Jaaxy Review: Best Tool for Keyword Research

Jaaxy Review: Best Tool for Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it is.

If you want to rank your product or article on Google, you probably have heard about SEO.

Targeting the appropriate keyword is the foundation of any SEO.

So in this review about Jaaxy, you will find out why this is the best keyword research tool.

Let us get started.

What is Jaaxy?

 Jaaxy is the best keyword research platform. It was developed to help marketers in their affiliating business.

Without the knowledge of some people, there are many incredible numbers of hands-on processes which you will find very time-consuming, but now, keyword and research competition can become a total breeze!

With the help of using Jaaxy, you will be far ahead from other people. You will be using the most advanced platform in managing your website, competition, keywords, and market research as a whole.

For your online business, you need a keyword finder for your niche, and Jaaxy can be your best tool. You can reduce your efforts in finding such keywords for your niche, whether you are a beginner.

Jaaxy collects data from the searches in three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing and gives you the information you need.

Who are the founders of Jaaxy?

You are may be conscious of the founders of Jaaxy. For your information, this powerful keyword searching tool is founded by Kyle and Carson. They capitalized on their long-time experience in internet marketing, as well as, online businesses to have a powerful and easy to use tool to help in keyword hunt and many more.

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that can drive traffic to your websites and blogs.

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Who can use Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is excellent for online business people with all levels of expertise from beginner to advance. If you are any of these, Jaaxy is right for you.

  • Article marketer
  • Niche pursuer
  • Professional or unprofessional bloggers
  • Freelance writers
  • Site flippers
  • Domain flippers
  • Online advertisers
  • Pay per click advertiser
  • YouTube marketer
  • Competitors who can be a spy
  • SEO company
  • Local marketer
  • Global marketer
  • Website owners for new leverage or trends
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Local business
  • Local marketer
  • Internet marketer

Why use Jaaxy?

The online world of business gives plenty of opportunities to earn money, and with over three billion active users, tons of business opportunities are available online.

Jaaxy is a powerful tool that can help you with it.

Using Jaaxy is helping you get a convenient, efficient, fast, and cheap tool to use in marketing. In just a click, you will get information about your customers, their likes and the trends. Jaaxy is like a high-tech gold detector.

However, Jaaxy is not a ready golden nugget of keywords because no keyword tool can do that, but if it is, life would be much more comfortable. However, this is for sure, anyone who owns a keyword research tool will get similar golden keywords.

So what Jaaxy does is getting a bit advanced than other keywords. Rather than delivering the keywords in a platter, it provides a powerful feature that makes the keyword search more accurate, faster, and even fun.

Therefore, using Jaaxy is a matter of accessing the most accurate keywords.

What can you do with Jaaxy?

Using Jaaxy is an excellent tool for many things such as the following:

  • Finding the keywords that are of lo competitions that can help your article rank high
  • Revealing the high traffic niche
  • Knowing if your keyword is competitive or not
  • Knowing the amount of traffic, you will get if you choose a specific keyword including how well it may rank
  • Brainstorming some keyword ideas and niches
  • Unveiling the metrics of the keywords to help you boost your endeavor for SEO
  • Building your to-do list
  • Saving the list of keywords and then organizing these for every topic
  • Searching good domains
  • Buying new domains
  • Helping you to decide if you will bet a specific niche
  • Taking advantage of the automatic Google Alphabet
  • Knowing the trending in the web
  • Figuring out if there’s a chance for money in a specific niche
  • Showing your website and the ranking of the posts
  • Discovering the affiliate programs in a particular niche and keywords
  • Many more

 What are the Pros of Using Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an excellent feature for the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Has a very friendly interface
  • No learning curve to spend on how to use it
  • Gives very accurate data
  • Very fast
  • No useless information or stuff to distract you
  • Usable in PC or MAC or any type of computers
  • Very mobile friendly because it can be used in your smartphone or tablet
  • No software that needs to download and install
  • Pricing for Jaaxy is very cheap and affordable
  • Upgrades or any update is to be done on the back end. You will be served with the latest version and no need to wait for an update
  • Help find excellent keywords for online advertising
  • Results for finding then high traffic keywords and those in lo competition
  • Gets direct data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and combine these all
  • Uses powerful servers that can make you calculate results in a second
  • Has excellent training materials available
  • Has a reliable and fast customer support
  • Useful for internet marketers of any level, domain flippers, and businesspeople
  • Introduces new features

What are the Cons of Using Jaaxy?

 Similar to other tools, Jaaxy also has some things that need improvement:

  • There is no option for the language used by the researcher.
  • For people who are just starting internet marketing, the lowest plan can be expensive.
  • Some features are not usable.
  • It is impossible to select if your target is for global or local search which is also essential in some situations.
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How does the Jaaxy tool work?          

 The primary function of the Jaaxy tool is a keyword research tool.

Jaaxy tool can give you much information necessary to understand the situation.

You will see that the Jaaxy interface is better and simple.

