KDP Rocket Review

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About Kindle Rocket:

Kindle Rocket shows you the exact book ideas that will make you cash on Amazon

All that you will need to do is click on the coupon or referral code link at the top of this page and it’ll reveal the promotional code that you input at Kindle Rocket’s checkout screen. Sometimes the discount code may even be automatically applied so that all you will need to do is click on the button on top of the page and then at checkout you will already have your discount. Happy shopping!

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What Can KDP Rocket Do For You?

1. Find Keywords that Readers Actually Type Into Amazon

Unlike any other software, KDP Rocket gives you real information that shows you just what Amazon book buyers type into Amazon, in addition to how many people search for these items each month. Using KDP Rocket’s Keyword Feature, you will learn:

  • What key words shoppers type into Amazon
  • Estimated number of times a person types that keyword into Amazon
  • Just how much money other books are creating that rank for that keyword
  • How many books are competing for this keyword

2. Discover Bestselling Book Categories in Seconds

Together with our Category Feature, you can quickly find pertinent and market categories for your books, in addition to find out how many books you would need to sell that day so as to be the new #1 bestseller. With this feature you will discover:

  • Niche categories to choose from
  • Which categories will help you sell more books
  • How many sales that day you would need to make in order to be the new #1 bestseller
  • How many sales you would need to make in order to be listed in the top 20

3. Learn About Other Authors and Their Sales

With a click of a button, you can see your potential competitors, their information, reviews, book cover, and even their daily & monthly earnings. By understanding what works for your competitors, you can create book titles, subtitles, & descriptions that convert better, increase your Kindle rankings, & sell more books.

4. Find Profitable AMS Keywords Fast

KDP Rocket will help find you over 150 profitable keywords for your AMS book advertising campaign in under 10 seconds. Then, once you’ve your list of keywords, click export & upload it to AMS – and you are done! KDP Rocket collects: List of all amazon suggested keywords, and the titles & author names for all books that show up n the search results, relevant categories & their respective Hot and New books of those categories.


Q. Does KDP Rocket work on both PC & Mac?

Yes it does. It works for Mac 10.9 above & all versions of Windows except for Vista & older (10+ years). Once down-loaded, just open up the one file, select whether you are on a Mac or Windows & begin. It is that simple.

Q. Does this work for Fiction Authors?

So long as people go to Amazon & type in the search bar what they’re looking for, Kindle Rocket will definitely help fiction authors get their books discovered. Plus with our AMS feature & Category feature, it’ll help you with Ads (which are really key in today’s market) and selecting the right categories.

Q. Do I get future updates to Kindle Rocket?

Absolutely! Since Kindle Rocket was first created we have had multiple updates & even added new features like the AMS keywords feature & the Category feature. We have plans for even more in just this year. Current owners get all of those added features & updates absolutely free.

Q. How Much Does Kindle Rocket Cost?

Just a one-time payment of $97 (During the introductory period). No subscriptions or hidden costs. A small investment for your very own kindle publishing tool, which will help you find profitable kindle keywords, improve your kindle ebook rankings, & beat the competition.

Q. How does Kindle Rocket tell me Amazon Searches per month?

Kindle Rocket uses known factors, and attributes through Amazon’s API to pull necessary data that can show you an estimated number of people who type that idea into Amazon every month. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close plus no subscription like Merchant Words.

Q. How does Kindle Rocket make the Competition Score?

Kindle Rocket gives a score from 1-99 telling you how hard it would be to rank for a Kindle keyword. It uses proven factors associated with titles, subtitles, ,reviews descriptions, Amazon Best Seller Ranks & more. It does the hard work, so you do not have to – something KD Spy or Kindle Samurai do not do.

My Final Evaluation

Judging by the number of nuisances, you probably think my opinion about Kindle Rocket is negative, right?

Well, you could not be further from the truth. I think this software is amazing for mining keywords for Amazon ads.

While all the above remarks are honest, they do not change the fact that using Kindle Rocket accelerated my keyword research literally by hundreds times. I’d only 4 sessions of keyword research with Kindle Rocket, and I obtained over 12,000 unique keywords.


That’s twice as much as I got collecting keywords manually for months in the Amazon store. And I count only unique words. Many of the words Kindle Rocket found for me I have been already using in my campaigns, because I started my manual research from the most popular books.

The easiness & convenience of using Kindle Rocket is mind-blowing. Yes, it took me a few hours to clean the results & submit my AMS campaigns.
Yet, it was still lightning fast. Getting as many keywords via manual harvesting in the store is so much harder & longer.

What Are Authors Saying About KDPRocket?

“KDPRocket saves time & frustration…”

KDPRocket saves time & frustration when searching for keywords to use in my book’s metadata & Amazon ads, leaving me more time to write! I use it all the time.

Joanna Penn

“Where KD Spy lacks…KDPRocket picks up…”

KDPRocket is the awesome-sauce I have been waiting for to take my author business to the next level. Where KDSpy lacks in providing real-world data with regards to SEO keyword research, KDPRocket completely picks up the slack!

I have found over ten new keywords for the books I already have published & will be able to tweak these further to increase sales. Dave has really nailed it and this is a game-changer for any serious author.

Lise Cartwright

“This is a killer advantage for Creators…”

I have been looking for a tool like this for years. The combination of Google & Amazon search functions is simply unbeatable. This is the KILLER advantage for authors & web-based entrepreneurs!

Eric Z


If you ever intend to advertise your books on Amazon, there is no better tool than Kindle Rocket.
It’ll save you hundreds of hours of manual research. Depending on your dedication, it can bring the return of a meager ($97) investment in a matter of weeks, or even days.

Speaking of the price, Dave warns that Kindle Rocket is so cheap only because it’s still in the beta phase & has some bugs. He intends to move to a recurring payment model when the software will be throughout tested & fixed. So, you’d better buy it ASAP, when it’s only one payment, and so low at that.

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