Internet Jetset Review – Build A Profitable Online Affiliate Business From Scratch!

Internet Jetset Review

Thanks for stopping by to read my review of Internet Jetset.

In case you do not know, I don’t review a product until I tried it first, go over it, use it, and make sure that I say what it delivers for real.

The Internet Jetset is just the start, and there is much more John Crestani has given away inside the program.

Now, a more advanced version is available since the recent update of Internet Jetset.

I wrote this review to help you understand the Jetset training and how this program can benefit you.

What is Internet Jetset?

An internet Jetset is a simple program for affiliate marketing that helps its users to know the fundamentals of starting a business online through affiliate marketing. John Crestani is the founder, and mostly the trainer in the program.

The lessons include real-life experiences of the people, including himself, tutorials on how to set up a website and increase traffic — most of all, how to earn a profit. Anyone can have access to the program, most notably it is intended for newcomers in affiliate marketing.

Just recently, a more advanced program is being offered. Super Affiliate System replaces Internet Jetset. Both of these are John’s work.

What’s inside the Internet Jetset Membership?

You may be wondering what you will find inside the program, so let me give you a bird’s eye view.

As a whole, the Internet Jetset program lasts for about 12 weeks, an indicator that lots of topics will be covered every day. If you purchased a membership, you’d get an online blueprint of affiliate marketing that will help you get traffic and automate your online business.

You will be guided by an introduction and the expectations in the entire duration of the course. It will give you a proper mindset about what you are indeed pursuing. You will be guided to choose your niche, SEO, and YouTube marketing. Also, how to gain traffic for free, using Facebook or website to promote the product, learning the basics of copywriting, and many more.

One of the best reasons I like about Internet Jetset is the part where I learn about the sales pitch that helped me encourage subscribers that will most likely avail the offer.

Who is the Founder of Internet Jetset?

John Crestani develops internet Jetset. Similar to other influential marketers, John’s success story is no longer new. Most of the online business owners left their corporate job in exchange for pursuing online marketing career just like Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. It is how John precisely began his journey to a now successful internet marketer.

John Crestani is the owner and the founder of this fantastic program. Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System, the latest release program is both under the niche of making money online. In his entire career, he has expertise in an advertisement that helped him form a partnership with many online businesses.

John Crestani knew things around Google AdWords, Facebooks Ads, YouTube, and other online ads. His rise continued from the past up to the present.

What are the Pros of Internet Jetset?

After experiencing the Internet Jetset for real, I discovered some pros that the training has to offer.

  • Information from the training

The founder, John Crestani, did this training in a very informative manner. It is guaranteed that after you finish the program, you will be well-equipped with the needed information. After all, this training aims to help the neophytes in internet marketing, that’s why I recommend that every beginner should take this course. Besides, the advice he had given has a lasting influence on your career.

  • Support system

If you purchased the course, you would have automatic access to its support systems, helping you with whatever you need. This support system includes access to the support portal, forum, and official Facebook group. Through this, you will get answers to your questions, and you will gain new friends in the same community you are in – your online business.

  • Legitimacy

The best thing about taking this course is getting a legitimate person. John Crestani delivers a fantastic result in every program he is. His mindset is undoubtedly right. Although there are also some criticisms about him, he takes all the feedbacks from his critics excellently to improve himself rather than lashing out on them. It is perhaps the most exciting part about him. After being fired in his corporate job, he started online marketing to earn a six-figure income in just a month. Obviously, he knew what he is talking all about.

What are the Cons of Internet Jetset?

Despite the pros of Internet Jetset, I also found out some cons.

  • Many Upsell

I know that you know how common it is to have many upsells that the customers may want to avail, however, I think that too many of it feel sucks that can cause the potential subscribers to feel that they are being sucked by elaborate scam that may toll their wallets, making it detrimental to the business.

In the program, upsells are found throughout the training, even hidden upsells are mentioned in training. I found it annoying because after subscribing, I don’t want to avail to anything yet.

  • Outdated content

Although the content is being updated to improve the course, it is not always the case. It is sad to say, but some of the materials are indeed outdated.

  • Hidden cost

Yes, aside from the hidden upsell, you’ll also get hidden cost. John did not mention upfront the hidden cost for the necessary tools needed to be successful. Actually, you’ll have to invest about a thousand dollar on the paid advertisement to earn a profit. Also, investing a higher amount of money does not guarantee that you will immediately profit. There may be times that you won’t make any amount even you’ve spent dollars on a hosting site and paid ad.

How much has Internet Jetset cost?­­

Internet Jetset is very affordable at its price ranging to $47/month. However, the thing I hate is about the hidden costs and plenty of upsells.

Nonetheless, if you have the luxury of money, you can try the upsell offers. Currently, there are two upsells available: Jetset Extreme and Super Affiliate.

The Jetset Xtreme is a collection of the interviews of the top internet marketers. It’s an upgrade costing $187 at one-time payment. Although this provides valuable information for internet marketers, it is somewhat expensive just for an interview. I think there is no need to buy it.

Super Affiliate system is the second one. It’s an advanced version of the Jetset. It lasts for six weeks because it has more than 50 videos for training. You’ll also have valuable information as well as resources. Topics that are covered in this program evolves on the three crucial skills: research, data analysis, and copywriting.

Is Internet Jetset one of the scams?

No, absolutely not. Internet Jetset is not a scam, and never it was. John Crestani is real and so his course. It may look like a scam because of the hidden fees, and the upsells along the course, but it is not. The intention is right, and this is to help internet marketers in the world.

If there is no hidden cost and upsells, there is nothing to mind at all.

If you think of trying the Internet Jetset, you will find it a beneficial resource but be prepared to have the money for your investment. So far, this is the major downside I see.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend this program.

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