You will see from above the keyword tools below:

  • Average monthly searches: This pertains to the number of searches that a keyword has per month. It is the total search for the specific keyword found from the combination of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you plan to write an article, the recommended minimum searches are 50 in a month.
  • Estimated traffic: It is the actual monthly traffic that you will get if your website ranks first on Google’s result page.
  • Quoted Search Result or QSR: Tells how many numbers of pages are competing for the same keywords or phrase in Jaaxy uses algorithm figure, and the lower the number is, the better. If you are just a beginner, aim for a small hanging number. Around 200 to 300 is good. Over this means that it is even harder to rank on.
  • Keyword Quality (KQI): the traffic light is an indicator system that shows the colors (green, red, and yellow). Red color indicates that it is weakr, yellow color indicates good, and green means excellent.
  • SEO power: From the previous scores ranging from 0 to 100, the metric means that the keyword is good for SEO. It also means that you will get an adequate number of visitors. Note that the higher is the number, the higher is the chance for a better audience.
  • Domain Search: The domain searches checks and tells if there are domains that match a given keyword.
  • To Do: The to do allows you to add a keyword.

At the sidebar, you will see the following tools:

  • Related Keyword: Using Jaaxy gives suggestions on associated keywords and also key phrases where you can dig deeply for your quest for keywords.
  • Alphabet Soup: You can take advantage of the instant feature of Google in adding letters to the keyword/keyphrase based on the actual searches that people are doing.
  • Site Rank: The site rank is a friendly tool to check how well your site and your post ranks. You can even use this tool to see how competitors perform.
  • Search History: The search history is used to remember the previously searched keywords even if you did not save these words in your saved lists.
  • Saved list: The saved list is a compilation of keywords that can help organize the topic of your niche. Stick to the ones that are good on search results and then keep them in your keyword lists. At the later part, you can deepen your analysis and examine how these keywords will bring potential traffic in the competition.
  • Search Analysis: Using the search analysis, you can see which websites are within the rank 10 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can spy in terms of the number of words, the title, URL, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and more.
  • Affiliate Program: Now after you find your keyword, you have to see if there is money in this niche. This tool can find the affiliate programs as well as products that you can promote and where you can earn money.
  • Brainstorm: This feature helps overcome the writer’s block when you don’t have any more ideas of what niche is to used for. It can pick up the latest trends in Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and others.

How much Jaaxy subscription costs?

There is free pricing and two paid plans available in Jaaxy.

Let me discuss this more detailed.

Free Plan

 In the free plan, of course, you will not pay anything. It is an excellent opportunity for you to test how the Jaaxy works, and if it is worth for you to pay this subscription monthly. In a free plan, you will get 30 searches whether it is a keyword, Search analysis, affiliate programs, and many more.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan costs $49 in a month. It contains everything that you need to know to start your keyword research quest. This plan is perfect for people who are a novice to internet marketing. However, experienced internet marketers can also benefit from this plan for as long as they do not work on plenty of websites at the same time.

Here are the features you can get for your $49 monthly:

  • Compared to a free plan, this is three times faster
  • You can have unlimited searches for keyword or keyphrases
  • Availability of domains
  • Keyword competition
  • Power analysis for SEO
  • To do list
  • Brainstorm
  • Ranking of posts or websites
  • Spy analysis
  • Simultaneous options for tabs

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan costs $99 per month. If you are looking for a powered feature, and you are willing to escalate to a high level, then, the enterprise plan is the best option for you.

The enterprise plan is crafted to more advanced internet marketers who compile a huge list of the keywords for their bloggers.

Enterprise plan has all the pro features that work five times faster than the free plan. If the Jaaxy is already fast, the enterprise plan gets even faster, and it reduces the amount of research time.

Aside from this, the enterprise plan gives an instant competition analysis and shows the availability of the domain information.  The data sorting is also available in the enterprise plan. You can search up to five times of tab, and the Alphabet soup will show up to 50 results instead of only 15. You can even have a few more extra features.

Checking these comparisons, the Jaaxy plans will suit you depending on your needs.

My Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure, SEO wouldn’t be possible without the targeted keywords. Keywords are an essential element of search traffic.

Right keywords can attract more visitors to bring in potential sales which can make money; that’s why targeting keyword is an integral part of online business. If you skip this keyword research process, you are shooting yourself on foot because it will make it hard for yourself.

As you see, using Jaaxy makes your keyword hunt even better and easier, much lighter and more accurate because you have with you a powerful keyword detector. With this, you don’t have to guess for a new niche to bet. You have to do your homework by researching, yet avoiding the time-consuming work.

Give yourself a favor by using a powerful tool. You will save more time, with no headaches, but more money. You can do your keyword search and stay ahead and not behind your competitors.

Try it for free now, it is just a matter of trying then finding out what’s next. You won’t lose your money; in fact, you can start earning cash right at this moment without even spending a dime for your tool. (See More Tool)

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