KeySearch Review

What is KeySearch?

Keysearch is an all-in-one Search engine optimization app that comes with key word, SERP & competitor research & analysis, key word rank checking, back-link analysis plus loads more.

Keyword Research will assist you to uncover hidden gem key words that are simple to rank while also giving you all the tools you need to spy on your competitors & track your SEO efforts.

KeySearch Pricing

Keyword Research offers less costly plans than Ahrefs. Their plans start at just $17/month while Ahrefs’ plans start at $99/month.

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Keyword Research is a less costly alternative to Ahrefs. From just $17 per month, you receive 200 daily search & analysis credits.

This app comes with lots of features like:

  • Keyword Research
  • Back-link Analysis
  • Keyword and also SERP Difficulty Checker
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Back-link Finder
  • Chrome/Firefox Addon
  • API Access
  • White-Label Reporting
  • and much more

We’ll go over all these features in the following sections:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research provides a beginner-friendly interface for Keyword research. It not only enables you to get the best key words to target (with the Keyword Research app).

It also enable you to rapidly check the difficulty of any key words you’re looking forward to targeting (with the Rapid Difficulty app):

Keyword Research App

The keyword research app provided by KeySearch enable you to measure a keyword’s difficulty & see who’s ranking on the 1st page.

This app enables you to check whether or not you should target a key word based on its level of difficulty. This can save you a lot of time & money on writing content.

One thing that I really like about this system is that it displays all important details you need to consider about a key word before you target it in one simple box:

This app also offers hundreds of keyword suggestions for you to consider:

These key word suggestions are displayed with both their volume & difficulty. If you click any of the key words displayed in the recommendations, you’ll be able to see a complete analysis of the key word.

Another thing that I really like & find helpful is this tool’s Search Results table:

The table shows you a matrix of containing all the important Search engine optimization metrics you need to think about the sites ranking on the 1st page.

This provides you a fast overview of who’s ranking for which key word & at what position.

The one thing that I dislike about this table is that it does not provide you with the title of the pages ranking for the key word.

It does, however, tell you if a page contains the key word in the title but does not tell you what the actual title is.

To check the title of the web page, you’ll have to either look for the key word on Google or visit the page URL.

This application also displays the search engine recommendations that are displayed at the end of search result pages:

This helps you find out the key words people use to search for similar things. Do not ignore these recommendations. These are the long tail key words you should include in your articles.

This software also enable you to export a CSV or a PDF file containing the details about the Key word like its amount of searches, difficulty & all the sites ranking on the 1st page.

It enables you to get Key word data & recommendations from Google Adwords Keyword Planner, YouTube Suggest, Bing Suggest, Keyword Research Database & many others:

Quick Difficulty Checker Tool

This application is a huge time-saver. In place of checking the key word difficulty & volume for one key word at a time, you can use this application to build-check the difficult of up to 50 keywords at once.

It also enables you to export the key words along with their amount of searches & other details to a CSV file.

Link analysis

The back-link checker application is one of the most important parts of any SEO tool. KeySearch’s back-link analysis app comes with a lot of great benefits.

It enables you check the back links to the entire domain or just a specific page.

This application provides a metric called Domain Strength that that will help you judge a web-site’s quality. This is a great metric to check when looking for high quality web-sites to guest post on or get a link from:

It also enable you to see a summary of link-building trend for the past 12 months for the domain or page you’re checking. This helps identify how difficult it’ll be to outrank a domain or a page.

It is simple to filter back links based on multiple metrics such as the number of links, domain strength, link source & type of link (dofollow or nofollow):

This application enables you to view 50, 100, 250, 1000 or all the back links at once. It also enables you to export the back links of any given web-site or page.

One thing that I do not like about this export functionality is that it’ll only export all the back links if you select to display all the back links in your browser.

This isn’t only memory intensive but might also cause your browser to stop working.

The back-links of any given web page or web-site are displayed in a table along with the metrics & details such as Anchor-text, Domain Strength (KeySearch’s custom metric), Quantity of Incoming Links & whether or not the link is dofollow:

Youtube research

If you’re a YouTuber, you’ll love this tool. It enables you to find the best key words to target & the quantity of competition for any given key word.

This application looks just like the Key word Analysis tool. It arrives with a Table just like the one offered by Key word Analysis app.

