JungleScout vs. AMZScout Review

JungleScout vs. AMZScout

They both have a browser extension AND a web app.

In USA, AMZScout surprised me with their very accurate sales estimates. Some categories weren’t so good, but in general AMZ Scout was only off by a 20%. Jungle Scout has about the same accuracy.

In UK, AMZScout didn’t provide a sales estimate at all, for many of my items, & was quite off on those that it’d. So all my applause for being accurate goes down the drain.

The only thing it has extra that Jungle Scout does not, is the number of variations. Unlike Unicorn Smasher, it counts & displays the variations correctly.

I wasn’t able to test the Pro extension, as their free trial version was broken. It would ask me to log in with Google, & then get stuck forever.. Plus, grammar mistakes on a ‘Pro’ product aren’t cool:

And somehow I didn’t believe this:

Overall, AMZScout gives a feeling of an amateur unfinished product. But with potential. I liked the accuracy of their sales estimates in some categories. The only benefit you’ll get choosing them over Jungle Scout, is saving $50. It’s up to you. But I would say, do not. Just use Jungle Scout – it’s a more reliable & more trusted service.


I was planning to compare their web apps.

But I just reeeeally do not feel like. AMZScout team had no creativity at all. They looked at Jungle Scout & basically copied every feature from them. Even the columns are in the same order, and filters have the same names.. And the super power of Jungle Scout, which is LQS (Listing Quality Score), was even named the same. Only the proprietary formula was impossible to copy of course, so their LQS are in general much higher than Jungle Scout’s. Even the name of the app is copy-pasted.

Here’s a game for you. Find 20 differences:

The one-to-one copying is unethical. Come on, guys. Not nice.

To sum up, if you feel like you do not care if they copied anything or not, and all that matters is price, then go ahead with AMZScout. Otherwise, stick with JungleScout.

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