may select the best suggestion that you can target. Just copy the contents to the clipboard and save it or export to a CSV file so you can download it for later use.
  •  Categorize and save the project so you can continue to add later. You probably can create unlimited projects.
  •   Although English is the most interest suggestions, you can also pick the language that you want to localize.
  •   You can analyze the statistic levels. The Facebook Ad manager lets you see the campaign statistics.

 What is the Cost of Interest Explorer?

The good thing about Interest Explorer is that you can take advantage of the great benefits at a little cost. Interest Explorer has a low cost compared with a similar tool in the market, but you cannot underrate the great things that it can give you. There are three options for purchasing Interest Explorer: Individual, Team, and Agency.

For an individual, the lifetime access costs $99. With this low cost, you will be able to get an unlimited internet search, unlimited saved projects,  unlimited CSV data exports, interest analytics, and chrome extension. In this plan, all future updates are included, and it has a 30-day no-risk guarantee — pretty nice inclusion for only $99.

The next option is the Team at $149. Similar to the Individual plan, this option also includes lifetime access. You get unlimited internet searches, saved projects, CSV data exports, and interests analytics. Compared to an Individual plan, this plan gives unlimited team members access. It also includes all future updates and has a 30-day no-risk guarantee.

Agency is the last option at the cost of $199, which includes lifetime access. It has all the benefits of a Team. The only addition is the ten client accounts inclusion.

Why is Interest Explorer the best?

If you look around, there are other Facebook interest tool available in the market. In fact, I have looked at all them and tried a lot to compare and contrast all them, and this is why Interest Explorer is still the best.

  •  Interest Explorer is integrated with Facebook Marketing API that connects with every request. Unlike other similar software, this tool does not store interest data on its database. They always make a real-time application; which means to say that you will only have access to the hidden interests that you can target at a time. Since FB changes over time, Interest Explorer adjusts in a real-time. Unlike other software that show the old interests which cannot be targeted anymore.
  •  Facebook does not allow just everyone to use its Ads API because it connects straightly to the Ad accounts of the users; although it is accessible to the developer. You should seek permission. To get permission, you have to seek approval from Facebook after you submit plenty of documents. Interest Explorer is integrated with Facebook API. It is something that this tool can boast. After its developers jumped through the hoops, it was approved.
  •  Internet Explorer chrome extension is such an excellent tool that highlights the targetable interests. In fact, there is no other alternative solution for this but manual copy-pasting, and you can avoid it via Interest Explorer.

What is my Final thought?

It is time to transform the ad campaigns and stop wasting both your time and money conducting research and finding ineffective interest target.

With Interest Explorer, you will be able to target the most relevant interest that other advertisers do not find at a meager price.

You will be delighted to scroll down in the list of interests that you can use in targeting your ads. (See More Tool: Facebook Ads Targeting Made Easy)

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