Jordan Essentials Review: Is it Good to Join?

Jordan Essentials Review: Is it Good to Join?

You searched on Google about Jordan Essentials, and you found this article.

Maybe you are checking if this is an excellent company to join or it is a scam.

Upon reading, you will find out about the business concepts of Jordan Essentials. It includes the pros and cons, products, and compensation.

After all, decide for yourself if you think it is something that fits your choice.

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Now, let us start with the review.

Overview of Jordan Essentials

Jordan Essentials is known as a multilevel marketing company that provides healthy skin care products.

Jordan Essentials is founded by Nancy and Ron Bogart in the year 2000, in Missouri State. It was initially named as Country Bunny Bath and Body. By just reading its previous name, you can tell that its niche is bath and body care.

The founders of Jordan Essentials undergone various experiments to learn and figure out what really works best to the skin while staying affordable. Afterward, they expand their reach, offering the products in the entire nation.

This company gives a chance for people who are always fascinated by marketing income.

You may be here thinking about how can you become involved in the company. So, it is good to read the review from start to finish to get a better picture of Jordan Essentials.

Over thousands of beauty consultants in the entire 50 states of the United States exist, plus in Guam and the Virgin Islands. When you look at the statistics, it is excellent because the company had a lot of time to reach a bigger market.

The only problem is its competitors. If you see, there are plenty of skin care business and online business opportunities all over the world. Guess what? They all claim the same thing – that they are the best!

Let us continue to read and find out what is special about the products of Jordan Essentials!

Jordan Essentials Products

One of the special features of the products that Jordan Essentials is proud of is its all-natural ingredients.

The skin care products do not contain aluminum, parabens, DEA, petroleum, isopropyl alcohol, gluten, and SLS/SLES. It only means that the products of Jordan Essentials are all-natural and safe.

If you are going to check the market, the majority of the company owners for skin care and body products claim the same.

There are over hundreds of Jordan Essentials products available at the website. Let me give you some categories:

  • Essential oil
  • Bath and Body
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Family, Baby, Kids, and Men
  • Magnesium Lotion and Soaks
  • Sales and Specials
  • Face Care and Anti-Aging
  • Joyful Jordan

There are eight various categories of products available at Jordan Essentials website, and for each section, there are over 40 products available ranging from $6 up.

Before joining Jordan Essentials, it is worth checking the entire list of the products. Understand each product, remember that if you do not understand the products that you are trying to market, you will most likely fail.

Compensation Plan of Jordan Essentials

Ask yourself why you would become a part of the Jordan Essentials?

There are five ways of making income.

First, you can earn a 25% commission on every product you sell.

Second, you can earn a bonus whenever you get promoted to leadership.

Third, you can earn a $50 worth for training bonus when you help the sponsors.

Fourth, you can build your team and reap your residual income.

Fifth, generational bonus.

The compensation plan is pretty much similar to others. In fact, it is almost the same plans with what I have read.

As I see it, Jordan Essentials do not put more emphasis on recruiting. Instead, it does give more focus on the products and not on recruiting.

However, note that you can still earn out of the recruitment you have made, but the products are the primary part of the plan.

Jordan Essentials Scams

If you are thinking that Jordan Essentials is a scam, you are wrong.

Jordan Essentials is not another online network marketing business considered a scam. It is genuinely worth joining, by any means, it is legit!

Finding Jordan Essentials review is somewhat challenging because of the multilevel marketing opportunity. However, if you will find a representative of the company, you can get positive feedback about the Jordan Essentials opportunity.

One thing you should remember, Jordan Essentials is not a scam.

Costs of Jordan Essentials Plan

Since the company sells Jordan Essentials products through their dedicated consultants, some customers may want to find a representative that gives accurate pricing information. So, let me help you with this aspect.

If you are interested in becoming a consultant of Jordan Essentials, you have two options for kits.

They have the Basic Starter Kit, which is priced at $99, but you can sell the entire products to $300, and the Business Builder Kit is priced  $149 with products amounting to $480.

You can check the website of Jordan Essentials for a more detailed comparison of these two kits.

Things I Like, and I Don’t  Like about Jordan Essentials

I like the fact that Jordan Essentials has a rating of A+BBB. There is no complain about the product, not a single one. I think this is an excellent indicator that the products of Jordan Essentials are worthy of trying.

The company has been around for almost 19 years now and is going stronger. It is an excellent business indicator of success.

On the other hand, recruiting people to join your business seems to be an old method of making money. If you don’t have any experience in recruiting members, it is better to stay away from MLM. If the platform offers free training in regards to this, it is better.

Another thing I dislike is the price of some products. These are expensive. I mean, it does not make sense to spend $20 for a lotion, it is just cosmetic products.

Other than these two things I dislike, everything else seems perfect.

My Final Thoughts about Jordan Essentials

Since you know the basic about Jordan Essential products and its investment scheme, decide if this style fits your lifestyle.

There are plenty of companies that deliver multilevel marketing opportunity to their customers. You can become a representative of the company and do your own side of the business.

However, it is an essential part if you genuinely believe in the products that you are using and you are selling. If not, it is difficult to become successful in selling them.

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Check it out!

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