Kingsumo vs Upviral Review

Kingsumo vs Upviral … Choosing an effective and reliable viral marketing software!

Whether on a website, by email, in an app or desktop application, I am sure that, at one time or the other, you have received a message banner or pop-up box requesting you to enter your email to learn more about a product or service or to win a price. You may also have received such notifications or invitations from your friends. This is a form of marketing popularly called Viral Marketing, Referral Marketing or simply, “Word-of-Mouth” Marketing. It is a cheaper, effective and prime advertising method being used by individuals and organizations these days to advertise products and services. Now there are loads of viral marketing software out on the internet, so I decided to test out and compare two of such products – UpViral and Kingsumo to find an effective and reliable one.

Upviral vs Kingsumo

Upviral is a sophisticated yet easy to use viral marketing software. The first thing that impressed me about Upviral is the vastness and resourcefulness of the product’s website. The site contains ample videos, text and links to provide you with adequate information and demonstration about the product. Testing out the product, I was impressed with many of its features which include the ability to choose (and customize, using their visual editor) from an impressive set of professional templates to create your giveways or contests. Kingsumo has only a fixed, non-customizable template for users to set up their campaign.

Upviral allows users to create lead pages, “thank you” pages, social appearance settings (i.e. integrate into existing websites and tools) and email notifications. Users can also create multiples pages for these. There is only one set of these pages in Kingsumo in a basic, fixed template. Rules for winning and multiple rewards’ options can be set up on Upviral depending on your customer’s preferences and referral volume. In Kingsumo, there is a “rock-solid rules” as default for everyone to use and only one reward option is possible.

In Upviral, email options are widely customizable for you as well as your customers to keep track of the number of referrals you have received and customer’s referral counts or rewards. Email notification options is limited and fixed in Kingsumo.

While both products are web-based, your entire viral campaign can be run in your own domain name on Upviral so you get all the branding benefits. There is not any indication that this is possible with Kingsumo. Upviral also boasts of a full statistics dashboard that gives you live totals on your campaign data, direct visitors and referred visitors. The dashboard and statistics in Kingsumo are limited and not comprehensive enough.

Both software allows you to place one-click referral buttons in your existing clients’ emails. However, in integrating with existing sites, Upviral does the integration automatically while Kingsumo does it by copying-and-pasting codes into your existing websites. Hello!

Upviral has an “AB Split testing” feature that allows you to create multiple lead pages, thank you pages and email notifications. It then automatically split test these pages to see which of them gets you the best marketing results. Such a feature is not possible in Kingsumo.

There is an automatic fraud detection system in Upviral that ensures that only real people sign up and not those trying to trick the system. In kingsumo, you have to wait till your giveaway is completed, export the entries and manually inspect the source of each entry and URL to detect spam entries.

Well, the above being said, the difference is clear. Upviral stands out as a viable, effective and reliable viral marketing software when compared to Kingsumo and a host of others. Get yours … now!

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