The table displays URLs of the video clips along with important metrics such as Video Age, Views, Likes, Dislikes, Reviews & whether or not the key word is in title & description.

Similar to the Keyword Analysis app, the one thing I do not like is that the table does not display the title of the page alongside the URL.

You’ll have to either manually search for the key word on the search engines or in this case open each & every video to check their title.

This application provides a keyword recommendation box just like that of Keyword Analysis app on the right with multiple key words you might want to consider.

Similar to the Keyword Research app, there’s a rapid difficult checker available for YouTube as well. It enables you to check the difficulty & other metrics of up to 50 key words at once:

Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

Key word rank tracking is an amazing application from KeySearch that can help you check whether or not your SEO efforts are working. It enables you to track the position your web-site is ranking for a keyword.

This is actually useful when you try a new link-building campaign. With this application, it is simple to identify which SEO tactics work & donot work for your internet site & your industry.

You can set up e-mail notices so that you get an e-mail from the app as soon as there is a change in your search engine ranking for a given key word.

Once you add a key word to the app, it generates a graph of all previous ranking positions since the day you added the keyword:

This application is wonderful if you do client Search engine optimization work. It is simple to send your clients reports on whether or not your SEO efforts worked.

Unlike other get ranking tracking tools I’ve used in the past, this tool’s interface is a little different and a bit complex to understand. Once you know how it operates, you’ll have no problem using it.

Browser addon

The web browser add-on enables you to analyze Key word Difficulty right from your browser.

When you install the browser extension, you can observe the keyword difficulty & the Search Results Matrix table with all the important metrics about the pages turning up in search results.

This can help you save a lot of time. There are times when you stumble upon key words in your niche through Google.

Instead of logging into your KeySearch account, you can see the Key word difficulty and also important metrics about the search engine results without leaving the page.

Something I think would be helpful is if the extension also displayed the search volume for the key word.

Free SEO Tools

Simplify SEO Tasks & Boost Your Rankings

SEO can be daunting & time consuming. Between on-site optimization, content creation, link-building, keyword research, website maintenance, and keeping up with search engines changes. It can really add up to be one big headache. Our tools are here to take some of that burden off of your shoulders! All of our SEO tools are quite simple to use and ready to assist you with virtually any seo task. Our free tools section is constantly updated and ready to be a part of your daily SEO arsenal.

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3. Updates:
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Simplify SEO Tasks & Boost Your Rankings

SEO can be daunting & time consuming. Between on-site optimization, content creation, link-building, keyword research, website maintenance, and keeping up with the search engines changes. It can really add up to be one big headache. Our tools are here to take some of that burden off of your shoulders! All of our SEO tools are quite simple to use and ready to help you with virtually any seo task. Our free tools section is constantly updated and ready to be a part of your every day SEO arsenal.

” I have used them all… LongTailPro, SEMRush, MOZ, Serped, Seo Profiler & more but nothing comes close to Keysearch when it comes to key-words. Its a killer software with amazing features. It can do way more than just key-words but it really is the ultimate keyword research tool in my book. Not to mention at a bargain price! Support is amazing, with people who really listen. They’ve even added features I’ve requested. Love this tool!”

Ben Hawkshaw-Burn: Co-Founder @ IT Marketing Agency Geekytech

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Their online SEO tutorials are completely free for everybody. They start at the very beginning, explaining seo from the ground up, all the way to more advanced ideas and methods. This makes their course great for any SEO skill and knowledge level. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Keysearch Quick Start Video

Keysearch Review and Tutorial (Source Youtube)

The Verdict

KeySearch is great for those like me looking for a cheaper Ahrefs option.

It arrives with lots of features. While it may not offer as many features as Ahrefs, it’s not an application you should be neglecting.

Whether you’re only starting out or run a whole marketing agency, this application will assist you to achieve great outcomes.

If you’re not an agency or a company, tools like Ahrefs do not suit you perfectly. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably never even get the time to try out most of the features offered by Ahrefs.

Typically, it’ll just be a waste of money to use an SEO tool you do not even use that often.

KeySearch is not just a cheaper version of Ahrefs, it provides every thing you’ll need in your blogging journey. It’ll help you analyze competition & find keywords that are simple to rank for.

While I would not say KeySearch is a better option to Ahrefs, it is, however, an alternate that will help you achieve great outcomes with SEO for your business.

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