KDSPY Review – How Spying On Your Competition Boosts Sales!

If you are in a self-publishing business, you know the pain and the difficulties in conducting niche research. It is probably the most consuming aspect of creating a book. If you want to become a bestseller, you need this. Fortunately enough, there are tools available in the market to automate your keyword and research process. KDSPY is one of these tools. In this article, we will find out the necessary information about this tool.

What is KDSPY?

KDSPY stands for Kindle Spy; it is a Kindle Publishing software for Amazon publishers. For over some time, this tool has been a favorite of many self-publishing authors. The Kindle Spy is a browser extension that helps the Kindle publishers to engineer the Amazon Kindle marketplace and discover niche opportunities. Thus, you will know the right keywords for the title of your book and its subtitle so that the readers may find your book. You will get an indication of whether or not there is a demand in your idea of books before you even start writing.

As a user of Kindle Spy, you will find out if a specific niche is worth your time or not. You can also have a spy against your competitors in a particular niche, and so you can replicate their success. Since the KDSPY can retrieve that data of the top 20 to 100 best sellers for a specific category or keyword, you will find out whether the data is profitable or not. So, through the use of this tool, you can cut down the minutes that you may have using the device.

What are the benefits of KDSPY?

If you think you should even care about Kindle Spy, that’s a good thing because you are examining whether the tool can give you any benefits or not. Below are the advantages of KDSPY:

  • Readers can find your book based on the researched keywords from the title and subtitle of the book.
  • You will know that the book that you are writing has actual demand.
  • You will see the competitive niche, thus will tell you if this is worthy of your time.
  • Beat your competitor by seeing where you have an advantage over.

What are the deals and guarantees from KDSPY?

You can spend an amount on KDSPY without risk. Therefore, the following deals and guarantees are worth mentioning:

  • KD Spy offers a 60-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.
  • The Kindle Samurai offers a 30-day conditional guarantee. It means that you will get a refund if the error is unable to fix by the creator within 72 hours.
  • For the Publisher Rocket, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

The above deals only assure us that you can get a full refund if you don’t like the product. Of course, you have to be cautious when it comes to Kindle Samurai because you can only get a refund if the errors are not fixed within 72 hours. It can be one of the disadvantages of Kindle Samurai compared to KD Spy and the Publisher Rocket.

What are Features of KDSPY?

The following features of Kindle Spy are irreplaceable:

  • Keyword research

When you enter the keyword, you will get a list of the related keywords, including its competitions. Out of these results, click the Analyze button to give you information on various books targeting your keyword. Some information that will appear is the title of the book, page count, its price, estimated sales, and monthly revenue, the number of reviews, and its sales ranking at Amazon.

At the bottom right, you will see the system of a traffic light that indicates the golf confidence of the keyword, whether it is popular, has potential, or a low competition keyword. Finding the keyword can become cumbersome if you do it manually, but through the use of Kindle Spy, you can do it in just a few clicks.

  • Word Cloud

The word cloud indicates that the most related keywords that surround your main keyword are revealed. This information will help you in analyzing the keyword that you may have missed or the keyword that you never thought about.

  • Follow or Spy other Authors

Kindle Spy allows you to spy or see other author’s progress that you aim to keep track of. KDSPY can filter the books based on the lowest or best-selling status. It is a useful factor to dominate your niche.  You will find out the keywords that the authors in your niche use in their book titles. Dependent on the status of the writer that you are following, you can benefit from this keyword.

  • Track the Ranking of the Competitors

One of the essential features of Kindle Spy is to track your competitors. It is something that no other tools can replicate. You can track your competitor’s rank and sale. For you to see this info, click the T button or the author’s profile. Once you click the T button, you will be redirected to the Track Sales Ranks in which you can track the book of your competitor.  Even if weeks passed, you could still view its progress. You can also forget being watch if you wish to.

  • Category Research

If you are in an e-book business, you must be thorough with your category research. You may secure an exposure that leads to a high sale rank in Amazon, being called as a best seller. The badge as a best seller leads to more clicks, and your book will rank higher. Amazon is also rewarding bestsellers.

How does KDSPY work?

KDSPY works by downloading the sales data of the books in its first 20 depending on the particular keyword. So, by doing this, you will find out if the keyword is profitable or not. Kindle Spy scans the keyword and also retrieves the information, which includes the price, the number of pages, sales estimates, monthly revenue, number of the reviews, and the sales rank. The estimated sale, most notably the sales rank, is what you can mainly look for whenever you are in Amazon Kindle business. So, if a book got around 100 000, it gets about one sale in a day. If a specific book has a price of $2.99, it simply means that the author can earn $60 to $100 in just a month. The monthly revenue that you can get is dependent on the estimated sales and multiplied by the price. Kindle Spy evaluates if it is profitable to pursue the niche based on the system of light showing the potential, popularity, and competition.

How can you do a Category Research in KDSPY?

You know for sure that it takes a long time to conduct category research if you do it manually. However, you don’t have to spend so much time figuring it out. You may use Kindle Spy to perform this task for you. So, using the KDSPY, you may do the following:

  • Figure out the categories

It will become easy to find out the best types in Kindle. It will be easier to know the most appropriate type because there are hyperlink suggestions to check the appropriate categories.

  • Analyze the Category

KDSPY can analyze up to 20 books in each category and gives an option that you can select from to determine the two best categories of the books. So, you can index the best categories of your competitors. Run the KDSPY on your competitor’s category pages in Amazon to see those that are doing well, then select the perfect category of the book.

  • Tips and Notes

Do not forget that not all categories are available when you upload a book in Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon, in itself, may hide available categories from the publishers. But you don’t have to worry anymore about this issue. Select a category temporarily, and once your book is live, just contact the KDP to add your book’s category. When you email the KDP, you may use the book’s ASIN for easy referencing. Next, you will get a notification or a response stating that your category will be created in a while. There can be times that you will compare two categories that are ranking quickly. When you see this, select the category that has a better sale ranking.

What are the Pros and Cons of using KDPS?

Kindle Spy outnumbered the disadvantages given its overflowing advantages.  Below are the pros and cons of the software.


  • It is an all-in-one software for a niche, keyword research, category, and competition analysis.
  • You can save ample time for finding the right keyword in a niche market because it offers this information in just a few clicks.
  • It provides an update for any changes in the Amazon algorithm.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee plus a one-time payment price offer.
  • You can track the book rankings of your competitors for 30 days.
  • It now works for paperback books.
  • It features a top of the line research category that determines how the Kindle book category performs compared to others.


  • The Kindle Samurai offers a conditional money-back guarantee.
  • It does not display the estimates search in amazon for a month.

What Users like about KDSPY?

Once you click the KDSPY browser, you will become redirected to the marketplace for Kindle books on Amazon. Some of the reasons why Kindle Spy is being loved are the following:

  • Ranking as Bestseller

The bestseller Ranking is one of the essential features of the Kindle Spy. It shows the statistics necessary for an author to know. It includes the data on the page numbers, monthly revenue, estimated sales, sales ranks, and reviews. This feature works on various kindle categories. The traffic light system shows the three metrics of the traffic lights, and it stands to potential, popularity, and competition. So, it can be red, green, or yellow. If you see that all indicators are green, it means that publishing a book is a good idea. If the lights are red, it simply means that there is little profit potential, and competition is tight. Note that the system algorithm is never 100% accurate, but it will give a good indication of the things that you may expect.

  • Book tracking

If you click the T button in the second column, you will open a tracking tool that allows you to follow a particular book for a month. Clicking the S button will make you search the book using Google. The search result gives an idea of the primary sources of traffic. When you click the C button, you can perform an image search for the cover of the book, thereby giving you more potential for traffic.

Once you enable the Sales Rank tracking, you can now start collecting data. KDSPY can track a specific book within just 30 minutes. You can either monitor or stop the tracking that The Rank Tracking is found on the right side of the KDSPY window.

  • Spy some authors

Using Kindle Spy, you can analyze the author’s page and see what other books are published. KDSPY can show you the sales rank, the average revenue in a month. Also, include the average number of reviews and the price. Using the KDSPY, you will see the number of pages and the number of published books. It also includes the total estimated monthly revenue and sales.

  • Search tool

This tool allows the teachers to use the tool for searching keywords and getting keywords suggestions. KDSPY includes an option of the A-Z keyword, and the search results in Amazon consists of the keywords phrases and the number of the competitors.

Why should you use KDSPY?

If you want to become a profitable author, KDSPY is a tool that will help you. Kindle Spy helps me, and for sure, it helps you too. By using this tool, you will instantly find out the categories that are profitable for your book.  At a glance, you can find out where you should place your book on Amazon.


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